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Fabless IC Company Sales Top $100 Billion for First Time Ever
01/08/2018 | IC Insights
AI and Digital Assistants to Surge in 2018
01/08/2018 | IHS Markit
Graphene Sensors That Could Revolutionize the Internet of Things
01/08/2018 | University of Manchester
Optimizing Carbon Nanotube Electrodes
01/08/2018 | MIT
Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Personal Devices
01/08/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
Automatic Language Interpretation Technology to be Piloted at Winter Olympics
01/08/2018 | ACN Newswire
Physicists Build Muscle for Shape-Changing, Cell-Sized Robots
01/05/2018 | Cornell University
Lab Unlocks Secrets of Nanoscale 3D Printing
01/05/2018 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
NRL Improves Optical Efficiency in Nanophotonic Devices
01/05/2018 | U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Device Creates Negative Mass — and a Novel Way to Generate Lasers
01/05/2018 | University of Rochester
Next-Gen Flexible Robots Move and Heal Like Us
01/05/2018 | University of Colorado Boulder
Passive Investors See Engagement as Missing Link in Board Director’s Job
01/05/2018 | The Conference Board
Slower Job Growth in December Does Not Alter the Overall Positive Picture
01/05/2018 | The Conference Board
Record Number of OLED TVs Shipped Before the Holidays
01/05/2018 | IHS Markit
CEO Confidence Rebounds
01/05/2018 | The Conference Board
Study Boosts Hope for Cheaper Fuel Cells
01/05/2018 | Rice University
Touchy Nanotubes Work Better When Clean
01/05/2018 | Rice University
Ultrafine Fibers Have Exceptional Strength
01/05/2018 | MIT
Intervention in the Memory Market by China’s NDRC May Affect Prices of Mobile DRAM
01/05/2018 | TrendForce
The Making of Biorelevant Nanomaterials
01/04/2018 | Wiley
Device Connects Non-Automated Machines to the Internet
01/04/2018 | Agência FAPESP
Laser Evaporation Technology to Create New Solar Materials
01/04/2018 | Duke University
Engineers Make Wearable Sensors for Plants, Enabling Measurements of Water Use in Crops
01/04/2018 | Iowa State University
Global Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Surpassed 1 Million in 2017
01/04/2018 | Navigant Research
Semiconductor Revenue Grew 22.2% in 2017; Samsung Takes Over Top Position
01/04/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
Soft Materials Bring a Human Touch to Robotics
01/04/2018 | ABI Research
Gartner Highlights 10 Uses for AI-Powered Smartphones
01/04/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
IHS Markit Identifies the Top 8 Technology Trends for 2018
01/04/2018 | IHS Markit
Killer Robots, Free Will and the Illusion of Control
01/03/2018 | University of Manchester
Global $62 Billion Video Surveillance Market Forecasts to 2023
01/03/2018 | PRNewswire

Top Ten Technologies Changing the Field of Education
01/03/2018 | PRNewswire
SEMI Data Projects New Highs in Fab Equipment Spending
01/03/2018 | SEMI
Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 21.5% Year-to-Year in November
01/03/2018 | SIA
‘Quantum Radio’ May Aid Communications and Mapping Indoors, Underground and Underwater
01/03/2018 | NIST
Can Computers Help Us Synthesize New Materials?
01/03/2018 | MIT
Single Device Capable of Dual Transistor Operation
01/03/2018 | Indian Institute of Science
Supply-Demand Balance in TV Panel Market Poised to Increase in 2018
01/03/2018 | TrendForce
Wearable Devices to Remotely Manage Patient Chronic Conditions
TrendForce Forecasts a Possible Oversupply in NAND Flash Market in 2019
01/03/2018 | TrendForce
IoT Security Semiannual Update: M&A and Investment Ramping-Up to Secure Deployments
01/03/2018 | ABI Research
Ultra-Low-Power Flexible Memory Using 2D Materials
01/03/2018 | KAIST
First AI based Human Presence IoT Visual Sensor for Consumer Appliances and Industrial Applications
01/02/2018 | Globe Newswire
Small Business Jobs Index Closes 2017 at at 99.70
01/02/2018 | PRNewswire
One Bad Apple Can Spoil a Robot Swarm
01/02/2018 | KAUST
Digitization in Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
01/02/2018 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Arrow Accelerates IoT Leadership Position with eInfochips Acquisition
01/02/2018 | Business Wire
Shipments of Cellular M2M Terminals to Reach Nearly 14 Million by 2022
01/02/2018 | Business Wire
Autonomous Vehicle Sales to Surpass 33 Million Annually in 2040
01/02/2018 | Business Wire
Unattended Ground Sensors Market to be Worth $458M by 2022
01/02/2018 | Business Wire
Global Smartphone Production Growth Will Drop to Only 5% in 2018
01/02/2018 | TrendForce
Sensor the Size of a Nitrogen Atom Investigates Hard Drives
01/02/2018 | Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics
Carbon Nanotube as Ultrafast Emitter With Narrow Energy Spread at Optical Frequency
01/02/2018 | National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
Lens Opens New Possibilities in Virtual and Augmented Reality
01/02/2018 | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Top 10 Most-Read Market News of 2017
12/29/2017 | I-Connect007
Top 10 Most-Read Science and Technology News of 2017
12/29/2017 | I-Connect007
Viewing Atomic Structures of Dopant Atoms in 3-D Relating to Electrical Activity in a Semiconductor
12/29/2017 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
Metal Printing Offers Low-Cost Way to Make Flexible, Stretchable Electronics
12/29/2017 | North Carolina State University
Sensors for the Internet of Things Global Market Outlook 2017-2023
12/29/2017 | PRNewswire
NASA 2017: A Year of Progress and Poised for the Future
12/29/2017 | NASA
Carving Out Circuits That Click Into Place
12/29/2017 | KAUST

Atomically Thin Perovskites Boost for Future Electronics
12/29/2017 | National Institute for Materials Science
Global Electronic Warfare Market to Reach $17.7 Billion by 2027
12/29/2017 | PRNewswire
Sensor Data Sharing and Driverless Vehicle Remote Control to Boost Cellular V2X Technologies
12/28/2017 | ABI Research
Steering Electrical Current With Spinning Light
12/28/2017 | University of Minnesota
High-performance Supercapacitor, Using Ultrasonic Spray Device
12/28/2017 | UNIST
Electronic Nose Developed to Sniff out Colon Diseases
12/28/2017 | Asociación RUVID
Innovative Transistors Based on Magnetically Induced Movement of Ions
12/28/2017 | NIMS
Global Artificial Intelligence Market Expected to See CAGR of 62% during 2017-2023
12/28/2017 | PRNewswire
Stanford Students Learn to Enhance Computers and Robots with Touch
12/28/2017 | Stanford University
Energy Storage's Annual Revenue for Renewables Integration to Top $23 Billion by 2026
12/28/2017 | Navigant Research
IoT Data Traffic Per Node: The New Critical Metric for IoT System Designers
12/28/2017 | ABI Research
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Declined
12/28/2017 | The Conference Board
New Technology Adoption Creating Potential Employment Crisis in Europe
12/28/2017 | PRNewswire
Air Defense System Market Projected to Reach $45.1 Billion by 2024
12/27/2017 | PRNewswire
Workflow Automation Market to Reach $18.4 Billion by 2023
12/27/2017 | PRNewswire
Top 3 Drivers of the Global Automotive Driver State Monitoring System Market
12/27/2017 | Business Wire
Researchers 3D Print Lifelike Artificial Organ Models
12/27/2017 | University of Minnesota
Global Electric Vehicle Market Research Report
12/27/2017 | PRNewswire
Robotic Device Improves Balance and Gait in Parkinson’s Disease Patients
12/27/2017 | Columbia Engineering
UNSW Researchers Solve a 10-Year-Old Mystery in the Way Nanoscale Transistors Work
12/27/2017 | Fleet
Electronically-Smooth '3D Graphene': a Bright Future for Trisodium Bismuthide
12/27/2017 | Fleet
Global Electronic Paper Display Market to Reach CAGR of 37% During 2017-2023
12/27/2017 | PRNewswire

What’s Coming in 3D Printing Technology in 2018

First, the arrival of extrusion metal printing. Today's extrusion printers are the most prevalent and, arguably, user-friendly 3D Printers in the market. Now, after years of there being zero metal extrusion printers, there will be two in the new year from Desktop Metal and Markforged. These technologies promise new materials and a higher degree of user friendliness for metal printing.

5G Communications Technology Expected to Dramatically Enhance Grid Networking Options
12/27/2017 | Navigant Research
Technique to Allow AI to Learn Words in the Flow of Dialogue Developed
12/27/2017 | Osaka University
Thermoelectric Power Generation at Room Temperature: Coming Soon?
12/27/2017 | Osaka University
Key Findings of the Global Organic Field-Effect Transistor
12/26/2017 | Business Wire
Installed Base of Fleet Management Systems in Russia/CIS and Eastern EU Will Reach 9.1 Million by 2021
12/26/2017 | Berg Insight
Electronically-Smooth '3D Graphene'
12/26/2017 | ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies
Nanowire Device Detects Cancer With a Urine Test
12/26/2017 | Nagoya University
Shape Separates Substance
12/26/2017 | University of Tokyo
New Study Visualizes Motion of Water Molecules, Promises New Wave of Electronic Devices
12/26/2017 | DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory

DARPA, Santa Continue HO HO HO-liday Team-Up

DARPA’s High-speed Optimized Handling of Holiday Operations (HO HO HO) initiative is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year, and the Agency is proud to continue its tradition of sharing breakthrough technologies to help Santa Claus and his elves more quickly and efficiently complete their holiday duties.

Solid Economic Growth in the U.S. to Continue into Early 2018
12/26/2017 | PRNewswire
Concentrated Photovoltaic Market Size Worth $6.35 Billion by 2025
12/26/2017 | Grand View Research, Inc.
ISS Europe 2018 to Focus on Winning in the Global Marketplace
12/26/2017 | SEMI
Quantum Coupling
12/22/2017 | University of Tübingen
Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the Euro Area Increased
12/22/2017 | PRNewswire
Escaping Silicon
12/22/2017 | A*STAR
A Shoe-Box-Sized Chemical Detector
12/22/2017 | University of Michigan
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