C&K Develops Ultra Low Current Detect Switch to Reduce Power Consumption

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C&K, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical switches, has extended its detect product family to include an ultra-low current version. The SDS ULC (Ultra-low Current) detect switch series is designed to limit power consumption on battery powered devices. With the proliferation of wireless and portable battery-powered devices, designers require solutions that consume minimal energy to prolong battery life.

Combining low current (10µA) with an ultra low-profile (2 mm mounted), the SDS ULC detect switch is ideal for a wide range of handheld and space-constrained applications including consumer, IoT, medical, networking, smart metering, smoke detector and more. 

C&K offers the SDS ULC with an overtravel plunger actuator, which allows for 2mm of overtravel. The SDS ULC detect switch series is available with different contact arrangements including normally open, normally close, and silver or gold plating for better resistance of the corrosion. The entire line of SDS Series detect switches feature a SPST design, 50,000 cycles, 75gf actuation force, and right angle termination.

“With the growing production of devices using battery power, we have developed an ultra-low current switch to meet market needs” explained Cedric Garropin, Product Manager at C&K. “By reducing current to operate this switch, battery consumption triggered by an actuation is heavily reduced compared to other switches. The SDS ULC detect switch has been tested and proven to reduce battery consumption in medical and IoT devices.”


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