Marshall Electronics' Optical Systems Division Expands Popular OEM Lens

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Marshall Electronics' Optical Systems Division has released a new series of high-performance 5MP miniature lenses for industrial OEM applications, including automated robotic warehouses, robotics manufacturing and inspection, machine vision, automotive Tier-1, and visible - near IR custom filter lensing for VCSEL diodes and laser applications.

Marshall Electronics 5500 Series 5MP lens for robotics, OEM, and professional video applications.

Marshall_Optics.jpgThe new 5500 Series is available in M12/S-Mount or CS-Mount, with 3.9mm, 5.0mm, and 7.6mm focal lengths. The premium all-glass 8-element IR-corrected optics are housed in rugged, anodized aluminum for enhanced reliability in the most demanding applications. The 5MP ½" sensor design produces near-zero observable distortion at full field (MTF > 70% at center field, > 63% at full field).

The new 5500 Series are the latest addition to Marshall Electronics' line of optics and lensing for industrial OEM applications sold worldwide. "We produce tens of thousands standard and custom-designed miniature lenses every month from our Tier-1 process audit approved production facility," states Michael Nokleberg, Senior Project Director, Optical Systems Division at Marshall. "With the new 5500 series lenses, customers are reporting near-zero observable distortion at full field. This is especially important for wide field-of-view robotic vision, an increasingly critical spec as automation continues to grow throughout the world."

The new 5500 Series is available now, and joins Marshall's comprehensive line of pinhole, high temperature (1,000° C), low light F1.0 telephoto, and IR corrected lensing used by OEM, industrial process, test and measurement, law enforcement, military, scientific, and worldwide security organizations.



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