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Cheaper Solar Cells with 20.2% Efficiency
01/18/2016 | EPFL
Even Greener Solar Power on the Way
01/18/2016 | SINTEF

Counting Photons…How Low Can You Go?

The process of detecting light—whether with our eyes, cameras or other devices—is at the heart of a wide range of civilian and military applications, including light or laser detection and ranging (LIDAR or LADAR), photography, astronomy, quantum information processing, medical imaging, microscopy and communications.
U-M, IBM Partner on Advanced Conversational Computing System
01/18/2016 | University of Michigan
A Battery Made of Molten Metals
01/18/2016 | MIT
New Technology Opportunities in Mexico’s Disrupting Energy Sector
01/18/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Reconfigurable Micro Spirals Control Light
01/18/2016 | University of Tokyo
TrendForce: PV Demand Remains Strong in 1Q16
01/18/2016 | TrendForce
Global TV Panel Shipments Were Near 270 Million Units in 2015
01/18/2016 | TrendForce
Worldwide IT Spending Forecast to Grow 0.6% in 2016
01/18/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
New Concept for Digital Data Storage
01/15/2016 | Forschungszentrum Jülich
Aerial Imaging Market to Reach $3.3B by 2023
01/15/2016 | PRNewswire
ABI Research Predicts Over 156 Million Branded Tablets to Ship in 2020
01/15/2016 | ABI Research
Conference Board LEI for the U.K. Increased in November
01/15/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Infrared LED Market to See CAGR of over 9% during 2015-2020.
01/15/2016 | Business Wire
Worldwide Smart Home Device Shipments to Nearly Double in 2016
01/15/2016 | ABI Research
Education and Industrial Variety Power High-Growth Companies Nationwide
01/15/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Built In Sensors Make Lithium-Ion Batteries Safer
01/15/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Metamaterial-Enabled Antennas Help Improve Satellite Communications Systems
01/15/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Graphene Plasmons Used to Create Tunable Terahertz Laser
01/15/2016 | University of Manchester
Even Greener Solar Power on the Way
01/15/2016 | Alpha Galileo
Nanodevice, Build Thyself
01/15/2016 | Alpha Galileo
Airbus Defense and Space Displays Counter-UAV System at CES 2016
01/14/2016 | Marketwired
Global Automotive OLED Market 2015-2019
01/14/2016 | PRNewswire
Nano-Hybrid Materials Create Magnetic Effect
01/14/2016 | Rice University
Annihilating Nanoscale Defects
01/14/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
Researchers' Metallic Glue May Stick it to Soldering and Welding
01/14/2016 | Northwestern University
Plug-in Cars with Self-Driving Capability Have Become Dominant Trend in Auto Industry
01/14/2016 | TrendForce
Two-Stage Power Management System Boosts Energy-Harvesting Efficiency
01/14/2016 | Georgia Tech
Analog Market to Reach $56.5B in 2020
01/14/2016 | Semico Research

Huawei Led the Global Rise of Chinese Smartphone Brands in 2015
01/14/2016 | TrendForce
Thor's Hammer to Crush Materials at 1 Million Atmospheres
01/14/2016 | Sandia National Laboratories
Five Unexpected Implications Arising From the Internet of Things
01/14/2016 | Business Wire
Optomec Partners with Dragonfly to Expand Additive Manufacturing Market in Italy
01/14/2016 | Business Wire
Rogers' Power Electronic Solutions to Shed Light on Thermal Management at SPIE Photonics West
01/13/2016 | Rogers Corporation

CES 2016 Wrap-Up, Part 2: The Road Less Traveled

There was plenty to see on the show floor at CES 2016. But we found an entirely new universe of products to learn about and explore. We found such a dimension in the semi-private suites located on the upper floors of the Venetian, the Westgate, Mandalay Bay and other hotels. I'll spend a day in these suites next year!
A Different Way to Make a Cathode May Mean Better Batteries
01/13/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Microbots Individually Controlled Using 'Mini Force Fields'
01/13/2016 | Purdue University
X-rays Reveal Details of Plastic Solar Cell Production
Racial Makeup of Labor Markets Affects Who Gets Job Leads
01/13/2016 | Rice University
Unique Two-Level Cathode Structure Improves Battery Performance
01/13/2016 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
Solar PV Industry Offers Niche Opportunities for Sustainable Living Projects
01/13/2016 | PRNewswire
IDTechEx Research: The $100B Robotics Opportunity
01/13/2016 | Business Wire
Holiday Sales Provided Little Cheer to PC Vendors in 2015
01/13/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
PC Market Finishes 2015 with Expected Shipments Drop
01/13/2016 | IDC
New LED with Luminescent Proteins
01/13/2016 | FECYT - Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology

CES 2016 Wrap-Up, Part 1

CES 2016 is now history and most of us are home, or at our next port-of-call. I have seen various attendance numbers but it’s somewhere in the range of 175,000; it was busy, crowded and impossible to see everything. Here is my review of some of the most innovative devices and technologies at CES.

Analog IC Market to Reach $56.5 Billion in 2020
01/12/2016 | Semico Research
In-Building Mobile Data Traffic to Grow by More Than Sixfold by 2020
01/12/2016 | ABI Research
Advanced Packaging Industry: What is New on the Market?
01/12/2016 | Yole Développement
Global Fiber Optic Sensors Market to Grow Steadily
01/12/2016 | Business Wire
Global Assembly-Line Robots Market Growth of 7% CAGR by 2020
01/12/2016 | Business Wire
Robotic Glove Invented by NUS Researchers Helps Patients Restore Hand Movements
01/12/2016 | NUS
New Chips Ease Operations In Electromagnetic Environs
01/12/2016 | DARPA
Drone Catcher: "Robotic Falcon" can Capture, Retrieve Renegade Drones
01/12/2016 | Michigan State University
Will Computers Ever Truly Understand What We’re Saying?
01/12/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
New Stanford Battery Shuts Down at High Temperatures and Restarts When it Cools
01/12/2016 | Stanford University
A Nanophotonic Comeback for Incandescent Bulbs?
01/11/2016 | MIT
Biologically Powered Chip Created
01/11/2016 | Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Automotive Technology Convergence Reminiscent of Smartphone Patent War Era
01/11/2016 | PRNewswire
Conference Board ETI Increased in December
01/11/2016 | The Conference Board
2015 Ended with Strong Momentum in Job Growth
01/11/2016 | Conference Board
Sequans, Foxconn Subsidiary Socle Form LTE for IoT Strategic Partnership
01/11/2016 | Business Wire
How Copper Makes Organic LEDs More Efficient
01/11/2016 | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Spending to Drop 4.7% in 2016
01/11/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Higher Definition on the Rise in Notebook PC Displays
01/11/2016 | IHS
Physics for the Mechanism of Slow Change in Microscopic Magnetic Structures
01/11/2016 | Tohoku University
Visualizing Atoms of Perovskite Crystals
01/10/2016 | Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University
Electronically Connected Graphene Nanoribbons Foresee High-Speed Electronics
01/10/2016 | Tohoku University
A 'Printing Press' for Nanoparticles
01/08/2016 | McGill University
New Touchless Device Makes Earlier Detection of Heart Problems Possible
01/08/2016 | University of Waterloo
Global Optical MEMS Market 2015-2019
01/08/2016 | PRNewswire
Single-Chip Laser Delivers Powerful Result
01/08/2016 | Northwestern University
Switching on to Renewables
01/08/2016 | HSBC
The Great Escape
01/08/2016 | HSBC
An Opportunity to Increase Power Devices Performance
01/08/2016 | Yole Développement
'Underground Battery' Could Store Energy, CO2
01/08/2016 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Highly Efficient, High-Speed Technology for Satellite Communications
01/08/2016 | University of Tokyo
IHS Technology: Five Wireless Power Predictions for 2016
01/07/2016 | IHS

CES 2016: Press Day, Showstoppers and LaunchIt Event

Tuesday, January 5, was press day at CES 2016. Some of the largest press conferences are held on press day. Many of them are one- or two-hour advertisements with a number of new product announcements inserted, and some do provide a great deal of market data and trends. The bigger “pressers,” such as the Samsung event, fill multiple auditorium-sized rooms as well as overflow rooms.
Economics and Opportunities Driving Consolidation in Top-Performing Permian Basin
01/07/2016 | IHS
Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Declined 1.9% in 2015
01/07/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Currency Concerns and the GITEX Factor Cause Decline in East Africa's PC Market
01/07/2016 | IDC
China to Overtake U.S. 3D Printer Shipments in 2016
01/07/2016 | IDC
Socioeconomic Instability Causes Decline in GCC Storage Market
01/07/2016 | IDC
A New Way to Store Solar Heat
01/07/2016 | MIT
NREL and CSEM Jointly Set New Efficiency Record with Dual-junction Solar Cell
01/07/2016 | NREL
European Semiconductor Sales Slightly Up in November
01/07/2016 | ESIA
Mobile 'Electronic Adhesive' Helps Localized Electrons Communications
01/07/2016 | Ames Laboratory
Big Role for UT In Development of Smart Factories
01/07/2016 | University of Twente
Aluminum Nanoparticles Could Improve Electronic Displays
01/07/2016 | ACS
Global Unmanned Sea System Market Report 2016-2020
01/07/2016 | PRNewswire
Yamaha Motor, SRI International Collaborate on the Development of MOTOBOT at CES 2016
01/07/2016 | PRNewswire
Nanowalls for Smartphones
01/07/2016 | ETH Zurich
Spooky Interference at a Distance
01/07/2016 | University of Twente

Tax Incentives Brighten Future for Solar Equipment Industry in 2016

Recent budget legislation passed by Congress surprised many with the renewal of the tax incentives for Solar Power. What was to be a tumultuous, very busy year for Solar Manufacturers in 2016 and then a sharp drop in 2017 will stabilize production and lead to more efficient operations.

European Industrial Recovery Picking Up Speed
01/06/2016 | MAPI
Manufacturing Activity 'Abnormally Weak' but Exports Growing
01/06/2016 | MAPI
Frost & Sullivan Commends MorphoTrak’s Innovation-based Growth in the Fingerprint Biometrics Market
01/06/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
ULE Alliance and Open Interconnect Consortium Present a Joint Technology Demo at 2016 International CES
01/06/2016 | ULE Alliance
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