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High-speed Quantum Memory for Photons
09/08/2017 | University of Basel
Rising Application of Wireless Communication Devices to Drive Photomask Market
09/08/2017 | The Insight Partners
Power Up
09/08/2017 | UNSW
Lithium-Ion Battery Market to Reach $93.1B by 2025
09/08/2017 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Researchers Responsible for the Genesis of Micro-LED Advances
09/08/2017 | Texas Tech University
Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 24% Year-to-Year in July
09/08/2017 | SIA
Low-Cost Wearables Manufactured by Hybrid 3D Printing
09/08/2017 | Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
New LiDAR Product Designed to Enable Real-World Autonomous Car Applications
09/07/2017 | ACN Newswire
Developing 'Quantum Pascal' Standard Into Real-World Device
09/07/2017 | NIST
Nanocarbon Materials Are Challenging Silicon – From Transparent Electronics to Bendable 3D Displays
09/07/2017 | Aalto University
Defects in Next-Generation Solar Cells Can Be Healed With Light
09/07/2017 | University of Cambridge
A New Way to Print Electrical Circuits
09/07/2017 | Northwestern University
Researchers Challenge Status Quo of Battery Commercialization
09/07/2017 | Northwestern University
Snout on a Chip Detects Explosives
09/07/2017 | DTU
15 Million Connected Disposable Medical Sensors to Ship by 2023
09/07/2017 | ABI Research
Price Trend of LED Light Bulbs Showed a Slight Dip in August
09/07/2017 | TrendForce
SDN Market to Reach $130B by 2022
09/07/2017 | Acumen Research and Consulting
Cogiscan Signs Maxnerva Technology Services Limited as Its Partner in Greater China
09/07/2017 | Cogiscan Inc.
Global Smart Buildings in Smart Cities Market to Top $10 Billion by 2026
09/07/2017 | Navigant Research
AI Applications to Propel Revenue from Semiconductor Chip Sales Worldwide at a CAGR of 3.1% in 2018-2022
09/07/2017 | TrendForce
Shipments of Connected Wearables will Reach 262 Million in 2021
09/07/2017 | Berg Insight
Convergence of Big Data, IoT and AI to Drive Next Generation Applications
09/06/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
UConn Researchers Develop New Device for Testing Heart Health
09/06/2017 | University of Connecticut
Engineers Develop Tools to Share Power from Renewable Energy Sources During Outages
09/06/2017 | UC San Diego
Researchers Move Closer to Hydrogen-powered Cars
09/06/2017 | Lehigh University
Newly Discovered Semiconductor Dynamics May Help Improve Energy Efficiency
09/06/2017 | UIC
Flip-Flop Qubits: Radical New Quantum Computing Design Invented
09/06/2017 | UNSW
Supercharging Silicon Batteries
09/06/2017 | OIST
Rapid Migration to Larger-Sized Screens Driving Public Display Revenue to Register 18% CAGR
09/06/2017 | IHS Markit
ETI Continues to Show Rapid Improvement in August
09/06/2017 | The Conference Board

New Device Releases Boost Enterprise and Consumer Hearables Market
09/06/2017 | The Conference Board
North America Fingerprint Sensor Market to Reach CAGR of 14.74% 2017-2022
09/05/2017 | Business Wire
Nanoscale Chip System Measures Light From a Single Bacterial Cell to Enable Portable Chemical Detection
09/05/2017 | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Medical Camera Sees Through the Body
09/05/2017 | Edinburgh Medical School
Letting Programmes Manage Their Own Processing Resources
09/05/2017 | FAU
FAU-based Researchers Solve an Enigma of Solid State Physics
09/05/2017 | FAU
TV Market: Quantum Dots Reinforce LCD Positioning, Faced with the OLED Solutions
09/05/2017 | TrendForce
China to Surpass South Korea in Large-Size LCD Panels Market
09/05/2017 | TrendForce
DRAM Module Industry Recorded a 12% Drop in Sales Revenue for 2016
09/05/2017 | TrendForce
Carving Diamonds for Optical Components
09/05/2017 | EPFL
New Technology Could Revolutionise Smartphone Use
09/04/2017 | University of St Andrews
August 2017 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business: PMI at 58.8%
09/04/2017 | ISM
A New Path to Safer, Solid Batteries
09/04/2017 | NIMS
Synthesizing Pure Graphene, a ‘Miracle Material’
09/04/2017 | University of Connecticut
Tracking Debris in the Earth‘S Orbit With Centimeter Precision Using Efficient Laser Technology
09/04/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Machinery that Repairs Itself
09/04/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Bit Data Goes Anti-Skyrmions
09/04/2017 | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, München
More Than Half of U.S. Workers are Satisfied with Their Jobs
09/04/2017 | The Conference Board
Middle East and Africa Personal Computing Device Market Continues Decline
09/04/2017 | IDC
Most of 2017 Capital Spending Will Go to Foundry and Flash Memory
09/04/2017 | IC Insights
Slower Employment Gains in August Signals Possible Moderation of Job Growth Trend
09/04/2017 | The Conference Board
Rev Up Your Robots: Domestic Service Robots Revitalized by Intelligent Navigation Technologies
09/04/2017 | IHS Markit
Flexible Hybrid Electronics & Sensors Impacting the Automotive Industry
09/01/2017 | SEMI
New Soft Robots Really Suck
09/01/2017 | EPFL
Researchers Are One Step Closer to Making Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits a Reality
09/01/2017 | KTH
Reducing Reflectivity in Solar Cells and Optics With Micro- and Nanoscale Structures
09/01/2017 | LLNL
Acting Like a Muscle, Nano-Sized Device Lifts 165 Times its Own Weight
09/01/2017 | Rutgers University
Insect Eyes Inspire New Solar Cell Design
09/01/2017 | Stanford University
Healthy Commercial Growth Keeps India Tablet Market Stable in Q2 2017 Despite Declining Consumer Segment
09/01/2017 | IDC
Robot Learns to Follow Orders Like Alexa
09/01/2017 | MIT

Manufacturer Adoption of Collaborative Robots is Strong, Becoming More Aggressive in the Near Term
09/01/2017 | ABI Research
Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Shipments Continue to Show Modest Growth in Q2
09/01/2017 | IDC
Basic Trackers Take a Back Seat as Smartwatches Accelerate in Q2
09/01/2017 | IDC
Worldwide Large Format Printer Shipments Up 6% in the First Half of 2017
09/01/2017 | IDC
Making Data Centers More Energy Efficient
08/31/2017 | MIT
Making 3-D Printing Safer
08/31/2017 | ACS
Biosensor Could Help Diagnose Illnesses Directly in Serum
08/31/2017 | ACS
Controlling Traffic on the Electron Highway: Researching Graphene
08/31/2017 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Two for the Price of One: Exceeding 100% Efficiency in Solar Fuel Production
08/31/2017 | NREL
Solar Hydrogen Production by Artificial Leafs
08/31/2017 | HZB
Aircraft Orders Increase and Real-time Data Need Drive Growth Opportunities in Avionics Market
08/31/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Healthy Commercial Growth Keeps India Tablet Market Stable in Q2 2017 Despite Declining Consumer Segment
08/31/2017 | IDC
IDC Latest Survey Ranks Robotics as Top Priority for Technology Investment in 2017
08/31/2017 | IDC
US DoD Budget Assessment Recognizes a New Administration with New Priorities
08/31/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
A Glimpse into the Future of Wearable Healthcare
08/31/2017 | ABI Research
Automotive Sensing: a Mature yet Highly Dynamic Market
08/30/2017 | Yole Développement
Optical Control of Magnetic Memory – New Insights Into Fundamental Mechanisms
08/30/2017 | HZB
NREL, Swiss Scientists Power Past Solar Efficiency Records
08/30/2017 | NREL
High-Tech Electronics Made from Autumn Leaves
08/30/2017 |
Scientists Move Graphene Closer to Transistor Applications
08/30/2017 | Ames Laboratory
New Robot Rolls With the Rules of Pedestrian Conduct
08/30/2017 | MIT
Scientists Developing Innovative Techniques for High-Resolution Analysis of Hybrid Materials
08/30/2017 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
What Does AI Mean for Consumer Devices?
08/30/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
End-User Spending on Communications Services in South Africa Will Grow 0.7 % in 2017
08/30/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased in August
08/30/2017 | The Conference Board
Global Revenue for Advanced Intelligent Transportation System Solutions Expected to Reach $17.5 Billion by 2026
08/30/2017 | Navigant Research
Nagoya-led Team Flips the Switch on Ferroelectrics
08/29/2017 | Nagoya University
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts July 2017 Billings
08/29/2017 | SEMI
IHS Markit Survey Finds Continued Interest in Premium Audio Technology in New Vehicles
08/29/2017 | IHS Markit
Smartphone Growth Expected to Remain Positive as Shipments Forecast to Grow to 1.7 Billion in 2021
08/29/2017 | IDC

On-Chip Pumps Achieve High-Speed Sorting of Large Cells
08/29/2017 | Nagoya University
10 Cities in Asia-Pacific Poised to be Smart Cities by 2025
08/29/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Next-Generation Radiation-Hardened Computer for Space
08/29/2017 | BAE Systems
NASA Technologist Develops Self-Calibrating, Hybrid Space Magnetometer
08/28/2017 | NASA
Rogers to Exhibit Solutions for Advanced Battery Technologies at The Battery Show 2017
08/28/2017 | Rogers Corporation
Physicists Resolve Long-Standing Mystery of Structure-Less Transition
08/28/2017 | Nagoya University

DARPA’s Drive to Keep the Microelectronics Revolution at Full Speed Builds Its Own Momentum

To perpetuate the pace of innovation and progress in microelectronics technology over the past half-century, it will take an enormous village rife with innovators. This week, about 100 of those innovators throughout the broader technology ecosystem, including participants from the military, commercial, and academic sectors, gathered at DARPA headquarters at the kickoff meeting for the Agency’s new CHIPS program, known in long form as the Common Heterogeneous Integration and Intellectual Property (IP) Reuse Strategies program.
Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market Size and Forecasts
08/28/2017 | Business Wire
Large AUVs to Lead the Global Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Market
08/28/2017 | PRNewswire
Global Military GPS-GNSS Devices Market to Reach $2.8 Billion by 2027
08/28/2017 | Business Wire
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