SEMICON Europa 2022 Keynotes to Highlight Chip Industry Growth Opportunities and Advanced Technologies

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SEMICON Europa 2022, the region’s premier event for the semiconductor manufacturing and design supply chain, will gather microelectronics experts and visionaries 15-18 November in Munich, Germany for insights into advanced technologies that are driving industry growth and critical issues such as sustainability, mobility, healthcare, workforce development and supply chain management. Registration for the event, co-located with electronica, is now open.

“We look forward to hosting industry leaders as they provide insights into microelectronics trends that are crucial to industry innovation and growth in Europe and around the world,” said Laith Altimime, President of SEMI Europe. “Key topics will take center stage as thought leaders address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.”

Opening Ceremony

SEMICON Europa 2022 will feature opening ceremony presentations by executive leaders on topics such as accelerating innovation, a sustainable and connected future, and European manufacturing excellence. 


More SEMICON Europa 2022 Highlights

Advanced Packaging Conference

Key to innovation, advanced packaging solutions require manufacturing equipment with enhanced capabilities, processing of new functional materials, and manufacturing process IP developed in-house or provided by third parties. Thought leaders will highlight advanced solutions for electronics packaging and testing, manufacturing equipment and materials, design for reliability and test, and Heterogeneous Integration (HI). Presenting companies include Amkor, ASE, Bosch, Henkel, Infineon and Intel.

Fab Management Forum

Experts will discuss topics such as chip manufacturing, datafication of fabs, and AI in microelectronics manufacturing as the industry intensifies its focus on long-term resilience strategies in light of COVID-19 and recent supply chain disruptions. Presenting companies include Bosch, Maxwell Biosystems, Roland Berger, STMicroelectronics, TechInsights, Volkswagen and X-FAB Group.

SEMICON Europa will also feature ITF Beyond 5G - Powered by imec. The event will explore the role of advanced and compound semiconductors in paving the way to next-generation mobile connectivity. Industry and imec experts will provide perspectives on various aspects of the RF challenge, from materials and devices to ICs and modules.

Executive Forum Program

  • The Future of Work – Overcoming Industry Challenges Through Inclusive Leadership
  • Materials Innovation – Surpassing Physical Limits in Microelectronics Technology
  • Smart Mobility Forum – Smarter, Greener, Safer Mobility through Semiconductor Innovation
  • Electrification and Power Semiconductors – Advances in the Field of Power Semiconductors for Next-Generation Applications
  • Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit – Smart Solutions Paving the Way to Net-Zero Fabs

TechARENA Program

  • Integrated Photonics – From the Electron Century to the Photon Century – Innovations and Challenges
  • Smart MedTech Forum – Microelectronics Opening and Equalizing Healthcare
  • Future of Computing – Semiconductor Based Solutions to Sustain Social Transformation: From Digitalization to Smart Devices
  • Chips Hub Europe and Collaboration in Action – Breaking the Wall to Advanced Innovation in Semiconductor Industry and Beyond
  • SCREEN – Innovation Inspired by Sustainability
  • Meet the SEMIs – Meet the SEMI European Communities and Committee Members
  • Greenfield vs. Brownfield – How Global Government Incentives Could Tip the Fab Balance
  • Innovation Showcase – Innovations in the Space of Microelectronics and Semiconductors


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