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ESD Electronics Ensures VMEbus Technology Remains State of the Art with Long-term Availability
New Today | PRNewswire
Laboratory Partnerships Bolster Battery Recycling Prize Solutions
New Today | NREL
Center Advancing Beyond Lithium Battery Technologies Generates 30-plus Patents for Licensing
New Today | Argonne National Laboratory
SEMI ISS Europe 2022 to Highlight Supply Chain Resilience, Sustainability and Workforce Diversity
New Today | SEMI
Viettel, Qualcomm to Collaborate on 5G Infrastructure Development
New Today | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Altair’s Presence Expands in Southern Africa
New Today | Altair
Algae-powered Computing: Scientists Create Reliable, Renewable Biological Photovoltaic Cell
05/13/2022 | University of Cambridge
Qualcomm Advances Development of Smarter, Safer Autonomous Robots for Logistics, Industry 4.0, Urban Aerial Mobility
05/13/2022 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Samsung Electronics Unfolds Next Generation Communications Technology at First Samsung 6G Forum
05/13/2022 | Samsung
Semiconductor R&D Spending to Rise 9% After Hitting Record in 2021
05/12/2022 | IC Insights

AIS, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and ZTE announced the world’s first 5G NR-DC (New Radio Dual Connectivity) showcase in the field with 2.6GHz and 26GHz, achieving 8.5Gbps peak downlink speed and 2.17Gbps peak uplink speed with a single mobile device.

Survey: CEO Optimism Hits 10-year High

January 19, 2022 | PRNewswire

CEO perception of threats varies by geography. More than half, 58%, of CEOs in Asia-Pacific are very or extremely concerned about health risks in the coming year (the exception is China, where only 42% of CEOs are highly concerned about health risks).

Excerpt: The System Designer’s Guide to… System Analysis, Chapter 3

November 1, 2021 | Brad Griffin, Cadence Design Systems

The third chapter of this book, "Limitations of Today's Electronic System Design," focuses on the variety of limitations that today’s electronics system designers face as data becomes evermore complex and the industry seeks alternatives past Moore’s law.

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