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Worldwide Spending on AI Systems Will Be Nearly $98 Billion in 2023
09/04/2019 | IDC
TrendForce Estimates a 13% QoQ Growth in Global Foundry Revenue for 3Q19
09/04/2019 | TrendForce
Topological Superconductivity Studied in Thin Films
09/03/2019 | RIKEN
August Manufacturing ISM Report on Business; PMI at 49.1%
09/03/2019 | PRNewswire
Single Atoms as Catalysts
09/03/2019 | TU Wien
300mm Fab Equipment Spending to Seesaw, Reach New Highs in 2021 and 2023
09/03/2019 | PRNewswire
Atomically Thin Minerals Show Promise as Proton Conducting Membranes for Green Technologies
09/03/2019 | University of Manchester
Smartphones with Foldable, Flexible, or Rollable Displays will Start Gaining Traction in 2020
09/03/2019 | ABI Research
An Industrial Collaboration for Thermally Controlled 3D-Printed Metal/Polymer Components
09/03/2019 | IMDEA Nanociencia
Researchers Demonstrate First All-Metamaterial Optical Gas Sensor
09/03/2019 | OSA
Toshiba Memory’s Operation Could Make Huge Gains From the Acquisition of Lite-On’s SSD Business
09/03/2019 | TrendForce
$2.9 Billion Automated Guided Vehicle Market by 2024
09/02/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Small Satellite Market to Reach $15.69 Billion by 2026
09/02/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Process Automation & Instrumentation Markets 2019-2024
09/02/2019 | PRNewswire
Engineers Demonstrate Key Step in Robotic Disassembly
09/02/2019 | University of Birmingham
New Optical Array, Multisite Stimulator Advances Optogenetics
09/02/2019 | SPIE
Stretchable Wireless Sensor Could Monitor Healing of Cerebral Aneurysms
09/02/2019 | Georgia Tech
EU Semiconductor Market Slows Down in 2Q19
09/02/2019 | DMASS Ltd.
Better Chemistry Through Tiny Antennae
08/30/2019 | University of Tokyo
Artificial Tongue Could Have Whisky Counterfeiting Licked
08/30/2019 | University of Glasgow
When Human Expertise Improves the Work of Machines
08/30/2019 | Georgia Tech
Lockheed Martin's THAAD System Successfully Demonstrates Remote Launcher Capability During Intercept Test
08/30/2019 | Lockheed Martin
Printed Electronics Market to Reach $21.44 Billion by 2026
08/30/2019 | Maximize Market Research
Smarter Experiments for Faster Materials Discovery
08/30/2019 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
MIT’s Fleet of Autonomous Boats Can Now Shapeshift
08/30/2019 | MIT
China-Northeast Asia Expo: Multilateral Cooperation for a Brighter Future
08/30/2019 | PRNewswire
Monitored Alarm Systems in Europe and North America Reached 46 Million by 2018
08/30/2019 | Berg Insight
Poll: Job Satisfaction Climbs to Highest Level in Over Two Decades
08/30/2019 | The Conference Board
Researchers Develop Low-Power, Low-Cost Network for 5G Connectivity
08/29/2019 | University of Waterloo
Brookhaven Completes LSST's Digital Sensor Array
08/29/2019 | Brookhaven National Laboratory

Enhancing Materials for Hi-Res Patterning to Advance Microelectronics
08/29/2019 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
Excited Atoms Rush Independently to New Positions
08/29/2019 | U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science
Robotic Thread Designed to Slip Through the Brain’s Blood Vessels
08/29/2019 | MIT
Quantum Memories Make Their Way
08/29/2019 | ICFO
Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Shipments Declined 5.6% YoY in Q2
08/29/2019 | IDC
Global Top Ten IC Design Companies for 2Q19 Ranked by Revenue Released
08/29/2019 | TrendForce
Ultrathin 3-D-Printed Films Convert Energy of One Form Into Another
08/28/2019 | MIT
At the World’s Leading Companies, Corporate Communications—and Communicators—Are Increasingly Taking Center Stage
08/28/2019 | The Conference Board
MIT Engineers Build Advanced Microprocessor out of Carbon Nanotubes
08/28/2019 | MIT
A Possible Alternative to Silicon-Based Solar Cells Is Shown to Be More Efficient
08/28/2019 | KTH
High-Tech Stick Can Predict Your Risk of Heart Problems
08/28/2019 | RMIT University
CMOS Image Sensors Stay on Stairway to Record Revenues
08/28/2019 | IC Insights
New Coating Developed by Stanford Researchers Brings Lithium Metal Battery Closer to Reality
08/28/2019 | Stanford University
Tiny Tweaks for Big Wins in Solar Cells
08/28/2019 | KAUST
Quantum Dots: IDTechEx Research Analyzes Changing and Expanding Application Landscape
08/28/2019 | IDTechEx
Microfluidic Devices Made of Wood
08/28/2019 | ACS
Researchers Develop a Better Way to Harness the Power of Solar Panels
08/28/2019 | University of Waterloo
Gene for Acid-Sensitive Ion Channel Identified
08/28/2019 | Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V.
Africa's Mobile Phone Market Records Mixed Performance in 2Q19
08/28/2019 | IDC
Smartphone Production Volume Grew 10.5% QoQ in 2Q19
08/28/2019 | TrendForce
Gallium Oxide Power Transistors with Record Values
08/27/2019 | Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V.
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Declined Marginally in August
08/27/2019 | The Conference Board
Physicists Demonstrate Silicon’s Energy-Harvesting Power in Study
08/27/2019 | University of Texas at Dallas
Self-rolling Sensors Take Heart Cell Readings in 3D
08/27/2019 | Carnegie Mellon University
Biometric Sensor Market Revenue to Hit $1.92 Billion by 2025
08/27/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Chargeable Flexible Battery Market Development Status and Outlook Research 2019
08/27/2019 |
SLAM Software Paving the Path for a New Generation of Industrial Robots
08/27/2019 | ABI Research
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Testing Equipment Market Report
08/27/2019 | PRNewswire
Data Rate Increase on the International Space Station Supports Future Exploration
08/26/2019 | NASA
Quantum Criticality Could Be a Boon for Qubit Designers
08/26/2019 | Rice University

Sticker Makes Nanoscale Light Manipulation Easier to Manufacture
08/26/2019 | Purdue University
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts July 2019 Billings
08/26/2019 | SEMI
Study Models New Method to Accelerate Nanoparticles for Tiny Spacecraft
08/26/2019 | University of Illinois
Artificial Muscles Bloom, Dance, and Wave
08/26/2019 | KAIST
Lasers Enable Engineers to Weld Ceramics, No Furnace Required
08/26/2019 | UC San Diego
Detraction-Free Light-Matter Interaction
08/26/2019 | RUB
Scurrying Roaches Help Researchers Steady Staggering Robots
08/26/2019 | Georgia Tech
Baidu Replaces Google to Become Number Two in Smart Speaker Market in 2Q19
08/26/2019 | Canalys
Global Automotive Driver Monitoring System Market 2019-2023
08/26/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Military Power Solutions Industry
08/26/2019 | PRNewswire
Contextual Computing will be the Catalyst for Over 40 Million Smarter AR Smart Glasses Shipments in 2023
08/26/2019 | ABI Research
New RootMetrics Rankings Show Which US Cities Are Best for Mobile Performance
08/26/2019 | IHS Markit
Life-Like Robots Soon to Be Reality
08/23/2019 | University of Bristol
Study Identifies Main Culprit Behind Lithium Metal Battery Failure
08/23/2019 | UC San Diego
Scientists Develop a Metamaterial for Applications in Magnonics, an Alternative to Conventional Electronics
08/23/2019 | MIPT
Artificial Intelligence Could Help Data Centers Run Far More Efficiently
08/23/2019 | MIT
Self-Folding 'Rollbot' Paves the Way for Fully Untethered Soft Robots
08/23/2019 | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Top-15 Semiconductor Suppliers’ Sales Fall by 18% in 1H19
08/23/2019 | IC Insights
Smart Home Integration will Drive Consumer Robot Shipments to 39 Million a Year by 2024
08/22/2019 | ABI Research
The Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased in July
08/22/2019 | The Conference Board
UTA and Lockheed Martin Team up on Unmanned Vehicle Project ​
08/22/2019 | University of Utah
Brillouin Scattering: A Third Wave Emerges in Integrated Circuits
08/22/2019 | University of Sydney
Technology to Toughen Mobile Phone Screens
08/22/2019 | University of Leeds
Researchers Realize World’s Thinnest Optical Hologram with 2-D Material Monolayer
08/22/2019 | Missouri S&T
Digitizing and Replicating the World of Materials
08/22/2019 | EPFL
Real-Time 4k Video Transmission Made Possible with High-Speed Millimetre Wave Technology
08/22/2019 | CORDIS
India HCP Market Posts 4.2% YoY Drop in 2Q19
08/22/2019 | IDC
DARPA Making Progress on Miniaturized Atomic Clocks for Future PNT Applications
08/22/2019 | DARPA
Raytheon Delivering Wireless Tow Missiles to US Army
08/21/2019 | Raytheon Company
A Promising Step in Returning Bipedal Mobility
08/21/2019 | Caltech

Optic Nerve Stimulation to Aid the Blind
08/21/2019 | EPFL
Laser Printing Technology: Creating the Perfect Bioprinter
08/21/2019 | Sechenov University
Advanced Energy Storage System Market to Reach $211.2 Billion by 2026
08/21/2019 | PRNewswire
Magnetic Sensors Market to Expand at a CAGR of 7.2% over 2018-2026
08/21/2019 | PRNewswire
Engineers Make Transistors and Electronic Devices Entirely from Thread
08/21/2019 | Tufts University
SIA Statement Following Commerce’s Announcement to Extend the Temporary General License
08/21/2019 | SIA
Top Ten DRAM Module Suppliers by Revenue, Up Over 40% YoY in 2018
08/21/2019 | TrendForce
Scientists Report Two Advances in Understanding the Role of ‘Charge Stripes’ in Superconducting Materials
08/21/2019 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Spinning Lightwaves on a One-Way Street
08/20/2019 | De Gruyter
Boosting Computing Power for the Future of Particle Physics
08/20/2019 | MIT
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