Nessis Introduces New RSM Software

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Kathleen Niles, co-founder and president of Nessis Inc., one of the industry’s leading providers of productivity software, has announced a new software tool, RSM (Regulations Standards Management). This tool will help companies with any regulatory business management requirements, (ISO, AS9100, MIL-PRF-31032, FDA) to achieve their qualifications quickly and cost-effectively.

Niles said, “This software is great for any company that needs to meet any kind of regulatory standards. Also, RSM supports a company that has never been certified but needs a cost-effective and faster solution than currently available. RSM helps companies and their consultants prepare for the certifications and qualifications using software. It will help them prepare regulatory systems and manuals, providing them with everything they need to acquire certification. By using our RSM software, a company can cut what is normally a six month process to approximately 6 weeks or less. And of course, it can be applied to other qualifications and registrations as well." 

About Nessis Inc.

Nessis is a engineering and consulting firm which provides tools and expertise using leading-edge technology to improve workplace efficiency. For more information, go to and or


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