GBT Announces 2 New Patent Updates

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GBT Technologies Inc., a company specializing in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled networking and tracking technologies, including its GopherInsight™ wireless mesh network technology platform and its Avant! AI, for both mobile and fixed solutions, announced that the Company received a notice that GBT's communication microchip patent will be granted on December 31, 2019. The second patent of Guardian Patch Tracking Device (the Continuation Patch Tracking Device Patent), which protects a broader scope of the invention, received its final allowance and the Company expects it will be granted in February or March 2020.

GBT's communication microchip, “GopherInsight™” protects innovative integrated circuit technology that is targeted to be installed on IoT/mobile devices. The microchip is designed to create a private, secured network for sharing information, automatically adapting to the device's usage patterns. The system when implemented will be self-learning and self-evolving according to power consumption, data transfer, communications priority and network performance. GopherInsight’s Integrated Circuit (IC) connects with other GopherInsight ICs that are installed on other IoT/mobile devices worldwide, operating on its own private network, providing additional advanced features. The circuits and its associated systems have communications characteristics that are self-aware and self-adjust in real-time.

The comprehensive patent covers new concepts and methodologies that are applicable to several communications domains, among them mobile parallel processing, network database management, radio-based private secured communications networks, airplane mode and more. The microchip can be implemented on a device's main circuit board or on a micro SIM Card which opens a whole world of business possibilities. It also may be implemented as an integrated IP (Intellectual Property) unit on an existing Integrated Circuit. The patent will be registered as a U.S. Patent No. 10,521,614 on December 31, 2019.

The continuation application of the Guardian Patch patent protects enhancements and updates in order to maintain the technology's position as the world leader in this domain. The Guardian Patch is a communications device that is self-adhesive and can be attached onto any object in order to track it anywhere on earth. The Guardian Patch can track the object’s information in real-time, at any location in the world, be it indoors, outdoors, underwater or underground. The system can establish a location completely passively using its own radio technology. It could track exactly how many miles an object has moved, cities/towns visited, velocity of travel, how long the object was at a specific location, altitude and temperature as well as the object’s current movement in real-time. The system includes its own power source that is expected to last one year. The Company expects this second Guardian Patch patent to be granted in the United States in February or March 2020. An international continuation has been filed and in process.

“These two patents are an essential part of our technological IP within the communication/microchip fields and we are pleased to see them in their final approval stages,” stated Danny Rittman, GBT’s CTO. “The communication microchip patent will be granted on December 31, 2019 and protects a wide variety of technological concepts and methodologies implemented within an IC (Integrated Circuit). This microchip technology opens a whole world of business opportunities through licensing to IC design firms. The new capabilities offered with this invention is expected to enable design of high performance, low power, robust microchips that enhance our daily lives within wide variety of domains. We will file for a continuation patent in order to protect broader scope of the invention.”

“The Guardian Patch tracking device, which is the second patent in this release, protects a technology that is targeted for civilian use as well as for military/security applications. The broader continuation patent enhances the Patch tracking device features especially regarding its operating network, starting modes, SOS and other emergency features. The system enables a whole new definition of ‘real-time GEO location information and analytics’. Our technology is under constant ongoing research and development which require enhanced systems/methods protection broadening, in order to keep our position as one of the world's foremost innovators in these domains. That's is why we are making sure that our patents immediately move into continuation process after being granted. It will protect our ongoing intellectual property development in the US and internationally.”



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