Peplink Sees Large Growth in 5G Demand as Partnership with M2M Connectivity Expands

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Peplink, a company that makes connectivity reliable, is expanding its partnership with M2M Connectivity, a leading distributor of IoT and wireless innovations in Australia and New Zealand, in response to the growth in market demand for 5G and LTE enterprise connectivity products in the region.

Since M2M became a Peplink Value Added Distributor in Australia in March 2021, fifty channel partners had signed up to M2M’s channel program in less than six months. In response, M2M is expanding its Peplink product portfolio to keep up with demand.

As a result of market growth, M2M is expanding its portfolio of Peplink devices to now include:

  • MBX series with multiple 5G and LTE connections designed to maximize bandwidth and reliability
  • Multipurpose, rugged and cost-effective MAX BR and Transit series
  • Dome series with router and antenna integrated into a single water-resistant form factor
  • Balance series, designed for large organisations

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink, said: “The trend we are seeing in Australia is consistent with what we are seeing in many regions around the world. Adoption of 5G and LTE technologies among businesses is accelerating and the types of industries seeking out these technologies is diversifying.”

“Peplink and M2M had a great start in 2021, we are pleased to see demand for our products increasing in Australia. Peplink has some of the widest selection of LTE and 5G routers in the market to help businesses from any industry stay connected,” Keith adds.

“A combination of 5G network rollout and COVID has created a unique environment where reliability and speed of connectivity have become non-negotiable across a range of industries. Businesses are no longer happy to rely on just fixed line connections, which often fail, and want to be able to operate using 5G,” says Josh Velling, Director Channel Sales at M2M Connectivity who was appointed in April to lead M2M’s Peplink program.

“At the same time, businesses are looking for more cost-effective solutions when compared to those offered by larger, more established players in the Australian market,” adds Velling. “We have seen great demand in devices from industries including construction, emergency services, broadcast, and pop-up health clinics.”

Peplink’s SD-WAN routers and connectivity technologies are built to ensure network speed and reliability on any wired or mobile networks. Using Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology which fuses multiple WAN networks together, customers’ are protected from sudden network interruptions or latency spikes during critical tasks, such as important video calls or point-of-sale transactions. All Peplink routers can be remotely managed from one single screen via the cloud, greatly reducing the overhead of managing multiple network branches.



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