Ryder Industries’ Pitch Perfect Relationship

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According to worldwide market intelligence and management consulting company Global Market Insights, the global consumer electronics market is predicted to surpass $1,500 billion by 2024. The technological advancements in devices including smartphones, earbuds and headphones, speakers and household appliances is anticipated to fuel the consumer electronics market growth.

It is within the category of guitar amplifiers that Ryder Industries' design, development and distribution model particularly excels.

With strategic original equipment manufacturing partners such as; Blackstar, Marshall, and Fender, Ryder Industries, leading electronics manufacturing service provider, has acquired a unique set of design, engineering, and manufacturing skills positioning them as the go-to solution for pro-audio equipment and devices.

Showcasing Ryder’s experience and expertise within this market segment are the number of awards that they have accumulated over their 15 years of dedication to the professional consumer audio division. These accolades range from various quality assurances, operational excellence praises, ongoing supplier recognition and manufacturing performance guarantees.

The newest award to grace their cabinet is from leading global brand Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), commonly referred to simply as Fender, whose instruments and amplifiers are amongst the most recognized in the world. During the recent 2018 FMIC Annual Supplier Summit, Fender presented Ryder Industries with the “Preferred Collaboration Award” highlighting the strong and reliable relationship that exists between both parties.

Sabrina Chen, global general manager for the Fender account within Ryder Industries, commented that it was a real honor to win this wonderful accolade in recognition to the service provided. “Fender has been a strategic customer to Ryder Industries for over 10 years, and in this time, we have demonstrated our commitment to quality, clear communication and on-time delivery in accordance with production schedules and on demand forecasts. The title of this award is important to us “Collaboration.” To us, this emphasizes that our relationship is more than simply the traditional EMS model of customer and supplier. It’s a collaborative partnership built on trust and respect.  In Ryder Industries, we know that we hold specialist skills and capabilities that make us much more than the average Printed Circuit Board Assembly provider, we believe that we are EMS+, a partner for success and for tomorrow. Together we make it,” Chen concludes.

With the appointment of Kingslea Chan to VP of Sales and Marketing, Ryder Industries are looking to continue their success within the professional consumer audio market, and with their Swiss Precision, Chinese Scale model, it’s designed for success.

About Ryder Industries

Ryder Industries has deep experience in China manufacturing, with some 40 years of operational history, originally as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and subsequently as an Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS). 

As a Swiss-owned company, we are obsessed with quality, process, and efficiency, and we always deliver what we promise.

We deal with small and large brands, delivering everything from innovation, to volume, from board assembly to complex mechatronics and much more, and our private ownership means we make decisions based on our customers and the industry’s needs. We think long-term.

Ryder Industries offers product introduction, small and medium volumes and, when needed, a gateway to product design, vertical integration, and component sourcing.  Our production transitions are seamless because all of our equipment, software, and systems are integrated, offering complete traceability and transparency back to batch.

Our supply chains are kept simple, enabling our customers the flexibility to scale the services to their speed-to-market, time-in-market, and time-in-profit needs.

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