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Sensor Data Fusion Offers Countermeasures Against Small Drones
09/16/2015 | Airbus
Robotics Technology Market Report 2015
09/16/2015 | PRNewswire
Printed Electronics Equipment Sales: Companies Look to Asia
09/16/2015 | IDTechEx
July Manufacturing Technology Orders Down
09/16/2015 | Alliance for American Manufacturing
Four Things You May Not Know About Batteries
09/16/2015 | Argonne National Laboratory
Transparent Color Tunable OLED
09/16/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Graphene Alternative Transparent Electrode for OLEDs
09/16/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Global 3D Printing Medical Devices Market to Grow at a CAGR of 25.3%
09/16/2015 | PRNewswire
"Great Divergence" in Global Economic Growth to Become More Pronounced
09/16/2015 | IHS
Profit Margins for Large-Area Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays to Drop
09/16/2015 | IHS
India PC Market Down 13% in Q2
09/16/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Global and Chinese Automotive Semiconductor Industry Report 2015
09/15/2015 | PRNewswire
Tracking Slow Nanolight in Nature Photonics
09/15/2015 | ICFO
BAE Systems Adapts Bone Conduction Technology to Aid Soldiers on the Battlefield
09/15/2015 | BAE Systems
Companies Maximize 300mm, 200mm Wafers; Slow Progress on 450mm
09/15/2015 | IC Insights
RIT is Part of Consortium for Flexible Electronics Development
09/15/2015 | Rochester Institute of Technology
'Wave' Sends Information Through Magnet
09/15/2015 | University of Groningen
U.S. Industrial Outlook: Manufacturing to Accelerate in Second Half of 2015
09/15/2015 | MAPI Foundation
Server DRAM Prices See Drop in 3Q Amid Slowing Global Demand
09/15/2015 | TrendForce
An Even More Versatile Optical Chip
09/15/2015 | INRS
New Approach in Quest for Organic Solar Panels and Flexible Electronics
09/15/2015 | University of Vermont
CEO Economic Outlook Signals Caution for Remainder of 2015
09/15/2015 | Business Wire
Neurotechnology Provides Near-Natural Sense of Touch
09/15/2015 | DARPA
Novel Efficient and Low-Cost Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells
09/14/2015 | HK PolyU
Engineering Students Create Volcano-monitoring UAS
09/14/2015 | University of Bristol
Undergrad Labs, Projects Gain from Space Realignment
09/14/2015 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
20% Efficient Solar Cell on EpiWafer
09/14/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Global Mobile Robots Market 2015-2020
09/14/2015 | PRNewswire
Flash Storage Soars 113% YoY in EMEA Despite Weak Euro
09/14/2015 | IDC
Wearable Shipments to Reach 173.4M by 2019
09/14/2015 | IDC

Middle East and Africa Tablet Market Posts Flat Growth in Q2
09/14/2015 | IDC
Global TV Shipments Down 8% YoY in Q2
09/14/2015 | IHS
IT Spending in South Africa to Reach $26.6B in 2016
09/14/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Breakthrough Observation of Mott Transition in a Superconductor
09/14/2015 | Argonne National Laboratory
New Silicon Chips Offer Increased Bandwidth
09/14/2015 | CORDIS
Printing Transparent Glass in 3-D
09/14/2015 | MIT
Asia-Pacific to Dominate IC Sales Across System Categories in 2015
09/11/2015 | IC Insights
Patterning Material Market at $3.86B by 2020
09/11/2015 | PRNewswire
Making IoT Configuration More Secure and Easy-to-Use
09/11/2015 | University of Southampton
Running Robots to be Discussed at Corvallis Science Pub
09/11/2015 | OSU College of Engineering
Researchers See "Spin Current" in Motion for the First Time
09/11/2015 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC's Ultrafast "Electron Camera" Visualizes Ripples in 2-D Material
09/11/2015 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Wearables Technology Market to Reach $16B in 2015
09/11/2015 | PRNewswire
European E-Bikes Li-ion Battery Market 2015-2019
09/11/2015 | Business Wire
Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Market Forecast 2015-2025
09/11/2015 | PRNewswire
World Smart Commercial Drones Market Report 2015
09/10/2015 | PRNewswire
MIT Joins $171M Consortium on Manufacturing Flexible Electronics
09/10/2015 | MIT
3D Sensors Market Estimated to Grow at 25.5% CAGR 2015 - 2020
09/10/2015 | Business Wire
New Discovery Could Lead to New Kinds of Sensors and Optical Devices
09/10/2015 | MIT
Cache-coherence Mechanism Developed for Multicore Chips
09/10/2015 | MIT
High-Speed Intelligence in the Era of IoT
09/10/2015 | BPA
UT Researchers Give Nanosheets Local Magnetic Properties
09/10/2015 | University of Twente
Magnetic Wave Discovery Offers Promise for More Energy-Efficient Computing
09/10/2015 | New York University
Global 3D Sensors Market Analysis & Forecasts 2015-2020
09/10/2015 | Globe Newswire
Hybrid Solar Cell Converts Both Light and Heat from Sun's Rays into Electricity
09/10/2015 | ACS
DARPA Launches Future Technology Forum
09/10/2015 | DARPA
Experiments Illuminate Supersonic Radiation Flow
09/10/2015 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Emerging Haptics Find Their Niches
09/10/2015 | IDTechEx
Broadcast RF End-use Equipment Market Steady and Nearing $1 Billion
09/10/2015 | ABI Research
China Sets Record in Broadband Equipment Market
09/10/2015 | IHS

Flex to Expand Solar Offering; Acquires NEXTracker
09/10/2015 | Flex
Manufacturing Sheds 17,000 Jobs in August
09/09/2015 | AAM
One Step Towards Faster Organic Electronics
09/09/2015 | Linköping Universitet
Report: Military Electro-optical and Infrared Systems Market
09/09/2015 | Business Wire
Deficit Shows Disturbing Signs Ahead for Manufacturing
09/09/2015 | AAM
3D Printing Medical Devices Market at $2.13B by 2020
09/09/2015 | PRNewswire
Japanese Paper Art Inspires New 3-D Fabrication Method
09/09/2015 | Northwestern University
Silicon Photonics Meets the Foundry
09/09/2015 | MIT
Global Semiconductor Sales Down Slightly in July
09/09/2015 | Semiconductor Industry Association
Power Module Market to Reach $17B in 2015
09/09/2015 | IHS
Teeny Tiny Guardians of Our Chips
09/09/2015 | DARPA
Seeing Quantum Motion; Even One Day Ripples in the Fabric of Space-time?
09/09/2015 | California Institute of Technology

Fortifying Computer Chips for Space Travel

Space is cold, dark, and lonely. Deadly, too, if any one of a million things goes wrong on your spaceship. It's certainly no place for a computer chip to fail, which can happen due to the abundance of radiation bombarding a craft. Worse, ever-shrinking components on microprocessors make computers more prone to damage from high-energy radiation like protons from the sun or cosmic rays from beyond our galaxy.

Global Smartphone Shipment Growth Slide to 5.8% in 2016
09/08/2015 | TrendForce
CSAIL Joins with Toyota on $25M Research Center for Autonomous Cars
09/08/2015 | MIT
Improved Stability of Electron Spins in Qubits
09/08/2015 | University of Basel
Shedding Light on the Era of Dark Silicon
09/08/2015 | Lancaster University
Television Audio of The Future - Customizable and in 3D
09/08/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Military Airborne Electronic Warfare Market in 14 Key Countries
09/08/2015 | Business Wire
Foldable Displays to Account to 51% All Flexible Display Shipments in 2020
09/08/2015 | IHS
Global Market for MLPEs to Top $1 Billion in 2019
09/08/2015 | IHS
Boeing Revamps Production Facility for Starliner Flights
09/07/2015 | NASA
Stanford, Toyota to Collaborate on AI Research Effort
09/07/2015 | Toyota
Fortifying Computer Chips for Space Travel
09/07/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
AI Set to Transform ICT Industry within Next Decade
09/07/2015 | TrendForce
China Moves into Aftermarket Era
09/07/2015 | IHS
For 2-D Boron, It’s All About that Base
09/07/2015 | Rice University
Global 3D Imaging Market to Grow to $16.6 Billion Industry
09/07/2015 | PRNewswire
Report: Medical Devices Manufacturing Industry in India
09/07/2015 | Business Wire
Infrared Imaging Photodetectors and Systems to Top $900M in 2020
09/07/2015 | Business Wire
Temperature Sensors Market to Reach $6.13B by 2020
09/07/2015 | Globe Newswire
Most Sensors Designed to Measure Head Impacts in Sports Produce Inaccurate Data
09/04/2015 | Stanford University
Researchers Discover Phagraphene, a "Relative" of Graphene
09/04/2015 | MIPT
July Semiconductor Sales Up in Europe
09/04/2015 | European Semiconductor Industry Association
Signal Replicas Make a Flexible Sensor
09/04/2015 | Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Flexible Lighting Technology Nears Commercial Feasibility
09/04/2015 | PRWEB UK
Using Nanotechnology to Fight Cancer
09/04/2015 | Northwestern University
Superconductor Market to See CAGR of 3.64% 2015-2019
09/04/2015 | PRNewswire
Smart Cities Market to see 22.5% CAGR Growth to 2019
09/04/2015 | PRNewswire
Nanotechnology Project to Improve Safety Gets Funding
09/04/2015 | University of Southampton
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