Speedboard Presents Top Supplier Award to NCAB Group UK

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Speedboard Assembly Services has presented a top supplier award to NCAB.

The award was presented in recognition of NCAB’s professionalism, their outstanding relationship management, and the extraordinary service they provide to Speedboard.

The NCAB Group is a leading global distributor of printed circuits boards and has been Speedboard’s preferred supplier for over six years. NCAB offer strong purchasing power across the world and have world class expertise in PCB supply. NCAB’s strapline is that they believe they “can offer PCBs on time with zero defects and at the lowest total cost.” These factors are important to Speedboard, along with having a close partnership with NCAB.

Neil Owen, Speedboard’s managing director comments, “The strategic importance of supplier relationships cannot be underestimated. Strong supplier relationships, enhanced by mutual understanding of each other’s business and operating models, can deliver competitive advantages to both parties. I’d like to thank NCAB for their unwavering professionalism. Their commitment to excellence, innovation and collaboration are crucial to our mutual success.”

Howard Goff, NCAB Group UK Ltd’s managing director says: “NCAB is a value-based company, we believe that it is crucial to build strong relationships with the customers we work and interact with. We take a transparent and honest approach which in turn builds honesty, loyalty and trust. We are delighted to receive this award from Speedboard in recognition of our strong partnership.” speedboard.jpg

Left to right: Howard Goff, Managing Director, NCAB Group UK; Ryan Pellow, Sales Director – New Business Development, NCAB Group; Karen Heath, Supply Chain Director, Speedboard Assembly Services; Neil Owen, Managing Director, Speedboard Assembly Services

About Speedboard Assembly Services

Established in 1983, Speedboard Assembly Services is a UK-based contract electronics manufacturer (CEM), serving customers in a variety of sectors, including Industrial, Defence, Medical, Communications, Broadcast and Security. The company offers a broad range of electronic manufacturing services, ranging from traditional build-to-print through to full lifecycle; prototyping, full production, packaging, delivery to end customer, repairs and after sales support.

Speedboard has four SMT lines which, between them, comprise 12 Siemens SiPlace machines, together with a dedicated UV cured conformal coating line. The company also has a selective soldering line and a vapour-phase oven, thus enabling Speedboard to tackle increasingly complex PCBAs (such as double-sided, mixed technology boards) and boards with areas of widely varying thermal mass. Test capabilities include Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray, BGA Scope, Boundary-scan, In-Circuit Test (ICT – both flying probe and bed-of-nails), Functional Test and Soak Testing. For more information, please click here.


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