Murata Introduces Energy-Saving System Using Storage Batteries and AI Control at Head Office

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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. installed an energy-saving system combining AI energy-saving controls manufactured by Mutron Co., Ltd. and Murata's containerized storage batteries at its headquarters in Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto, in July 2022. The System will be installed at all Group sites, including production sites, from 2023 onward to reduce the supply load on the power grid and contribute to the stabilization of power supply.            

In recent years, the tight electricity supply and demand has become a major social issue in Japan during the periods of high electricity demand in summer and winter. In order to improve the supply-demand balance, it is important to reduce power consumption and improve the efficiency of energy use at the level of individual companies, which are large consumers of electricity.

The System installed at Murata's headquarters combines Mutron's AI energy-saving controls with containerized storage batteries that use Murata's FORTERION lithium-ion batteries, which have an expected life of at least 15 years and a high level of safety. The newly installed storage batteries and Murata's unique storage battery control technology will enable more flexible energy-saving control, which is expected to improve the CO2 reduction effect. In addition, the installation of large-capacity storage batteries means that they will also play a role in maintaining site functions as an emergency power source in the event that a business continuity plan (BCP) comes into effect. With this System, Murata aims to achieve an energy-saving rate of approximately 20% at its head office in fiscal 2022.

The System, managed by Mutron's energy-saving control technology, will optimize control of in-house air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and will also improve energy management efficiency by linking to Murata's storage battery system. After accumulating operational results and enhancing the effectiveness of the System, Murata will move ahead with installation at multiple sites within the group, including production sites, from 2023 onward to reduce the load on the power supply network and contribute to the stabilization of power supply.

The Murata Group will continue to improve the efficiency of energy use at its sites in and outside Japan and carry forward efforts to combat climate change.


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