Hudson Street Solutions Acquires Nexus Automation

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Hudson Street Solutions, Inc. (HSS), a premier PTC Onshape reseller and automation technology services provider for prototyping manufacturers, announced a major step forward in building the industry's most advanced automated front-end solution. After an exhaustive search for the ideal boutique manufacturer to showcase its leading-edge automation capabilities, HSS is pleased to confirm the acquisition of Nexus Automation (Nexus).

Nexus, located in Livermore, Calif., is a sought-after CNC machining and box assembly service shop for Silicon Valley companies that specializes in prototype and low-volume production manufacturing of high-quality metal, abrasive, and composite materials parts.

"We're excited to be at the forefront of a completely new approach to manufacturing technology innovation with the Nexus acquisition," said Ofer Maltiel, Founder and CEO of HSS. "The Nexus team, top-notch shop, capabilities, and range of customer projects provide the best environment for HSS to build, test, and prove manufacturing automation and productivity solutions. We are proud to be the only technology provider delivering industry solutions based on the Onshape cloud CAD platform and built using an in-house manufacturing facility."

Nexus Automation was acquired in 2014 by Sandeep Patel, a process and automation specialist who set out to transform the small manufacturer into an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified turnkey facility with the latest design and control software and high precision tools. This allowed Nexus to focus on offering efficient project management and fast turnaround, attracting some of the biggest Bay Area product companies to its customer list.

"I'm thrilled that with Nexus, HSS will become a leading innovator in front-end automation, helping manufacturers to grow and provide better service to their customers," shared Patel. "Moreover, in the process HSS will also increase our capacity, range of in-house manufacturing services, and assembly capabilities—a huge win for current and future Nexus and HSS customers."

The manufacturer will continue operations at its current facility under the Nexus Automation banner as a subsidiary of HSS. In addition to deploying Onshape and kicking off automation development at Nexus post-acquisition, plans are in the works for expansion.

"We plan to offer more services for more customers at more product lifecycle touchpoints," explained Maltiel. "Along with design, prototype, manufacture, assembly, and test services, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process services will be offered, making Nexus an end-to-end product manufacturing partner for its customers."

To gear up, HSS will hire additional team members for a second shift and invest in new equipment by the end of the year. Facility expansion into an adjacent 10,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space is slated for early 2023.


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