Yamaha Launches #DiscoverYamahaRobotics Campaign Introducing New Products in 2020 and Special Offers

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Yamaha Motor Europe Factory Automation section is launching #DiscoverYamahaRobotics on social channels and online, describing fast and affordable routes into advanced robotic automation for manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and more.

Ryosuke Nakamura, Branch Manager of Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics, says, “Demand for advanced automated manufacturing is increasing relentlessly in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Yamaha’s portfolio covers a total lineup of automated robot products that perfectly matches the needs of small-scale assembly and manufacturing. Thanks to this campaign, everyone can discover Yamaha robotics for a taste of the possibilities, and to find out how to take the next step.”

Yamaha’s unique strength lies in providing a total line solution including a selection of ultra-reliable SCARA robots, optional integrated vision, XY robots, single-axis robots, and robot emulator software. In addition, linear transfer conveyor modules assembled on multiple sliders provide greater flexibility and reliability than conventional belt-driven transfer processes. Realizing full digital manufacturing with this innovative linear transfer robot and inline assembly robots enables enterprises to increase productivity and accelerate business transformation.

#DiscoverYamahaRobotics campaign will refresh throughout the year, with updated content and new offers for followers. One of its Highlights include special prices for the Yamaha YK-400XE and recently launched YK610XE high-speed beltless SCARA robots. Furthermore, there is also a free trial to experience the RCX-Studio graphical programming environment, which contains powerful tools to help setup and coordinate all the machines in a line or assembly cell.

Upgrades to Yamaha’s LCM100 linear conveyor module and iVY2 robot-vision system will break cover on #DiscoverYamahaRobotics as the campaign continues. The LCM100 and iVY2 are both designed to connect directly to the RCX340 robot controller, ensuring easy integration, flexible control, and lag-free performance. Dedicated vision instructions for the iVY2 system allow fast and efficient native control without the complexity of a conventional machine-vision interface.



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