Fidesmo Partners with Infineon for Accessibility of Services to Secure Elements

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Swedish company Fidesmo expands its partner network in Europe by joining forces with Infineon Technologie AG, a leading secure element manufacturer providing connectivity and security in the field of IoT, mobility and payments. The two companies now look to grow the availability of contactless services for Infineon’s secure elements. The partnership has already begun with creating a more flexible solution for payment wearables with more areas of cooperation to be explored.

Fidesmo is specialized in providing scalable integrations between services and hardware manufacturers. Together with Infineon both parties will now offer secure service solutions towards hardware and device manufacturers. The two companies have a long-standing relationship and started working together in 2020 by creating joint offerings for secure enablement services.

As a first outcome of the strengthened partnership, the two companies started addressing the payments industry by matching the flexibility of Infineon's secure elements with the turn-key tokenization platform Fidesmo Pay. This will allow any OEM to have access to the large number of issuers already connected to Fidesmo Pay while also having one of the world’s smallest and scalable secure elements, SECORA™ Connect S.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Infineon. With Infineon we can provide a strengthened and more competitive solution to the market, while at the same time we can explore how to bring more scalable solutions to other verticals and products,” said Mattias Eld, CEO of Fidesmo. “It is especially exciting since we feel that we share a long-term vision for the industry and the untapped potential that we can both adress.”

“Through our partnership with Fidesmo, we are now enabling seamless, device-agnostic payment services covering all OEM steps involved in integrating security and payment functionality,” said Tolgahan Yildiz, Head of the Payment product line of Infineon’s Connected Secure Systems division. “Our SECORA™ Connect S solution is designed to meet the highest connectivity requirements while delivering the lowest energy consumption in a great variety of form factors. In addition, SECORA™ Pay W offers a very flexible, plug-and-play solution including an NFC antenna to turn all kinds of devices into payment devices." 

Both partners view the integration of Fidesmo Pay into Infineon’s SEs as a first step in a continued partnership. Within a short time frame they are aiming at integrating digital wallets in smart connected devices offering an unprecedented variety of choices for consumers and device OEMs.


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