Plasmatreat Supporting the Manufacturing of COVID-19 Test Kits in the USA

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Plasmatreat USA Inc. has been a supplier and contract manufacturing partner to the medical device industry for many years. Providing surface modification for wetting, improved cell attachment or general adhesion promotion has always been our core competence.

Recently, an existing client approached us with a new challenge. Treating over ½ million parts, that go into a Covid-19 test kit, as quickly as possible. We took on the challenge, added equipment to our lab and created a safe, well-separated work environment that allows our employees to process these parts safely within a short period of time.  We are also treating materials used for PPE and parts for Covid-19 vaccine developments.

Additionally, we are working on sterilization units for PPE such as face masks and ventilator pipes using only air and electricity. While testing with the Red Cross in Germany is well under way and governmental approvals have been applied for, the first machines will be available in May. We are humbled by the trust our customers give us and thankful for the opportunity to serve our communities.



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