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InGen Dynamics to Continue to Diversify Application of A.I, Robotics Technologies
02/01/2021 | Business Wire
Qualcomm Opens New Research and Development Centre in France to Drive 5G Innovation
02/01/2021 | Qualcomm Incorporated
Newlab Launches Open Calls Inviting Innovators to Apply Transformative Technologies to Major Global Challenges
02/01/2021 | PRWEB
Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 6.5% to $439 Billion in 2020
02/01/2021 | SIA
Academy of Robotics Extends Its Autonomous Delivery Trials Programme to Surrey
01/31/2021 | Business Wire
Micron Joins the Valuable 500 to Further Advance Disability Inclusion in its Workforce
01/29/2021 | Globe Newswire
Olympus to Acquire Quest Photonic Devices B.V. to Bolster Surgical Endoscopy Capabilities
01/29/2021 | ACN Newswire
Arrow Electronics Expands Relationship with AWS to Help Customers Design, Build, Connect Devices to the Cloud
01/28/2021 | Business Wire
Molex Unveils Major Sensor Innovations in Automotive Active Noise Cancellation
01/28/2021 | PRNewswire
HaptX Launches HaptX Gloves DK2 to Bring True-contact Haptics to VR and Robotics
01/28/2021 | PRNewswire
Nokia, Elisa Push Network Boundaries with First 1T Deployment
01/27/2021 | Globe Newswire
Robot Race: The World´s Top 10 Automated Countries
01/27/2021 | IFR
Ericsson Launches 5G RAN Slicing to Spur 5G Business Growth
01/27/2021 | PRNewswire
MacDermid Alpha Releases STAYDRY H2-3000PSA: Hydrogen & Moisture Getter Film
01/27/2021 | MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
Micron Delivers Industry’s First 1α DRAM Technology
01/26/2021 | Globe Newswire
Aradatum Unveils its Self-Powered 5G Tower: The Next Generation of Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity
01/26/2021 | Business Wire
SVI, IDEMIA NSS Collaborate to Offer Most Advanced FMCW 4D LiDAR Biometric Recognition Solution
01/26/2021 | Globe Newswire
Thinfilm Announces Solid-State Battery Commercialization Progress
01/26/2021 | Globe Newswire
A Smartphone Will Become Car Key, LG Innotek Develops Digital Car Key Module
01/26/2021 | PRNewswire
High-Frequency Technology Entirely in Glass
01/25/2021 | LPKF Laser & Electronics
How Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Could Become Easier to Detect
01/25/2021 | PRWEB
XAG Suggests Drones Could Outsmart Locust Swarms at Night
01/25/2021 | PRNewswire
Samsung Expands 5G Technology Leadership With Fully Virtualized Commercial 5G RAN
01/22/2021 | Samsung
DTS AutoSense Achieves ISO9001 Certification
01/21/2021 | Business Wire
The Feeling Economy: How AI is Creating the Era of Empathy
01/21/2021 | PRNewswire
Communication Technology Services Acquires ClearSky Technologies
01/21/2021 | PRNewswire
DZS Acquires Optelian, Coherent Optics Technology Innovator
01/21/2021 | Globe Newswire
Semtech, Digital Matter Unveil New Battery-Powered Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracker using LoRa Edge
01/20/2021 | Semtech
Nokia, Mobily Pilot First 4G, 5G FWA Network Slicing
01/20/2021 | Globe Newswire
NI, Konrad Technologies Sign Strategic Agreement to Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Test
01/20/2021 | Business Wire

Nanotronics Unveils Fourth Generation of Artificial Intelligence Software
01/20/2021 | Business Wire
MaxLinear Joins O-RAN ALLIANCE
01/20/2021 | Business Wire
Telstra, Ericsson, Qualcomm Achieve World First, Record of 5Gbps 5G Download Speed on Commercial Network
01/20/2021 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
MediaTek Launches 6nm Dimensity 1200 Premium 5G SoC
01/20/2021 | PRNewswire
Logitech’s Q3 Sales Grow 85%, Operating Income Triples
01/19/2021 | Business Wire
DENSO, Aeva Collaborate to Bring FMCW 4D LiDAR to Mass Vehicle Market
01/19/2021 | Business Wire
ON Semiconductor Enhances IoT Asset Management with Angle of Arrival Location Technology
01/19/2021 | Business Wire
Velodyne Lidar, Trunk.Tech Announce Strategic Partnership in Autonomous Trucking
01/19/2021 | Business Wire
SparkCognition, SkyGrid Deploy First AI-Powered Cybersecurity System on Drones
01/19/2021 | PRNewswire
TSMC Reports Fourth Quarter EPS of NT$5.51
01/19/2021 | TSMC
ONE Tech Launches First Edge AI that Embeds and Trains AI Models Directly on MCU’s
01/18/2021 | Business Wire
Satellite-powered App to Spot Loneliness in Hotspots in UK Cities
01/18/2021 | UK Space Agency
Hawk Ridge Systems Expands Additive Manufacturing Offerings with AMT Post Processing Partnership
01/18/2021 | PRNewswire
American Robotics Approved by FAA to Operate Automated Drones Without Human Operators On-Site
01/18/2021 | Business Wire

CES 2021 Coverage: A Virtual Show Floor

I write this on the final day of CES 2021, and I expect CES will never be the same. It will not revert back to what it once was. I also cannot imagine it stays a totally virtual show; in doing so, I feel it would fail. Does that mean I think the 2021 show was a failure? No, not at all. In fact, it was a very good event, particularly in light of the medical and political pandemic that we have been enduring.

Smart City Peachtree Corners Deploys Cawamo's AI Camera Tech for COVID-19 Safety, Security
01/15/2021 | PRNewswire
Britishvolt Enters Exclusive Technology Collaboration With Siemens UK
01/15/2021 | PRNewswire
Cisco, EOLO Team Up to Knock Down the Digital Divide in Italy
01/15/2021 | Cisco
Geely Holding Group, Foxconn Form Joint Venture
01/14/2021 | Foxconn
Researchers at U of T, Northwestern Use AI to Accelerate Discovery of Industrial Materials
01/14/2021 | University of Toronto
Arris Wins BIG Innovation Award for Advances in Manufacturing
01/14/2021 | Business Wire
Twenty20 Solutions Introduces Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
01/14/2021 | PRNewswire
MakinaRocks, Hyundai Robotics Sign MOU to 'Advance AI-based Industrial Robot Arm Anomaly Detection'
01/14/2021 | PRNewswire
Qualcomm to Acquire NUVIA
01/14/2021 | Qualcomm Incorporated
Intel Appoints Pat Gelsinger as New CEO
01/14/2021 | Intel
Micropillar Compression for Finding Heat-Tolerant Alloys
01/14/2021 | ACN Newswire
Excelpoint's Subsidiary Launches Hardware-targeted Accelerator for AIoT Innovations
01/13/2021 | ACN Newswire
Gentex Announces New Nanofiber Sensing Technology
01/13/2021 | Globe Newswire

My View from CES 2021: Day 1

What a difference a year makes. One year ago, those of us who cover and attend CES were going from one press conference to the next; this year, we are at home going from link to link. Confusing and challenging, yes, but there are some advantages: no masks, only five steps to get to a restroom, being able to have three of four events or more displaying on your screens at the same time and being able to download press kits as needed. So far, many new devices are being introduced, but of course, they are all online, so you wonder if some of them really exist or are truly operational as yet.

CES Dispatches: Opening Day at Pepcom

On Monday, January 11, I attended the launch of the CES 2021. Well, more precisely, I attended the Pepcom program, one of the multitude of ways to connect with CES in the virtual environment. Pepcom is a regular at CES, functioning a bit like a show-within-a-show.
First Robotic Kitchen Launched
01/12/2021 | PRNewswire
Solar Simplified Completes First Solar Farm 12x Faster Than Industry Standard
01/12/2021 | PRNewswire
Surrey Unveils Breakthrough Manufacturing Process of Ultra-Thin Sensor for Smart Contact Lenses
01/12/2021 | University of Surrey
Appear Inc. to Launch First Lightest 5G Smartphone with Graphene Battery
01/12/2021 | PRNewswire
Zyter Drives Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Introduction of Smart Hospitals
01/12/2021 | Globe Newswire
Riverside Research Sponsors OSU Students in the Improvement of a Long-Standing Work Process
01/11/2021 | PRNewswire

CES 2021: Just How Different Will It Be?

CES 2021 starts today and this year there is no need for an overpriced hotel room in Vegas, no long lines to get a taxi or board a bus, and no crowded exhibit halls (one good thing this year). On the other hand, you must decide ahead of time what you want to see and make a reservation or appointment if you wish to have time and access assured.
Onto Innovation Acquires Inspectrology, Adds Overlay Metrology Capability
01/11/2021 | Onto Innovation Inc.
Toward Imperceptible Electronics That You Cannot See or Feel
01/11/2021 | Osaka University
mmWave 5G TCU iEnables New In-Vehicle Experiences
01/11/2021 | Samsung Newsroom
Qualcomm, NIO Bring Immersive Driving Experiences with Intelligent Cockpit, 5G Technologies
01/11/2021 | Qualcomm Incorporated
NIO Partners with NVIDIA to Develop New Generation of Automated Driving EVs
01/11/2021 | NVIDIA Newsroom
Baidu Plans to Establish Intelligent EV Company, Forms Strategic Partnership with Geely
01/11/2021 | PRNewswire
Nala to Open First AI-based Robotic Restaurant in Naperville, Illinois US
01/08/2021 | PRNewswire
ElectroNeek, a Robotic Process Automation Company, Posts Significant Revenue Growth in 2020
01/08/2021 | PRNewswire
Global Semiconductor Sales Up 7% Year-to-Year in November
01/08/2021 | SIA
Evolve Adds Andreas Saar of Siemens Digital Industries Software to its Board of Directors
01/07/2021 | Business Wire
LG Display Introduces First 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED Display
01/07/2021 | LG Display
Light-Carrying Chips Advance Machine Learning
01/07/2021 | University of Münster
NODAR Launches Hammerhead 3D Vision Platform for Mainstream Autonomy
01/07/2021 | PRNewswire
Geek+, Universal Logic Team Up to Explore New Depths of Flexible Automation, Elevate Industry 4.0
01/07/2021 | PRNewswire
First Glimpse of Polarons Forming in a Promising Next-Gen Energy Material
01/07/2021 | Glennda Chui, SLAC
GBT Continues Research on AI Detection System
01/07/2021 | Globe Newswire
NICE Breaks New Ground in Robotic Process Automation
01/06/2021 | Business Wire
POET Technologies Enters AI Market with Technology Leader in Photonic Computing
01/06/2021 | Globe Newswire
Exium Debuts the World’s First 5G Clean Network
01/06/2021 | PRWEB
Olympus, Hitachi Collaborate on Endoscopic Ultrasound Systems
01/06/2021 | JCN Newswire
Tower Semiconductor Participates in DARPA LUMOS program
01/05/2021 | Globe Newswire
PV Nano Cell Introduces 5D Electronics of Things Complete Solution to Power IoT
01/04/2021 | PV Nano Cell

LG Introduces Designer Appliances at CES 2021
01/04/2021 | PRNewswire
EXFO Closes Acquisition of InOpticals Inc.
01/04/2021 | PRNewswire
Meyer Burger Receives Up to EUR22.5 Million in Public Funding
01/04/2021 | Meyer Burger
Magnachip Launches New Brand Identity Underscoring Fresh Start
01/02/2021 | PRNewswire
General-purpose Robotics Company Flexiv Closes Series B Funding of Over $100M
01/01/2021 | PRNewswire

COMPUTEX Taiwan Announces 2021 Schedule

Readers who are involved with IoT design, manufacture and distribution, the Internet of Things, gaming and other advanced electronic devices, are familiar not only with CES, but with COMPUTEX. At a video teleconference event, COMPUTEX announced it will host both live and virtual shows, June 1-4, 2021.
Qualcomm, Great Wall Motor Work to Deliver Premium Smart Mobility Experiences
12/30/2020 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Resgreen Group Delivers First Batch of Wanda SD Disinfecting Robots
12/30/2020 | PRNewswire
LG to Unveil Company's First QNED Mini LED TV at Virtual CES 2021
12/30/2020 | PRNewswire
FORESEE: Offering High-Stability eMMC
12/30/2020 | PRNewswire
PassTime GPS Revolutionizes Encore Asset Tracking Solutions
12/30/2020 | PRNewswire
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