Sonasoft’s Artificial Intelligence Solution Wins Contract with Padmini VNA

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Sonasoft Corp. (OTCQB: SSFT), a leader in innovative artificial intelligence (AI), has won a contract with Padmini VNA, a manufacturer of products for original equipment manufacturers, for the Company’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution, NuGene. The OEM manufacturer will deploy NuGene across an army of robots by O&M Robotics, a partner of Padmini VNA, enabling these robots to autonomously navigate and clean solar panels, allowing for millions of dollars in maintenance to be saved.  

Solar panels’ efficiency can diminish by as much as 20% in domestic installations and as high as 60% in commercial installations. The number is too large to be ignored especially for commercial installations. This situation has encouraged the need for an efficient and cost-effective system to clean the surface of solar panels. With consistently expanding solar farms across the globe, the necessity for solar panel cleaning systems is also rapidly growing. Consequently, the demand for such cleaning systems is projected to attract several local as well as global players to enter into the market to capitalize on this opportunity.

Operators must clean the panels to meet energy production goals, but cleaning requires precious resources in terms of increased labor, water, and other costs. As a result, the number of cleanings is often reduced to minimize costs. Manual panel cleanings require large crews in remote locations and can result in poor results. Deploying crews during the day can compromise energy production while deploying them at night presents safety risks and potential damage to Photovoltaic equipment.

NuGene and Padmini VNA are positioned to revolutionize solar ROI by bringing AI to the solar industry. NuGene Edge AI™ will be deployed on each robot, controlled by NuGene’s Edge Hub Server™ and the NuGene Cloud AI Engine™ resulting in a seamless deployment. Unlike other AI-based solar cleaning solutions, NuGene leverages the latest in Edge computing. 

“NuGene’s ability to not only navigate the solar panel autonomously, but to simultaneously determine the appropriate cleaning mode based on the present condition of the panel, is a significant advancement in solar cleaning technology,” said Ankur Dinesh, Sonasoft’s Chief of Artificial Intelligence (AI). “Unlike other AI solar cleaning solutions that rely on data centers that aren’t designed to provide instantaneous results, NuGene’s Edge Hub™ server works on instant data that is real-time data generated by the cleaning robot sensors.”

Sonasoft’s AI solution NuGene can be easily deployed beyond O&M Robotic solar cleaning robots. The modularity of NuGene’s intelligence means this partnership can extend into other specialized skilled industrial robots required to work in extreme conditions or at scale. 



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