Jinoid Selects Newsight’s CMOS Image Sensors for Its Advanced Vision Solutions

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Jinoid Co., a leading sensor solution maker from South Korea announced that it has selected Newsight’s CMOS image sensors for its advanced smart vision and inspection sensors. Newsight's NSI3000 line sensor, and NSI1000 area sensor have already successfully passed Jinoid's evaluation, and the first batch of a thousand chips has been provided and assembled. The two companies intend to expand the collaboration to additional use cases.

Newsight's sensor chips are being integrated into Jinoid's four main industry 4.0 smart sensor families: The ZSC Series, a standalone sensing system for part inspection, The ZORP Series, which fits high speed pinhole inspection systems and can utilize Newsight’s ultra-high frame rate (up to 100,000 fps for one line of pixels in the NSI1000), The ZPE Series, which is a smart sensor for android based applications utilizing Newsight's sensors’ flexible configuration features.

Newsight's recently released the NSI1000 chip, with 32 lines of 1024 global shutter pixels, is a multi-mode sensor capable of supporting Newsight’s enhanced Time-Of-Flight, eTOF™. It works in multi-triangulation mode, which provides 32 ultra-accurate depth points concurrently, in-pixel accumulation and multi-set configuration, which can change the chip’s functionality from a regular camera to a depth camera, frame-by-frame.

Jungsoo kang , CEO of Jinoid: “We are pleased to work with Newsight Imaging. In the field of factory automation and Inline inspector, Inspection speed is getting faster and a higher resolution is required. In our high-performance Inline inspector application, the high-speed line scan camera sensor element occupies an important area. Newsight’s sensor element is a new good alternative and can be applied to new items. Newsight Imaging’s willingness to develop has helped us.”

Eli Assoolin, CEO and Co-founder of Newsight Imaging: “We are delighted to work closely with Jinoid on the integration of our sensor chips into their advanced solutions which go to well-known big players in the industry 4.0 world. We are expanding our footprint in APAC, including South Korea, which is a key target for us, and Jinoid's selection is an important sign that our unique products provide our customers with a remarkable competitive advantage.”



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