Smart Eye Launches a Complete Driver Monitoring System for Automotive Aftermarket

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Smart Eye, leading developer of AI-based eye tracking technology, breaks new ground with the launch of the AIS. After more than two decades of delivering eye tracking software to the automotive industry, the company is launching a complete driver monitoring system to raise safety standards for public transport and commercial vehicles.

For over 20 years, Smart Eye has been the world-leading developer of AI-powered eye tracking solutions for driver monitoring systems. Now, for the first time, the company has combined their state-of-the-art software with their own automotive qualified hardware components. The result is the AIS – a high-quality, but cost-effective, automotive-grade driver monitoring system, which will primarily be offered to commercial vehicle fleets and the automotive aftermarket.

Over 90 percent of all traffic accidents can be linked to human error, often caused by driver distraction, fatigue or intoxication. Regulations mandating driver monitoring systems in commercial vehicles are already in place in China, with similar developments underway in the EU and several other parts of the world. Long-distance drives and night shifts often make drivers of commercial vehicles more exposed to drowsiness or distraction. To prevent this, the AIS uses gaze tracking to ensure that drivers stay focused on the road – reducing the number of road accidents.

To help protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users, the AIS is equipped with a number of advanced safety features. The system is able to recognize all kinds of faces, even those partly covered by face masks or sunglasses. By tracking the driver’s eye, face and head movements, the AIS detects distraction and dangerous behavior like eating, drinking, smoking or phone use. The system also alerts the driver to early signs of drowsiness.

What makes the AIS unique is that it’s based on Smart Eye’s long experience within the automotive industry. Over the last few years, we have put all our effort into making sure the AIS is automotive qualified and delivers reliable, precise results. We believe in offering an ultra-high quality system to the market and our goal is that the AIS will be improving road safety in the whole world, says Martin Krantz, CEO and founder of Smart Eye.



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