Wood Based Batteries Created by Ligna Energy Printed at Ynvisible

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Ynvisible Interactive Inc. is pleased to announce the first industrial scale production of an innovative and groundbreaking energy storage technology developed by researchers at Linköping University and the company Ligna Energy AB. Ligna Energy’s batteries are printed from residual material from the forest. The first industrial production run was carried out at Ynvisible Production in Linköping, Sweden.

“A change to a fossil-free energy system is required. Large amounts of electricity must be stored for those periods when neither the sun is shining nor the wind blowing,” said Peter Ringstad, CEO of Ligna Energy. “Our vision is to provide the globe with a scalable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy solution for a sustainable future”.

In 2019, Ligna Energy proved a lab-scale process for the manufacturing of the batteries. With production upscaling at Ynvisible Production, the capacity is significantly increased, and this allows Ligna Energy to mature further its producibility. The goal for Ligna Energy in the long term is to deliver battery packs in much larger volumes for a commercial market.

“Now we can go from laboratory-made prototypes to industrially produced battery cells. Ynvisible Production AB has acted as a facilitator for us and it is partly thanks to their expertise and capacity that we can develop our product into a scalable solution,” said Peter Ringsted.

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. completed the acquisition of Consensum Production AB of Linköping, Sweden on August 21, 2019. The acquisition is intended to position Ynvisible as a leading provider of electrochromic printed display solutions for high volume applications and further expand the company’s production and system integration capabilities of other printed electronic components and systems. Consensum Production AB was renamed to Ynvisible Production AB. Ynvisible has recently announced a growing base of client relationships aiming to benefit from the company’s high-volume, high-quality production up-scaling capabilities. Recently, Ynvisible has announced client relationships with Invisense AB, Epishine AB, Identiv Inc. and now Ligna Energy AB.

“We at Ynvisible Production are glad that our capabilities and service to scale up production in the field of printed and organic electronics are recognized by Ligna Energy for the production of their groundbreaking energy storage technology. We are also happy to see the increase in the number of customers from the growing cluster of Printed and Organic Electronics in East Sweden and the Printed Electronics Arena network. We look to expand this client base internationally”, said Tommy Höglund, VP Sales & Marketing, Ynvisible.



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