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BAE Systems to Develop Advanced Decoy Countermeasures to Protect Aircraft from Future Threats
10/29/2019 | BAE Systems
Adesto Joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program to Accelerate Time-to-Market for Customers
10/29/2019 | Adesto Technologies Corporation
Heilind Electronics Adds Molex Robust Contrinex Inductive and Photoelectric Sensors
10/29/2019 | PRWEB
Future of Laser Innovations Discussed at Revamped ICALEO Conference
10/29/2019 | PRWEB
The Buck Starts Here: NVIDIA’s Ian Buck on What’s Next in AI Revolution
10/29/2019 | NVIDIA Newsroom
Nature Can Help Solve Optimization Problems
10/29/2019 | MIT
Helping Autonomous Vehicles See Around Corners
10/29/2019 | MIT
Samsung Unveils 5G NR Integrated Radio at MWC LA 2019
10/29/2019 | Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
X-37B Breaks Record, Lands After 780 Days in Orbit
10/29/2019 | U.S. Air Force
WWII Meteorologist Turned Material Scientist Shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019
10/28/2019 | U.S. Air Force
Nordson EFD Introduces New 797PCP Progressive Cavity Pumps for Continuous Volumetric Dispensing
10/27/2019 | Business Wire

Google and NASA Achieve Quantum Supremacy

Google, in partnership with NASA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has demonstrated the ability to compute in seconds what would take even the largest and most advanced supercomputers thousands of years, achieving a milestone known as quantum supremacy.

New Book Helps Transform Industry 4.0 Concepts Into Reality
10/25/2019 | I-Connect007
Pacifier Biosensor Could Help Monitor Newborn Health
10/25/2019 | ACS
The Quantum Internet is Within Reach
10/25/2019 | TUM
Biometric System Market Worth $65.3 Billion by 2024
10/25/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Private LTE & 5G Network Ecosystem Market to 2030
10/25/2019 | PRNewswire
Flexible, Transparent and Cost-Effective Lasers
10/25/2019 | IMDEA Nanociencia
Physicists Make One Step Toward Using Insulating Antiferromagnetic Materials in Future Computers
10/25/2019 | JGU
Living on the Edge: How a 2D Material Got Its Shape
10/25/2019 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Digital Platform Experimentation Project Uses Quantum-Inspired Computing and Deep Learning Technology
10/25/2019 | Fujitsu
Securing the IoT: A Critical and Attainable Goal for Every Enterprise
10/25/2019 | ABI Research
Artificial Skin Creates First Ticklish Devices
10/24/2019 | University of Bristol
Pre-Programmed Microfluidic Systems Offer New Control Capabilities
10/24/2019 | Northwestern University
Rebel Robot Helps Researchers Understand Human-Machine Cooperation
10/24/2019 | University of Bristol
Prices of Some TV Panels Were Reduced Their Drop Scale and Might Stop Falling
10/24/2019 | TrendForce
Quantum Supremacy Milestone Harnesses ORNL Summit Supercomputer
10/24/2019 | ORNL
Simultaneous Control of Position and Frequency of Quantum Emitters in WSe2 Monolayers
10/24/2019 | UNIST
India's Robot Wonder
10/24/2019 | IFR
Graphene Substrate Improves the Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube Network
10/24/2019 | Aalto University
Demand for AMOLED-Equipped Cellphones to Continue Rising in 2020
10/24/2019 | TrendForce
Why Military Industries Are Relying Heavily on Digital Automation and Artificial Intelligence
10/24/2019 | PRNewswire
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2019 Billings
10/24/2019 | SEMI
EMEA Traditional PC Market Records Another Quarter of Growth
10/24/2019 | IDC
Global Market for Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Exceed $2B by 2024
10/23/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
A Technology to Transform 2D Planes Into 3D Soft and Flexible Structures by Engineering Adhesion Between Thin-Films
10/23/2019 | DGIST
Big Improvements in Thin-Film Solar Cell Efficiency Now Possible
10/23/2019 | Penn State Materials Research Institute
Experiment Measures Velocity in 3D
10/23/2019 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
New Device Uses Sound Waves to Improve Diagnosis of Cancer
10/23/2019 | University of Texas
Cloud Service Providers to Own 18% of the Total AI Cloud Chipset Market by 2024
10/23/2019 | ABI Research
Excitons Will Shape the Future of Electronic Devices
10/23/2019 | EPFL
New Haptic ARM Places Robotics Within Easy Reach
10/22/2019 | University of Bristol

With Giotto, Artificial Intelligence Gets a Third Dimension
10/22/2019 | EPFL
IDC Addresses the Digital Economy and Its Impact on the Future Enterprise
10/22/2019 | IDC
Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Market 2019–2023
10/22/2019 | Business Wire
Kathleen A. Walters Joins Jabil Board of Directors
10/22/2019 | Jabil Circuit Inc.
Energy Flow in the Nano Range
10/22/2019 | JMU Würzburg

Kirigami Inspires New Method for Wearable Sensors

As wearable sensors become more prevalent, the need for a material resistant to damage from the stress and strains of the human body’s natural movement becomes ever more crucial. To that end, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a method of adopting kirigami architectures to help materials become more strain tolerant and more adaptable to movement.
Wafer Capacity by Feature Size Shows Rapid Growth
10/22/2019 | IC Insights
A Cavity Leads to a Strong Interaction between Light and Matter
10/22/2019 | University of Basel
Antenna System Aims to Improve Wireless Communications
10/22/2019 | MIT
Pushy Robots Learn the Fundamentals of Object Manipulation
10/22/2019 | MIT
IoT Market Growing Rapidly to Approximately $13 Trillion by 2025
10/22/2019 | Business Wire
Lithium Batteries Market to Reach $48.5 Billion by 2025
10/22/2019 | Business Wire

Breaking the Stereotype: Millennials in Manufacturing

Goodwinds Composites is a company that I have watched grow from a small distributor serving the hobby industry to a full-fledged manufacturer serving many industries. Leland Holeman and his sister, Amelia Cook have worked together for the past 12 years to transform this company into a healthy business.

NASA Sounding Rocket Technology Could Enable Simultaneous, Multi-Point Measurements — First-Ever Capability

NASA engineers plan to test a new avionics technology — distributed payload communications — that would give scientists a never-before-offered capability in sounding rocket-based research.
Engineers Create Fabrication Method to Improve Solar Energy Technology
10/21/2019 | Texas A&M University
Research Seeks to Improve Computers’ Energy Efficiency on Micro, Macro Levels
10/21/2019 | Binghamton University
Frost & Sullivan Reveals How to Shape Your Healthcare Strategy for 2020 in this $2 Trillion Market
10/21/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Increasing M2M Connections to Drive 5G Infrastructure Market Growth
10/21/2019 | PRNewswire
Giving Robots a Faster Grasp
10/21/2019 | MIT
Global Wireless Testing Market Analysis Report 2019-2024
10/21/2019 | Business Wire
EPFL is Developing Next-Generation Soft Hearing Implants
10/21/2019 | EPFL
Meet Ari, the Smart Bike That Helps You Catch Green Lights
10/21/2019 | RMIT University
The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. Declined Slightly
10/21/2019 | The Conference Board
Nokia and Telia Launch 5G Network in Largest Shopping Center in the Nordics
10/18/2019 | Nokia
Scientists Discover Fractal Patterns in a Quantum Material
10/18/2019 | MIT
2019 Desktop PC Market Report
10/18/2019 | Globe Newswire
Global Motherboard Market Outlook to 2023; Shipment Volume to Reach 100.6 Million Units in 2019
10/18/2019 | Globe Newswire
Simulating Fundamental Interactions with Ultracold Atoms
10/18/2019 | LMU
European Wearables Market More than Doubled in 2Q19
10/18/2019 | IDC
Researchers Build a Soft Robot with Neurologic Capabilities
10/18/2019 | University of Houston
New Type of Transistor One Step Closer
10/18/2019 | University of Groningen
Stretchable Circuits: New Process Simplifies Production of Functional Prototypes
10/17/2019 | Saarland University
How GPS Now Helps Us Forecast Rain More Accurately
10/17/2019 | RMIT University
Necklace-like Wireless Device Aims to Improve Understanding of Schizophrenia
10/17/2019 | University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Airborne Chemicals Instantly Identified Using New Technology Developed at NTU Singapore
10/17/2019 | NTU Singapore
MachineMetrics Launches Industrial IoT Partner Ecosystem
10/17/2019 | MachineMetrics
Bio-Circuitry Mimics Synapses and Neurons in a Step Toward Sensory Computing
10/17/2019 | Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Speeding Up the Machine Learning Process
10/17/2019 | KAUST
Assembler Robots Make Large Structures from Little Pieces
10/17/2019 | MIT

NASA Commits to Future Artemis Missions With More SLS Rocket Stages

NASA has taken the next steps toward building Space Launch System (SLS) rocket core stages to support as many as 10 Artemis missions, including the mission that will carry the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.

Taking 2D Materials to the MAX
10/17/2019 | KAUST
Base Station Vendors Turn to Sectorization, Active Antenna Systems, and Cell Shaping to Tackle 5G
10/16/2019 | ABI Research
Rapidly Patching Legacy Software Vulnerabilities in Mission-Critical Systems
10/16/2019 | DARPA
IDTechEx Names the Winners of Launchpad, New Technologies Initiative
10/16/2019 | IDTechEx
Silicon on Insulator Market is Poised to Generate $2,285.5 Million Revenue by 2024
10/16/2019 | P&S Intelligence
Giving Robots a 'Nose'
10/16/2019 | Carnegie Mellon University
Wearable, Washable Textile Devices Are Possible With MXene-Coated Yarns
10/16/2019 | Drexel University
New IDC Spending Guide Sees Solid Growth Ahead for Security Products and Services
10/16/2019 | IDC
HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair and electronicAsia Attract 67,000+ Buyers
10/16/2019 | ACN Newswire
RootMetrics 5G Report Shows Verizon Surpassing 1 Gbps in Chicago
10/16/2019 | IHS Markit
Researchers Find Superconducting Material That Could Someday Power Quantum Computers
10/16/2019 | Johns Hopkins University.
Panasonic to Team up with IBM Japan in Improving Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
10/15/2019 | Panasonic Corporation
Electrochemistry to Benefit Photonics: Nanotubes Can Control Laser Pulses
10/15/2019 | Skoltech
Combination of Techniques Could Improve Security for Internet of Things Devices
10/15/2019 | Pennsylvania State University
Army Bio-Inspired Theoretical Research May Make Robots More Effective on the Future Battlefield
10/15/2019 | U.S. Army
4G to 5G: Market Leader Transition Strategies
10/15/2019 | Business Wire
The Nano-guitar String that Plays Itself
10/15/2019 | Lancaster University
How to Control Friction in Topological Insulators
10/15/2019 | University of Basel
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