Altair to Grant Scholarships to Engineering Students

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Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), has collaborated with the Rotary Club in Yokneam Illit and Marvell Israel – one of the largest non-manufacturing chip development companies in Israel – to expand its social responsibility and community involvement by participating in a unique scholarship program.

The three organizations donated special scholarships to engineering students from the city of Yokneam who are studying in the industrial/management, electrical/computing, and mechanical engineering fields.

Led by Ariel Hadar, managing director, Altair Israel, and Dr. Shani Alfassi-Kakun, head of community service, Rotary Yokneam, the scholarship program assigns each student to a local elementary school to deliver group lessons in math, science, and English during the elementary students’ summer holiday. These lessons are designed to improve the elementary students’ skills and potential.

The seven selected scholarship recipients underwent a screening and interview process in which Altair and Rotary Yokneam evaluated their professional excellence, contributions to the community, core social values, and more.

“As a global software technology company, engineering and science education is key for innovation and developing new technologies that will make the world a better place,” said Hadar. “We’re excited to be part of Rotary Yokneam’s scholarship program and the unique opportunity to donate to this initiative. Moreover, six out of the seven students are women, which makes us even more satisfied with the diversity of students who are part of this great initiative.”

“Rotary Yokneam is a very young club, established in late 2021,” said Tsahi Elfassi, president, Rotary Yokneam. “We are grateful that Altair shares our values and goals. Altair is our first-ever club sponsor, and by establishing the local scholarship program, we plan to make it a pillar of our community going forward. This is a fantastic initiative for all involved.”


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