Neways, Magnetec Expand Partnership in Smart Mobility

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Neways and Magnetec are excited to expand their partnership in Smart mobility for the design, development, and production of Residual Current Devices. Such RCD offers unique and proven technology for measuring current leakages when charging electric vehicles.

There are already more than 16.5 million electric vehicles on the road globally. Stricter emissions standards and reduced cost of ownership are strong contributors to further growth. The widespread adoption of electric mobility is further fueled by improved driving ranges and the availability of charging stations.

Time to market and the ability to rapidly ramp-up production is critical in meeting the roll out of global charging infrastructure. With our global supply chain and approach to value engineering we excel in manufacturability, component availability, series production and testing. Neways is also developing fully integrated EV charging controller modules that allow our customers to quickly ramp up their production with a ready-to-use product, by leveraging our EV charging expertise, without the need for extended and capital-intensive development efforts of their own.

Through this partnership, Neways and Magnetec combine our extensive experience of producing to the highest of automotive standards with the expertise needed for the design & development of robust safety modules. The RCD can be integrated into any charging solution as a standard and affordable off-the-shelf solution.

The RCD sensor consistently verifies potential current leakages in the charging process. Its smart software enables it to interrupt the power supply. Over the years, Neways and Magnetec have delivered over 1.000,000 electronic controls for emergency charging cables that feature this capability. Our partnership is a logical next step in the development of robust safety modules that can be seamlessly integrated in any charging solution.


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