Aehr Receives Over $2.9 Million in Orders for Consumables for FOX Test & Burn-in System Installed Base

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Aehr Test Systems, a worldwide supplier of semiconductor test and reliability qualification equipment, today announced it has received orders totaling over $2.9 million from its installed base of FOX™ test and burn-in system customers for its proprietary WaferPak Contactors and DiePak Carriers.

Gayn Erickson, President and CEO of Aehr Test Systems, commented, “These orders, which came in our fiscal third quarter ending February 2020, include a single order of approximately $2.3 million for DiePaks for test of mobile sensors. Other device applications for these consumables include production test of silicon carbide devices, flash memories, and silicon photonics devices. All of these orders are for shipments as quickly as we can ship them and all by the end of our fiscal year ending in May.

“Our customers purchase our WaferPak contactors and DiePak carriers not only with new systems orders, but also purchase these for their installed base of systems each time they have a change in their devices or add new devices to production. As we increase our installed base of FOX systems with current and new customers, our consumables business will continue to grow. We believe we could see this business increase to upwards of 50 percent of our total annual revenue over the next few years.”

Aehr’s FOX wafer-level test and burn-in systems utilize its proprietary WaferPak Contactors, which provide cost-effective solutions for making electrical and thermal contact with a full wafer or substrate in a multi-wafer or multi-panel environment. Aehr’s FOX-XP multi-wafer and singulated die/module test systems utilize its proprietary DiePak Carriers to enable burn-in of singulated die and multi-die modules to screen for defects in both the die and the module assembly processes. The resulting known-good die, multi-die or stacked-die packaged parts can then be used for high reliability and quality applications such as 5G communications, enterprise solid state drives, automotive devices, highly valuable mobile applications, and other mission critical integrated circuits and sensors.



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