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Scientists Measure Charging Levels of Single Molecules on Insulators
04/17/2018 | University of Liverpool
More than 98,000 Buyers Visit Spring Electronics Fair & ICT Expo
04/17/2018 | ACN Newswire
Toyochem Develops Low Modulus, Heat Dissipating Adhesive Sheets
04/17/2018 | Toyochem
LiDAR Sensors Key for Transition from Current ADAS Packages to Higher Level Autonomy
04/17/2018 | ABI Research
Wiggling Atoms Switch the Electric Polarization of Crystals
04/16/2018 | Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V.
From Insulator to Conductor in a Flash
04/16/2018 | Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V.
Building Crystals on a Very Hot Surface
04/16/2018 | KAUST
Life-Span of New Solar Cell Technologies to Increase Even Tenfold
04/16/2018 | Aalto University
Psst! A Whispering Gallery for Light Boosts Solar Cells
04/16/2018 | NIST
Photonics Market Size to Surpass $900 Billion by 2024
04/16/2018 | PRNewswire
Global Humanized Mouse and Rat Model Market Forecast to 2022
04/16/2018 | PRNewswire
Public Sector in APeJC Drives Commercial PC and Tablet Shipments to Grow 7% Year Over Year in 2017
04/16/2018 | IDC
AMOLED Panel Demand in Smartphone Market Expected to Grow Much Slower Than Expected
04/16/2018 | IHS Markit
Innovation and Disruptive Technology Keys to Smart Cities of the Future
04/16/2018 | ACN Newswire
The Conference Board LEI for Germany Declined
04/13/2018 | PRNewswire
GaN Power Device Industry: The Supply Chain is Acting to Support Market Growth
04/13/2018 | Yole Développement
More than Moore’s Overall Wafer Demand is Driven by the Megatrends
04/13/2018 | Yole Développement
Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market Projected to Reach $27.2 Billion
04/13/2018 | PRNewswire
Chaos Makes Quantum Sensors Work More Precisely
04/13/2018 | University of Tübingen
Could Holey Silicon be the Holy Grail of Electronics?
04/13/2018 | University of California, Irvine
SEMI Postpones SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018 to Avoid Malaysian Election Conflict
04/13/2018 | SEMI
U.S. Companies Expand Talent Pool by Increasing Teleworking, Lowering Educational Requirements
04/13/2018 | The Conference Board
Intertronics Launches Benchtop Dispensing Robot
04/12/2018 | Intertronics
First Biosensor Chips Based on Copper and Graphene Oxide
04/12/2018 | MIPT
New NIST Chip Hints at Quantum Sensors of the Future
04/12/2018 | NIST
News Robots Flying Like Birds
04/12/2018 | University of Twente
Scientists Discover a Link Between Superconductivity and the Periodic Table
04/12/2018 | MIPT
'Waste Heat' Can Be Converted Into Electricity, Research Finds
04/12/2018 | University of California, Riverside
Technology Advances in Sensor Suites Bring Fully Autonomous Vehicles Closer to Fruition
04/12/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Cobalt Prices Soared by Over 20% in 1Q18, Bringing More Price Pressure to Lithium-ion Batteries
04/12/2018 | TrendForce

NAND Flash Prices Will Continue to Decline as the Slight Oversupply Continues in 2Q18
04/12/2018 | TrendForce
Technology Advances in Sensor Suites Bring Fully Autonomous Vehicles Closer to Fruition
04/12/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Traditional PC Market Exceeds Expectations with Flat Year-on-Year Shipment Growth
04/12/2018 | IDC
Worldwide PC Shipments Down 1.4% in Q1 of 2018
04/12/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
Tiny Injectable Sensor Could Provide Unobtrusive, Long-Term Alcohol Monitoring
04/11/2018 | University of California San Diego
Blazing a Path for Buried Bits in Quantum Chips
04/11/2018 | NIST
Genesis Robotics Enters into Strategic Venture with Koch
04/11/2018 | Business Wire
SATCOM Equipment Market Worth $30.32 Billion by 2022
04/11/2018 | PRNewswire
Wearable Sensors Market Worth $2.86 Billion by 2025
04/11/2018 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Semiconductor Leaders’ Marketshares Surge Over the Past 10 Years
04/11/2018 | IC Insights
Top Ten LED Package Suppliers Worldwide, MLS Climbed to the Fourth
04/11/2018 | TrendForce
China Now World’s Largest Consumer of Semiconductor Packaging Equipment and Materials
04/11/2018 | SEMI
New Wave of Mobile Technology to Be Tested in New York City
04/11/2018 | Rutgers University
First Dynamic Spine Brace—Robotic Spine Exoskeleton—Characterizes Spine Deformities
04/11/2018 | Columbia University
Improving Production Process for Next-Generation Displays
04/11/2018 | Binghamton University
Research Achievement Paves the Way to GaN Power Technology at High Voltages above 650V
04/11/2018 | Imec
Two-toned Light Pattern Creates Steep Quantum Walls for Atoms
04/11/2018 | JQI
Gold Changes the Photoluminescence of Silicon Quantum Dots
04/10/2018 | Skoltech
Tiny Nanomachine Successfully Completes Test Drive
04/10/2018 | Caesar
Bloodless Revolution in Diabetes Monitoring
04/10/2018 | Bath University
Global Market for Embedded Instrumentation Expects Market Revenues to Reach $110.3 Million in 2023
04/10/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Softer March Job Growth Numbers Do Not Signal Loss of Labor Market Momentum
04/10/2018 | The Conference Board
The Rise of Chinese Robotics Companies: A Matter of When, Not If
04/10/2018 | ABI Research
Latest Nanowire Experiment Boosts Confidence in Majorana Sighting
04/10/2018 | JQI
Fujitsu Unveils 5th Generation 'Super-Slim' Washable RFID Linen Tags
04/10/2018 | Business Wire
AI Assisted Humans Will Win The Next Industrial Revolution
04/10/2018 | Business Wire
High Efficiency Solar Power Conversion Allowed by a Novel Composite Material
04/10/2018 | INRS
Discovery Could Make Ultra-Powerful Batteries Safer, More Efficient
04/10/2018 | University of Delaware
New Device Modulates Light and Amplifies Tiny Signals
04/10/2018 | NIST
The Conference Board Employment Trends Index Increased in March
04/09/2018 | The Conference Board

Vision-Guided Robotics to Become Major Disruptive Force in Global Manufacturing
04/09/2018 | BitFlow
SEMI Reports Record Semiconductor Photomask Sales of $3.7 Billion
04/09/2018 | SEMI
Bayreuth Researchers Improve Heat Insulation Using Deliberate Chaos
04/09/2018 | University of Bayreuth
A Different Spin on Superconductivity
04/09/2018 | University of Maryland
Global IT Spending to Grow 6.2% in 2018
04/09/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
Shift in Technology Spending from IT to the Line of Business
04/09/2018 | IDC
Global Solar PV Demand Is Forecast to Reach Record 113 GW in 2018
04/09/2018 | IHS Markit
Making Monitors Brighter
04/09/2018 | University of Bayreuth
Powering the Bottom Line
04/09/2018 | KAUST
Mirror, Mirror
04/09/2018 | Argonne National Laboratory
The Raw Power of Human Motion
04/09/2018 | KAUST
Top Factors Driving the Global Optical Interconnect Market
04/06/2018 | Business Wire
Experts to Advise Manufacturers on the Next Industrial Revolution During the Smart Manufacturing Experience
04/06/2018 | SME
Light 'Relaxes' Crystal to Boost Solar Cell Efficiency
04/06/2018 | Rice University
Photonic Communication Comes to Computer Chips
04/06/2018 | MIT
Twisting Laser Light Offers the Chance to Probe the Nano-Scale
04/06/2018 | Bath University
Small Business Hiring Rebounds in March
04/06/2018 | Business Wire
SEMI Reports 2017 Global Semiconductor Equipment Sales of $56.6 Billion
04/06/2018 | SEMI
Breakthrough Made in Atomically Thin Magnets
04/06/2018 | Cornell University
Fraunhofer Solves Networked Sensors' Energy Problems
04/06/2018 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Unified Communication and Collaboration Services Ramping Up a $39 Billion Market
04/05/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
CEO Confidence Increased Again
04/05/2018 | The Conference Board
PC DRAM's Contract Price Up by Around 5% in 1Q18
04/05/2018 | TrendForce
Trump Administration Proposed to Apply a 25% Tariff on 1300 Chinese Products
04/05/2018 | TrendForce
Shrimp-Inspired Camera May Enable Underwater Navigation
04/05/2018 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A New Way to Atomically Thin Materials
04/05/2018 | Wiley
Blowin’ in the Wind – a Source of Energy?
04/05/2018 | Linköping University
Self-Healing Metal Oxides Could Protect Against Corrosion
04/05/2018 | MIT
Scientists Develop Topological Defect Detection Method
04/05/2018 | ITMO University
Mobile Phone Lifetimes to Increase Through 2020
04/05/2018 | Gartner, Inc.

Changing Device Usage Habits of Filipinos will Fuel Growth of Smartphones and PCs in 2018
04/05/2018 | IDC
Transmitting Measuring Data Wireless in Real Time
04/05/2018 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Artificial Intelligence in Action
04/05/2018 | MIT
New IDC MarketScape Assesses Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Vendors for 2018
04/04/2018 | IDC
Annual Market for Global Smart City Communication Networks to Reach $13.4 Billion in 2027
04/04/2018 | Navigant Research
Global Smart Cities to Raise a Market of Over $2 Trillion by 2025
04/04/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Off-The-Shelf Entertainment Systems Closing in on Installer System Counterparts
04/04/2018 | ABI Research
New Research Shows How Paper-Cutting Can Make Ultra Strong, Stretchable Electronics
04/04/2018 | University at Buffalo
Smart Ink Adds New Dimensions to 3-D Printing
04/04/2018 | Dartmouth College
High-Speed and On-Silicon-Chip Graphene Blackbody Emitters
04/04/2018 | Japan Science and Technology Agency
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