Indium Corporation to Present at International Microwave Symposium

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One of the most highly demanded applications for 80Au/20Sn is semiconductor laser die-attach due to recent advancements that have made lasers an economical option for a multitude of new products. However, a key challenge with semiconductor lasers is thermal management, as these devices generate a significant amount of heat. Indium Corporation Product Specialist Jenny Gallery will present on how to manage heat with AuSn preforms at the International Microwave Symposium, Denver, Colo., June 19–24.

One method for facilitating thermal transfer from the die to the substrate is to reduce the bondline thickness through the use of thinner 80Au/20Sn preforms. By using a thinner preform in the bondline, the heat is transferred away from the die more quickly, increasing the longevity and potential of the die. In The Effect of Semiconductor Laser Thermal Transfer in Relation to AuSn Preform Thickness, Gallery will examine the impact of AuSn preform thickness on thermal transfer by examining voiding percentages on several 80Au/20Sn preforms ranging from 0.002” to 0.00035” thick.

Gallery is a product specialist for the high-temperature business (gold and braze products) at Indium Corporation. She is responsible for researching and analyzing customer and market data, and she serves as a resource to the company’s current and prospective customers, field sales, and internal departments. She provides product and process support for solder preforms, wire, ribbon, and paste, and she helps to facilitate relationships and new business development. Gallery earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the University of Albany, N.Y., U.S.

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