Hitachi High-Tech Group to Lead Japanese Distribution of The Kurt J. Lesker Company®’s Thin Film Deposition Systems

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Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., a subsidiary of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, announced that HTA has made an agreement with Kurt J. Lesker Company (CEO: Kurt J. Lesker IV, “Kurt J. Lesker”) for HTA and affiliated companies in the Hitachi High-Tech Group to serve as the exclusive distributor in Japan for Kurt J. Lesker’s PRO Line™ PVD 75™ Thin Film Deposition System and PRO Line™ PVD 200™ Thin Film Deposition System. Information regarding the systems is currently available to Hitachi High-Tech Group’s customers in Japan.

In the rechargeable battery and flexible device markets, demand has been increasing for products such as smartphones and wearable devices. Therefore, new displays, high-performance films, and other such technologies have entered commercialization, and the market continues to expand. Manufacturers’ research and development (R&D) teams will need a thin film deposition process for development of these types of devices or applications, and Kurt J. Lesker’s Thin Film Deposition Systems can support those efforts.

Kurt J. Lesker is a leading global provider of high-quality vacuum equipment and offers extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of thin film deposition systems for R&D applications as well as production. The Hitachi High-Tech Group strives to improve technological innovation and will offer support for R&D and manufacturing processes for customers who require thin film deposition processes, targeting rechargeable battery and flexible device markets.

About Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.

Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (“HTA”) is a privately-owned global affiliate company that operates within the Hitachi Group Companies. HTA sells and services semiconductor manufacturing equipment, analytical instrumentation, scientific instruments, and bio-related products as well as industrial equipment, electronic devices, and electronic and industrial materials. For more information on Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., please visit the company's website at



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