3Diligent Takes Action to Coordinate Digital Manufacturing Response to Help Restock Vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Short Supply Due to COVID-19

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3Diligent today announced it will help to coordinate the response of 3D printer owners and other digital manufacturers to help ease the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) caused by the coronavirus, called COVID-19.  To help ensure nontraditional PPE manufacturers will deliver parts meeting the requirements of hospitals in need, It will offer its ERP solution Shopsight free of charge for the duration of the PPE crisis to those helping address the shortage.      

For the past five years, 3Diligent has developed a global network of nearly 350 manufacturers equipped with digital manufacturing equipment such as professional and industrial 3D printers, CNC machines, and other rapid manufacturing technologies like casting and injection molding.  The company’s procurement service, ProdEX, is used by procurement professionals to submit custom manufacturing requests online and have them fulfilled on-demand via the company’s manufacturing network.  3Diligent’s ERP software, Shopsight, empowers manufacturers to deliver the highest quality PPE faster and more reliably.  

3Diligent is working with members of the medical community and expert manufacturers from their global manufacturing network to confirm the viability of various PPE designs sought by medical facilities in need.

3Diligent is creating a streamlined mechanism for medical facilities to procure these PPE designs through its ProdEX manufacturing portal.  Credentialed medical professionals and government organizations seeking PPE will be given a unique code to log in and have designs pre-populated into their account.  They may submit a request with required quantities and delivery dates. For medical operations seeking support, please contact covidsupport@3diligent.com.

To empower the outpouring of individuals seeking to alleviate the PPE shortage, 3Diligent is making Shopsight software available for free during this crisis to manufacturers who seek to aid in manufacturing PPE. 3Diligent will pre-load the manufacturing instructions for proper manufacturing of open source PPE to the software to ensure those interested in manufacturing these devices has step-by-step instructions on how to do so.  Anyone seeking to register their manufacturing capability in the network may do so at myshopsight.3diligent.com.

“So many people want to help medical workers at this critical time.  By identifying the right PPE designs and manufacturing spec, making our Shopsight software free to ensure those designs are made the right way, and giving medical professionals a seamless way to order them, 3Diligent can hopefully help channel all this goodwill into the most positive impact,” said Cullen Hilkene, 3Diligent CEO.

Medical device experts interested in aiding the design and manufacturing review, please email PPEdesign@3diligent.com.

For those interested in manufacturing PPE to alleviate the crisis, sign up for Shopsight here.

Government organizations and hospital systems seeking support, please email covidsupport@3diligent.com.

For more information, visit https://www.3diligent.com.




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