UbiQD, SICPA Expand Partnership on Anti-Counterfeit Security Inks

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UbiQD, Inc., a New Mexico-based nanotechnology company, and SICPA SA, a Swiss technology company and market leader in security inks, as well as a leading provider of secured authentication, identification, traceability and supply chain solutions, announced the expansion of their partnership in the development of anti-counterfeit security inks based on UbiQD's quantum dot technology.

Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor nanoparticles that exhibit high efficiency photoluminescence over a wide range of tunable colors, making them effective at imparting unique optical properties. Security features based on QDs are therefore inherently very difficult to reproduce and can be used to combat counterfeiting and strengthen security applications.

"This partnership with UbiQD has enabled us to develop cutting-edge optical and machine-readable features that we will be able to add to our robust portfolio of security inks and solutions for our clients," explained Scott Haubrich, R&D Director of SICPA U.S.

The two companies have been co-developing QD-based security features for the past six years. Having completed a number of technical milestones in a multi-phased joint-development effort, UbiQD and SICPA are now expanding their partnership to commercialize several security applications based on the novel characteristics of UbiQD's technology.

"With SICPA's domain expertise and leadership position in security markets, and its proprietary sensor and ink technologies, UbiQD has an ideal partner to commercialize our quantum dot technology for anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, supply chain integrity, and more," added Hunter McDaniel, UbiQD CEO.


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