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Lithium-Ion Battery Market is Set to Expand as Electric Vehicle Reliance Grows
10/29/2018 | PRNewswire
Data Projects the IoT Device Management Market is Set to Grow Rapidly
10/29/2018 | PRNewswire
Global Biometrics Technology Market to Reach $59.31 Billion by 2025
10/29/2018 | PRNewswire
U.S. Economy Maintains Rapid Pace of Growth
10/29/2018 | The Conference Board
'LiFi' Could Provide Faster Internet Access
10/29/2018 | UCLA
New Material for Energy-Efficient Data Storage Reaches Computer Operating Temperature
10/29/2018 | PSI
Multi-functional Quantum Bits for Future Computers
10/29/2018 | KIT
Intel Achieves Goal of Full US Workforce Representation
10/29/2018 | Business Wire
Switching Material From One State to Another With a Single Flash of Light
10/29/2018 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Whiskers, Surface Growth and Dendrites in Lithium Batteries
10/29/2018 | Washington University in St. Louis
Mini LED Backlighting—Expect a High Possibility of Mass Production in 2019
10/29/2018 | TrendForce
US Economy Maintains Rapid Pace of Growth, but Future Headwinds are Strengthening
10/26/2018 | PRNewswire
Fast Growing Exoskeleton Market to Top $5B in Annual Revenue
10/26/2018 | ABI Research
Full Speed Ahead for AI, Robotics, and Digital Factory Markets
10/26/2018 | ABI Research
Light-Bending Tech Shrinks Kilometers-Long Radiation System to Millimeter Scale
10/26/2018 | Purdue University
Spinning the Light: The World's Smallest Optical Gyroscope
10/26/2018 | Caltech
Scientists Obtain New Class of Curved Beams for Biosensors and Nanoparticle Control
10/26/2018 | Tomsk Polytechnic University
Optoelectronics, Sensors/Actuators, Discretes Climb Again
10/26/2018 | IC Insights
Nanotubes May Give the World Better Batteries
10/26/2018 | Rice University
Nanocrystals Arrange to Improve Electronics
10/26/2018 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
IP-based Network Products to Capture 50% of Total Market Revenue by 2019
10/26/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Small Device That Bends Light to Generate New Radiation
10/25/2018 | University of Michigan
The Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased in September
10/25/2018 | The Conference Board
Modular Robotics Market Worth $10.76 Billion by 2023
10/25/2018 | PRNewswire
Global Medical Devices Market Report 2018
10/25/2018 | Business Wire
Advanced Packaging Technologies are Key for Semiconductor Innovation
10/25/2018 | Yole Développement
Small Flying Robots to Anchor Onto Surfaces and Pull Heavy Loads
10/25/2018 | Stanford University
Scientists Review Recent Advances in Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell
10/25/2018 | Chinese Academy of Sciences
Tech Breakthrough to Allow 100-Times-Faster Internet
10/25/2018 | RMIT University
Revealing the Mechanisms Behind the Enhancement of Thermal Properties of Graphene Nanofluids
10/25/2018 | ICN2

How Should Autonomous Vehicles Be Programmed?
10/25/2018 | MIT
Future Growth of Airports in ASEAN to be Heavily Driven by Digital Transformation
10/25/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Nokia Plans to Accelerate Strategy Execution, Sharpen Customer Focus
10/25/2018 | Nokia
More Rules for the Intelligent Household
10/24/2018 | Ruhr-University Bochum
Mussel-Inspired Defect Engineering Enhances the Mechanical Strength of Graphene Fibers
10/24/2018 | KAIST
Global Sulfone Polymers Market: Expansion of Production Capacity by Keen Players to Promote Growth
10/24/2018 | Globe Newswire
Better GPS Opens New Opportunities for Industry
10/24/2018 | RMIT University
Materials for the Photonics of Tomorrow
10/24/2018 | University of Bremen
Inexpensive Chip-Based Device May Transform Spectrometry
10/24/2018 | MIT
Ongoing Commercial Renewals Maintain Stability in The EMEA Traditional PC Market
10/24/2018 | IDC
New Report Identifies Leading Edge Intelligence Use Cases in Manufacturing
10/24/2018 | ABI Research
350 Largest Cellular IoT Deployments Together Account for 214 Million Units
10/24/2018 | Berg Insight
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2018 Billings
10/24/2018 | SEMI
The ‘Relativity’ of High-Q Capacitors
10/23/2018 | Power PR
3D Printing Market Worth $23.79 Billion by 2025
10/23/2018 | Grand View Research, Inc.
EU and Japan Discuss Economic Cooperation
10/23/2018 | European Commission
Nerve-On-A-Chip Platform Makes Neuroprosthetics More Effective
10/23/2018 | EPFL
New Device Could Help Tackle Gaming Addiction
10/23/2018 | Bath University
Scientists Make New 'Green' Electronic Polymer-Based Films with Protein Nanowires
10/23/2018 | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Monitoring Electromagnetic Signals in the Brain With MRI
10/23/2018 | MIT
Special Deformation of Nanotubes to Allow them to Change Conductivity
10/23/2018 | NUST MISIS
Optoelectronic Interface for Stimulating Neural Networks in the Brain
10/23/2018 | Lobachevsky University
Telcos Transitioning to Digital
10/23/2018 | IDC
Narrow AI Heals Telco Pains for Now but a Widespread Harmonized Approach Needed Soon
10/23/2018 | ABI Research
Anomalous Hall Effect Tested in Defect-Free Thin-Film Magnetic Semiconductor
10/22/2018 | RIKEN
Understanding the Building Blocks for an Electronic Brain
10/22/2018 | University of Groningen
Battery Mainstay Headed for High-Tech Makeover
10/22/2018 | Argonne National Laboratory
Basking in a Quantum Efficiency Glow
10/22/2018 | KAIST
New IDC Report Examines Saudi Arabia's Digital Government Ambitions
10/22/2018 | IDC
Gen Z as Customers: The Unique Needs of this Generation
10/22/2018 | Frost & Sullivan

Power-Efficient Generation of Ultrashort Pulses on a Chip
10/22/2018 | EPFL
Transport and Logistics Sector Emerges as Leader in APAC IoT Technologies Adoption and Spend
10/22/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Global Flexible Electronics Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.44% during 2018-2026
10/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Graphene Printing Technique 'Silk Screens' Flexible Electronics
10/22/2018 | IEEE
Disruption and Growth Ahead for Global Connectivity, Telco, and Smart Home Markets
10/22/2018 | ABI Research
RF/Microwave eBook: Beneficial Tool for Engineers
10/22/2018 | I-Connect007
Global Radiation Detection and Monitoring Equipment Market to See CAGR of 22% by 2018-2022
10/19/2018 | Business Wire
First Proof of Quantum Computer Advantage
10/19/2018 | TUM
Molecular Memory Can be Used to Increase the Memory Capacity of Hard Disks
10/19/2018 | University of Jyväskylä
3D-Printed Supercapacitor Electrode Breaks Records in Lab Tests
10/19/2018 | University of California - Santa Cruz
Anomalous Hall Effect Tested in Defect-Free Thin-Film Magnetic Semiconductor
10/19/2018 | RIKEN
Micron Celebrates 40 Years of Leadership and Innovation
10/19/2018 | Micron
Communications Rise to Represent Largest Portion of Foundry Sales
10/19/2018 | IC Insights
Temperature Monitoring Devices Market to Reach a Valuation of $3.23B by 2025
10/19/2018 | PRNewswire
Caltech Startup Aims to Make Solar Panels More Efficient
10/19/2018 | Caltech
Bursting the Clouds for Better Communication
10/18/2018 | University of Geneva
Global Classroom Wearables Technology Market 2018-2022
10/18/2018 | SBWIRE
Smart Home Growth Disrupting Home Service Industries
10/18/2018 | ABI Research
New Material, Manufacturing Process Use Sun's Heat for Cheaper Renewable Electricity
10/18/2018 | Purdue University
Metal-Organic Frameworks: Ready for Electronics
10/18/2018 | IMDEA Nanociencia
Smart Speakers Market to Hit $39.3 Billion by 2025
10/18/2018 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Laptop Market Size Worth $108.91 Billion by 2025
10/18/2018 | Grand View Research, Inc.
New Reservoir Computer Marks First-Ever Microelectromechanical Neural Network Application
10/18/2018 |
Toward Unhackable Communication: Single Particles of Light Could Bring the 'Quantum Internet'
10/18/2018 | Purdue University
Comet Group Receives Award for Test Services at Lab One
10/18/2018 | Comet Group
Global Industrial Robot Sales Doubled Over the Past Five Years
10/18/2018 | IFR
Shipments of Cellular IoT Modules Reached 237 Million Units in 2017
10/18/2018 | Berg Insight
Energy Harvesting and Innovative Inputs Highlight Tech Show Gadgetry
10/18/2018 | Dartmouth College
Lenovo and Scale Computing Collaborate
10/17/2018 | Business Wire
Shipments of Cellular IoT Gateways to Reach 8.6 Million by 2023
10/17/2018 | Berg Insight

U.S. Tablet Market to Reach Nearly $16B by 2025
10/17/2018 | Business Wire
Generic Telco AI Platforms Will be Driven by Open Source
10/17/2018 | ABI Research
Ukraine, South Africa, Indonesia and India Among Key Emerging Markets Vulnerable to Currency Crisis
10/17/2018 | IHS Markit
Fighting Forgetfulness with Nanotechnology
10/17/2018 | Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Study Shows Faster, Scalable Way to Make Molecular Semiconductors
10/17/2018 | KTH
Simple Stickers May Save Lives of Heart Patients, Athletes and Lower Medical Costs for Families
10/17/2018 | Purdue University
Exploring New Spintronics Device Functionalities in Graphene Heterostructures
10/17/2018 | Graphene Flagship
New Memristor Boosts Accuracy and Efficiency for Neural Networks on an Atomic Scale
10/17/2018 |
Goodbye, Silicon?
Smart Robots Market Size Worth $16.5B by 2025
10/17/2018 | Grand View Research, Inc.
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