Newlab Launches Open Calls Inviting Innovators to Apply Transformative Technologies to Major Global Challenges

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Newlab announced the launch of its Open Call season, inviting the world's leading entrepreneurs, engineers and inventors to submit applications to have their companies considered for participation in one of four Newlab Innovation Studios. Newlab's Innovation Studios bring together Fortune 500 companies, civic leaders, and innovators to solve complex challenges across industry and society, and this year's Innovation Studios will focus on opportunities for leveraging technology to address issues spanning 5G, accessibility, mining, and mobility. 

Accepted applicants will work with Newlab to unlock new product capabilities, uncover use cases, and explore partnership opportunities with industry and civic leaders. They will also benefit from access to Newlab's vast member community, robust corporate and investor network, grant funding, and press exposure, and—if accepted to Studios based at Newlab's flagship Brooklyn Navy Yard location—more than $5M of on-site prototyping resources. Participation in a Newlab Innovation Studio is equity-free. 

"Newlab's Innovation Studios leverage the combined capabilities and resources of our community, our industry and civic partners, and trailblazing companies to address the world's biggest challenges," said Shaun Stewart, CEO of Newlab. "We're excited to kick off 2021 with an open call season inviting companies across disciplines to apply to join our Innovation Studios, where they will have the opportunity to develop and pilot technologies with the potential to transform industries and society."

Over the past two years, Newlab has spearheaded numerous Innovation Studios, including its inaugural Prospect Mining Studio, in partnership with mining conglomerate Vimson Group, which supported the development of technology addressing sustainability, safety, and efficiency challenges in the mining industry; the first edition of its 5G Studio, in collaboration with Verizon, which enabled its company cohort to leverage 5G in testing new technologies with industry applications spanning mobility, health, manufacturing and more; and two iterations of its Circular City Studio, which have focused on making cities more resilient and sustainable by piloting smart city technology in neighborhoods across New York City.



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