ESCATEC Advances MOEMS Capabilities

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In another step up the hi-tech ladder, ESCATEC has invested in new technology to advance its capability in MOEMS (micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems), with the objective of meeting current and new customer requirements for cost-effective advanced electronic products.

ESCATEC’s efforts in this regard are led by ESCATEC Switzerland AG, which besides being a hi-tech manufacturing facility, also functions as the Group’s Design & Development Centre and testbed for new technology.

To further develop its MOEMS abilities, ESCATEC Switzerland recently installed a new advanced Tresky T-6000-L/G die bonder for high precision applications.

The die bonder – with a placement tolerance of 1um laterally and capable of 600 placements per hour - has been put to work on “Chip-on-Board” production in an ISO-5 cleanroom environment, and is helping deliver higher precision and yield at a reduced cost

"By advancing its MOEMS capabilities, ESCATEC Switzerland can continue to satisfy current and new customer requirements for products and systems that are compact, highly efficient, highly accurate, high performing, and very cost-effective,” explained Wolfgang Plank, Microsystems & Packaging Specialist at ESCATEC Switzerland.

A typical MOEMS project at ESCATEC begins with a conceptual design and evolves in various phases until a robust production process and product is attained.

The Group’s MOEMS services at present spread across several market applications, including micro-displays for military use, 3D TOF camera for measuring and space applications, highly efficient light engines, micro-assembly, and miniaturisation, for automotive pressure sensors and hearing aids, and highly precise light modules for ophthalmology use.

"An array of factors must be considered when designing an optimised and properly working MOEMS device. One of the most important factors for robust functionality is a stable production process. This is where ESCATEC's long-term experience as an integrated EMS service provider, especially in complex assemblies, gives us a strong advantage,” notes Wolfgang.

ESCATEC’s MOEMS capabilities involve integrating two major technologies i.e. micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and micro-optics.

MEMS is applied for device miniaturisation and has wide application in sensors and actuators, robotics, accelerometers, microvalves, flow controllers, GPS systems, and component miniaturisation. Market applications include use in space, air, land and sea vehicles, as well as industrial, biotechnology, and consumer electronics.

Taking this a step further, MOEMS involves integrating MEMS and the ability to manipulate optical signals on a very small scale (micro-optics) as a structured process in batch processing similar to integrated circuits and using micro-machining.

At the production level, MOEMS technology is used to fabricate a wide variety of hi-tech devices - such as optical switches, optical cross-connect, tuneable VCSEL, and microbolometers – using materials like silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, and gallium arsenide.



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