NTS Longmont Expands Capabilities to Become One of Colorado’s Most Advanced ‘One-Stop Shops’ for Packaging, Energy, Space and Aviation Industry Testing and Certification

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NTS, the undisputed leader in testing, inspection and certification solutions in North America, is pleased to announce that its laboratory in Longmont, Colorado, is once again expanding its services. The NTS lab secured ISTA Laboratory Certification earlier this year, and now tests to Amazon, FedEx and Sam’s Club requirements. ISTA Certification ensures packages undergo rigorous testing to protect against shock, vibration, and atmospheric hazards.

In addition to strengthening its ISTA certification, NTS Longmont is rolling out services to meet the needs of three other distinct markets: Energy, Space and Aviation. With its newly achieved Energy Star Certification and Product Safety Testing certification (61010-1 Safety for Laboratory, Measurement, Scientific), NTS Longmont becomes Colorado’s only provider of Energy Star, Safety and EMC testing. The facility is certified to perform Energy Star testing for Data Center Storage Equipment in online 2, 3, or 4 Storage Taxonomy categories. “We have always had the engineering expertise to accommodate these testing categories,” said Michael Graham, General Manager at NTS Longmont. “Now we have the proper safety test equipment and the certification to offer valued customers like Seagate, Hewlett Packard, DELL, Quantum and Oracle the convenience of securing the Energy Star seal with increased efficiencies and cost-effectiveness,” Graham continued. “These are also valuable gains for other local customers that design IT or laboratory equipment to be able to turn to us for certified product safety testing, and those who require EMC testing. They have industry leading expertise for essential testing in their back yard.”

NTS is also extending its superior Space and Aerospace testing capabilities to Longmont, with the arrival of a Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) chamber. The TVAC chamber simulates environmental conditions a spacecraft would endure in flight, and is one of the final tests performed before any equipment arrives at the launch pad.

NTS Longmont’s TVAC chamber’s internal dimensions are 62 inches in depth by 41 inches in diameter. The plate is 36 inches by 60 inches with pressure to 1 x 10-6 Torr. Its temperature range is -180 degrees C to 175 degrees C. “We’re excited to use NTS to ensure the integrity of our products in space,” said Sally Duller, Manufacturing and Test Manager for EnerSys. “The TVAC chamber is key and using a trusted name like NTS with its multi-decade history in space testing provides assurance in the testing process,” Duller continued. Michael Graham remarked, “We have had multiple customers in our immediate area inquire about TVAC chamber testing, so we are thrilled to provide this key service at a significant time to local companies.”



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