TTM Technologies, Inc. Completes Previously Announced Sale of Mobility Business Unit

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 TTM Technologies, Inc. (TTM) today announced the completion of the divestiture of its four China manufacturing plants comprising substantially all of the assets of its Mobility business unit.  The Buyer is AKMMeadville Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (AKMMeadville), a Chinese consortium consisting of Meizhi Investment (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group Co., Ltd., AKM Electronics Industrial (Panyu) Ltd. (AKM), and Anmei Ventures (Xiamen) Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (Anmei).

The transaction is an important step in advancing TTM’s stated strategy of increasing its focus on growth markets characterized by long product cycles such as aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, industrial, instrumentation and networking/communications that more fully leverage TTM’s early engagement capabilities and industry leading differentiated solutions, while decreasing its focus on seasonal, consumer-oriented markets such as cellular.

“I am very pleased to announce completion of this transaction even as the health and economic risks for the global economy related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) have escalated over the past several months,” said Tom Edman, CEO of TTM. “We expect that the remaining TTM business will be less seasonal and will benefit as we serve longer cycle markets that better fit our strategic direction. We remain excited about the anticipated growth opportunities in 5G infrastructure, cloud data centers, aerospace and defense electronics, and increasing automotive electronic content. Finally, the cash proceeds from this sale will further strengthen our balance sheet during a period of global economic uncertainty and provide capital capacity for future growth investments.”

The transaction is structured as the sale of TTM’s Mobility business unit consisting of its four China manufacturing plants on a debt free, cash free basis for a total of $550 million in cash, subject to working capital adjustments at closing. Net proceeds from the sale of these four plants are expected to be deployed to invest in the business or reduce our debt. The sale does not include certain accounts receivable of the business unit as of the closing date, now estimated to be approximately $95 million, which we expect to collect during the next 3 to 4 months. The current estimated accounts receivable is less than previously disclosed due to an earlier than expected closing of the transaction.

The proceeds shall be paid in US dollars in tranches after we receive regulatory clearance for the funds to be remitted to TTM out of China. If TTM has not received the proceeds by August 7th, TTM will be able to exercise bank guarantees payable in US dollars by the Hong Kong branches of third party banks which were provided by the buyer as security for financing the transaction. 

In the fiscal year 2019, the Mobility business unit generated revenues of $556 million, non-GAAP operating income of $14.8 million and adjusted EBITDA of $90.5 million.1 

1A reconciliation of non-GAAP operating income and adjusted EBITDA to GAAP operating income has been provided in the table included in this press release under the heading “Mobility Business Unit Operating Income and EBITDA Reconciliation.”



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