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The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Improved
01/30/2018 | The Conference Board
Mega Trends in Connectivity and Surveillance Enable Global Migration to Next-generation Space Technologies by 2030
01/30/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Small Business Job Growth Rebounds as the Year Begins
01/30/2018 | IHS Markit
Technology Advances and Smart Machines Boost Machine Tools Market in APAC
01/30/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Startup Makes Labs Smarter
01/30/2018 | MIT
KAIST Team Develops Flexible Vertical Micro LED
01/30/2018 | KAIST
Advances in Lasers Get to the Long and Short of it
01/30/2018 |
Diamonds Show Promise for Spintronic Devices
01/30/2018 |
Researchers Boost Efficiency and Stability of Optical Rectennas
01/30/2018 | Georgia Tech
Scientists Catch Light Squeezing and Stretching Next-Gen Data Storage Material
01/30/2018 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
NI Enhances LabVIEW NXG
01/29/2018 | National Instruments
Internet of Nanothings Market: Increasing Government Support to Promote Growth
01/29/2018 | Business Wire
$18 Billion Market for AR in Energy and Utilities as it Augments Worker Safety and Reduces Asset Damage
01/29/2018 | ABI Research
APEJ 3D Printing Spending to Reach $3.6 Billion by 2021
01/29/2018 | IDC
Spending on Internet of Things in CEE to Exceed $11 Billion in 2018
01/29/2018 | IDC
New Tech Standard Could Shape Future of Electronics Design
01/29/2018 | University of Southampton
A Simpler Path
01/29/2018 | A*STAR
Combining Spintronics and Nanophotonics in 2D Material
01/29/2018 | TU Delft
Quantum Race Accelerates Development of Silicon Quantum Chip
01/29/2018 | TU Delft
From a Rack-Mount System Toward a Microchip
01/29/2018 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
Aldebaran5, Next Generation Autonomous Vehicle Computing Platform in a Single Chip
01/29/2018 | ACN Newswire
Worldwide Device Shipments Will Increase 2.1% in 2018
01/29/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
Changing the Color of 3-D Printed Objects
01/29/2018 | MIT

Improving Military Communications with Digital Phased-Arrays at Millimeter Wave

There is increasing interest in making broader use of the millimeter wave frequency band for communications on small mobile platforms where narrow antenna beams from small radiating apertures provide enhanced communication security.

Research Boosts Efficiency and Stability of Optical Rectennas
01/26/2018 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Shape-shifting Organic Crystals Use Memory to Improve Plastic Electronics
01/26/2018 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
PC-Based Automation Market Worth $38.01 Billion by 2023
01/26/2018 | PRNewswire
Researchers Develop Highly Stretchable Aqueous Batteries
01/26/2018 | UNIST
Impact of Digitization is Driving the Use of Wireless Technologies and Equipment
01/26/2018 | Business Wire
Brazilian IT Providers Expand their Offering to Cloud and Managed Services to Increase Revenue
01/26/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Nanosatellite and Microsatellite Market Analysis
01/26/2018 | PRNewswire
In Search of Better Li-ion Batteries and Alternatives
01/26/2018 | TU Delft
Lower than Expected Growth Should Not Dim 2018 Optimism
01/26/2018 | The Conference Board
A Lab for Self-Driving Vehicles
01/25/2018 | ETH Zurich
New Discovery Could Improve Organic Solar Cell Performance
01/25/2018 | Berkeley Lab
NIST Report on Blockchain Technology Aims to Go Beyond the Hype
01/25/2018 | NIST
Feedback Enhances Brainwave Control of a Novel Hand-Exoskeleton
01/25/2018 | EPFL
Sensors and Big Data Provide Farmers With Decision-Making Support
01/25/2018 | Agência FAPESP
Flexible, Water-Repellent Graphene Circuits for Washable Electronics
01/25/2018 | Iowa State University
Semiconductor Shipments Forecast to Exceed 1 Trillion Devices in 2018
01/25/2018 | IC Insights
New Sensor for Measuring Electric Field Strength
01/25/2018 | Technische Universität Wien
Digital Transformation Spending to Top $38 Billion by 2021
01/25/2018 | IDC
Worldwide Blockchain Spending Growing to $9.2 Billion in 2021
01/25/2018 | IDC
IDC Australia IT Industry Predictions, 2018
01/25/2018 | IDC
Samsung and Apple Extended Their Lead as Top Global Semiconductor Customers in 2017
01/25/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts December 2017 Billings
01/24/2018 | SEMI
Value of Semiconductor Industry M&A Deals Slows Dramatically in 2017
01/24/2018 | IC Insights
ISS Europe to Spotlight Key Industry Workforce Development Issue
01/24/2018 | SEMI
Xiaomi Beats Samsung to Become Top Smartphone Vendor in India
01/24/2018 | Canalys
Scientists Emulate Human Blood–Retinal Barrier on a Microfluidic Chip
01/24/2018 | Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
TU Wien Develops New Semiconductor Processing Technology
01/24/2018 | TU Wien
Proton Transport in Graphene Shows Promise for Renewable Energy
01/24/2018 | University of Manchester
Using Electricity to Switch Magnetism
01/24/2018 | TU Wien
Virtual Reality Goes Magnetic; Research Team Develops Electronic 'Skin'
01/23/2018 | HZDR

Realizing Highly Efficient Quantum Dot LEDs with Metallic Nanostructures at Low Cost
01/23/2018 | KAIST
Wearable Medical Devices Market Worth $14.41 Billion by 2022
01/23/2018 | PRNewswire
Worldwide Spending on Robotics and Drones Forecast to Reach $103 Billion in 2018
01/23/2018 | Business Wire
Electric Vehicles and Consumer Electronics to Boost Demand for Lithium
01/23/2018 | PRNewswire
Adoption and Awareness of Blockchain Technology Continues to be Grow
01/23/2018 | PRNewswire
Complex Tessellations, Extraordinary Materials
01/23/2018 | Technical University of Munich
Engineers Design Artificial Synapse for 'Brain-On-A-Chip' Hardware
01/23/2018 | MIT
Location Detection When GPS Doesn’t Work
01/23/2018 | MIT
Kilopower: What’s Next?
01/23/2018 | NASA
A New Approach to Rechargeable Batteries
01/23/2018 | MIT
Fabricating Optically Active Structures
01/23/2018 | McCormick Northwestern Engineering
Piecework at the Nano Assembly Line
01/22/2018 | Technical University of Munich
New Measurements Show Spin Transistor is Within Reach
01/22/2018 | University of Groningen
Taking Control at the Junction
01/22/2018 | KAUST
More Flash-Memory-Solutions 'Made in Germany'
01/22/2018 | Swissbit
Caltech and Disney Engineers Collaborate on Robotics
01/22/2018 | Caltech
U.S. Tax Reform Expected to Boost Growth, if the Fed Gets it Right
01/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Conference Board LEI for India Remains Unchanged in December
01/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Despite Fears, Executives Believe AI and Robotics Could Change Workplace for the Better
01/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Demand for Uranium Projected to Grow
01/22/2018 | PRNewswire
How AI Will Revolutionize Every Area of Your Business
01/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Global Growth to Continue to Rise in 2018 as Economy Overcomes Potential Political Risks
01/22/2018 | IHS Markit
Seasonality and Increased Commercial Investment Keep the EMEA PC Market Positive
01/22/2018 | IDC
Edge Computing Market Will Grow by CAGR of over 30% from 2018 to 2022
01/22/2018 | TrendForce
$4.2 Billion 3D Printer Market Opportunities by 2022
01/19/2018 | PRNewswire
Wearable Technology Market to Grow Over $25B in 2018
01/19/2018 | visiongain
Programmable Droplets
01/19/2018 | MIT
Using Crumpled Graphene Balls to Make Better Batteries
01/19/2018 | Northwestern Engineering
Coupling Experiments to Theory to Build a Better Battery
01/19/2018 | Berkeley Lab
NIST Takes a Deep Look at Memristors
01/19/2018 | NIST

DARPA Program Aims to Extend Lifetime of Quantum Systems

Whether it is excited electrons emitting photons in a lightbulb or the vibrational frequency of atoms in an atomic clock, quantum phenomena are simultaneously fundamental aspects of nature and the basis of current state-of-the-art and future technologies.
SEMI ISS 2018: AI, IoT, Automotive to Fuel Industry Growth
01/19/2018 | SEMI
Value of Semiconductor Industry M&A Deals Slows Dramatically in 2017
01/19/2018 | IC Insights
Controlling Superconductivity Using Spin Currents
01/19/2018 | KAIST
Beyond 5G
01/19/2018 | UC Santa Barbara
Global Healthcare Market to Skyrocket to Nearly $2T in 2018
01/18/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
What Visionaries Should Have Learned at CES 2018
01/18/2018 | ABI Research
Easier Way to Produce High Performing, Flexible Micro-Supercapacitor
01/18/2018 | KAIST
Flat Metasurface Optics: Watson Lecture Preview
01/18/2018 | Caltech
Study Reveals Secrets of ‘Fluid-Like’ Heat Flow in Solid Semiconductor at Nanoscale
01/18/2018 | Purdue University
Biodegradable Sensor Monitors Pressure in the Body then Disappears
01/18/2018 | University of Connecticut
Building Blocks to Create Metamaterials
01/18/2018 | Caltech
New Exotic Phenomena Seen in Photonic Crystals
01/18/2018 | MIT
29% of Workers Plan to Look for New Job in 2018
01/18/2018 | PRNewswire
China Labor Market Index Hits Record High in Q4 of 2017
01/18/2018 | PRNewswire
Light May Unlock a New Quantum Dance for Electrons in Graphene
01/17/2018 | Joint Quantum Institute
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