Digital Transformation in Enterprise & Industrial Verticals to 2023

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Enterprise and industrial sectors are undergoing a massive digital transformation that collectively have a profound effect on both overall strategic positioning and day to day tactical operations.

New technologies and tools being rapidly integrated into production and service systems, which are facilitating transformation of processes, creating new business opportunities, and enabling an overall smarter workplace for humans and machines alike.

Three key areas within this transformation are 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and various Smart Workplace technologies and solutions such as an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

For example, AI is providing unprecedented opportunities for enterprise and industry to identify and act upon otherwise hidden business opportunities, such as redirection of resources and distributed production closer to the point of need. Advanced intelligence is also optimizing Smart Workplace solution capabilities, which is improving efficiencies and ROI as well as furthering the transformation to new business models.

One important area is increasing visibility into product/service usage, creating opportunities for moving from a traditional product model to a service model leveraging cloud-based as a Service tools and processes. In addition, the Smart Workplace facilitate intelligent worker monitoring, data analytics, control of the entire Product Life Cycle, and more.

Three Transformational Technologies & Solutions are Covered

3D Printing

This research provides multi-dimensional analysis of the 3D Printing market including hardware manufacturers, service providers, application providers, software providers, raw material providers, and communities.

The report also assesses the market impact of intellectual property, different technologies and strategies, raw material supplies, and other key factors across industry verticals globally and regionally including forecasts for 2018 to 2023.

It includes specific industry recommendations with respect to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Artificial Intelligence

This research provides a multi-dimensional view into the AI market including analysis of embedded devices and components, embedded software, and AI platforms.

This research also assesses the combined Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketplace including embedded IoT and non-IoT devices, embedded components (including AI chipsets), embedded software and AI platforms, and related services. This research also evaluates leading solution providers including hardware, software, integrated platforms, and services.

The report includes quantitative analysis with forecasts covering AI technology and systems by type, use case, application, and industry vertical. Forecast also cover each major market sector including consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government.

The report also includes specific industry recommendations with respect to Artificial Intelligence hardware, software and services.

Smart Workplace

This research also provides analysis of the market for Smart Workplace solutions, applications, and services across industry verticals.

Sectors analyzed and forecasted in this report include Education and Training, Financial Services, Government and Public Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate and Construction, Retail Sales and Services, Telecommunication and IT, Transportation and Logistics.

The report analyzes smart workplace products and integrated systems, transformation services, and integrated workplace management systems. The report provides detailed forecasts for years 2018 to 2023.



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