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U.S. Army SMDC Selects BAE Systems
02/11/2015 | Business Wire
iPhone 6 Shipments Boost Foxconn's January Revenues
02/11/2015 | Digitimes
Samsung, LG Outsource TV Orders to ODMs
02/11/2015 | Digitimes
Futuresource: Global Projector Market Up 3% in 2014
02/11/2015 | Futuresource Consulting
Bell Boeing Training System Readies Marine Pilots
02/11/2015 |

SONAR Systems and Technology Report

The SONAR systems and technology market is estimated to be at $3.41 billion in 2014 and is expected to register a CAGR of 6.22% to reach $4.90 billion by 2020.
Report: N.A. Perimeter Security Systems Market
02/11/2015 |
NASA Selects UTC Aerospace Systems NP2000 for P-3 Aircraft
02/11/2015 |

E-Textiles Poised to Gain Significant Attention

At least 70% of our time we are in contact with textiles and they are starting to become intelligent. This report is about the ultimate form of that - e-textiles based on inherently electronically or electrically-active woven e-fibers.​
Automotive Industry to Boost M2M Services Market
02/10/2015 | Business Wire

China CIOs Need to Change to Grasp Digital Break

Chief information officers (CIOs) in China are less aware than their global counterparts that they will need to change in order to succeed in digital business, according to a new report from Gartner, Inc.

Improving the Safety of Lithium Batteries
02/10/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Production of PCBs Drives SMT Equipment Market

The global market for Surface Mount Technology Equipment is projected to reach US$4.5 billion by 2020, driven by the strong demand for electronic products and the ensuing increase in production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).
Conference Board ETI Up in January
02/10/2015 |
Home Care/Lawn Care Robotics Market Report
02/10/2015 | Business Wire
Number of Payroll Rose, but Unemployment Remains at 5.7%
02/09/2015 |
Utility Distribution Microgrids to Top $3B by 2023
02/09/2015 | Business Wire
Location-based Sensor Fusion Handsets to See Strong Growth
02/09/2015 | ABI Research
Biometrics Market to See Revenue of $13.8M in 2015
02/09/2015 | Business Wire
Chinese Vendors Rise to the Challenge of Digital Business
02/09/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
DoT Aims to Enhance Telecom Manufacturing in India
02/09/2015 | Market Research Reports
Mega Trends to Support Unified Communications Market
02/09/2015 |
Global Market for Lighting in Commercial Buildings to See Growth
02/09/2015 | Business Wire
Apple Reveals Plans in the Future of Cars
02/09/2015 | Business Wire
Modi's 'Make in India' Initiative Gets Support
02/09/2015 | Business Wire
Cisco Reveals Three Mobile Trends to Watch
02/06/2015 | Cisco

Novel Method Projects Growth Potential of New Firms

New businesses spring up all the time in the U.S. But which ones have the greatest ability to become big? A method developed by MIT researchers, based on an empirical study, projects the growth potential of high-tech firms with new precision — and could help local or regional policymakers assess their growth prospects.

CEA Lauds Reintroduction of Innovation Act of 2015

The immense amount of money spent fighting bogus patent lawsuits amounts to a massive tax on consumers and a drain on investment, American innovation and job creation. CEA is hopeful that this will be the year Congress protects American businesses and innovators from extortionate patent trolls.

Optomec Partners with Ceradrop MGI Group

“Ceradrop has both leading-edge technology and global expertise in printed electronics and smart 3D printing, which make it an ideal partner for Optomec,” said Mike Kardos, Director of International Sales at Optomec. “We are looking forward to working with Ceradrop to expand our European marketing network for Aerosol Jet.”

NOTE's 2014 Sales Up 6% Despite Weaker Sales in Q4

"In 2014, we advanced against the competition on a fairly stable European market. We regard our sales performance in Q4 as a temporary decrease, our strong order backlog at year-end indicates a positive volume performance in 2015," says NOTE President and CEO Peter Laveson.

AGEM Index Remained Flat in January

Compared to a year ago, the index fell 1.96 points (-1.1 percent). The AGEM Index has now reported annual declines for four consecutive months.

Unemployment Rate Slightly Changed at 5.7% in January

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 257,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 5.7%, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in retail trade, construction, health care, financial activities, and manufacturing.

CTS Reports Earnings Growth, Progress on Business Wins

“We are pleased with the results for 2014. We delivered strong earnings growth despite softer than anticipated sales,” said Kieran O’Sullivan, CEO of CTS Corporation.

Data I/O to Showcase PSV7000 at APEX

“The PSV7000 is our fastest ramping automated system and has become the preferred programming solution for leading automotive electronics manufacturers worldwide, with 8 of the top 9 automotive electronics companies purchasing at least one PSV7000 since its introduction.” states Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO of Data I/O Corporation.
Global FPC Industry Report 2015
02/04/2015 | Business Wire

N.A. PCB Business Growth Flat in 2014

"PCB business in North America was virtually flat in 2014 compared to the previous year," said IPC's Sharon Starr. "Sales ended the year less than one percentage point below 2013, while orders finished the year just 0.6% above 2013. Strong orders in the fourth quarter have kept the book-to-bill ratio solidly in positive territory, which bodes well for sales growth in 2015."

Opportunities for 3D Printed Structural Electronics

Today's 3D printers have many limitations, but the boundaries are being pushed and exciting developments are continuously being made. One of the most promising recent developments in the world of 3D printing is multimaterial printing, which holds the key to the emergence of 3D printed electronics.

Brilliant X-rays Used to Illuminate Catalysis, Revise Theories
01/28/2015 |
Apple Profit for 1QFY2015 Sets Global Record
01/28/2015 | Apple
IR Camera Market Worth $5.10B by 2020
01/28/2015 |
Home Care Devices Market Grew 4.5% in 2014
01/28/2015 |
New-Vehicle Sales in 2015 Off to a Strong Start
01/28/2015 |
Printable Electronics Being Considered for Smart Buildings
01/28/2015 | CPEIA
Phablets Eating into Global Smartphone Market
01/28/2015 | Juniper Research
Perovskites Provide Big Boost to Silicon Solar Cells
01/28/2015 |
Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Market Report
01/28/2015 |
IR Camera Market Worth $5.10B by 2020
01/28/2015 |
Biobattery: Utilizing Biomass for Energy Recovery
01/28/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Home Care Devices Market Grew 4.5% in 2014
01/28/2015 |
Global Smart Elevators Market Report
01/28/2015 |
Flex Plastic Computer Screens Nearing Reality
01/28/2015 |
Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Climbs
01/28/2015 |
Consumer Confidence on Tech Spending Remains High
01/28/2015 | Business Wire
China to Overtake EU, North America Robotics Market by 2017
01/28/2015 | International Federation of Robotics
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market to Top $90B
01/28/2015 | Business Wire
Asia's Smartphone Growth to Slow in 2015
01/28/2015 | Business Wire
Data-center Ethernet Drives Server Networking Upgrades
01/28/2015 |
Ultrasound Technology Made to Measure
01/28/2015 | Fraunhofer IBMT
Xerox Research Centre Canada CPES2015's Gold Sponsor
01/28/2015 | CPEIA
U.S.-India Joint Statement:
01/28/2015 |
Solar Chip Monitors Windows
01/28/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Global Indoor Location Market to Grow $4.42B by 2019
01/26/2015 | Business Wire
Global Carbon Nanotubes Market to Top $2.4B by 2019
01/26/2015 | Business Wire
Intel Science Talent Search 2015 Finalists Revealed
01/26/2015 | Business Wire
U.S. LEI Up in December; Outlook Remains Bright
01/25/2015 |
The End of Traditional Onboard Car Navigation Systems?
01/19/2015 |
Embedded Telematics Use in New Vehicles to Top 50%
01/16/2015 | ABI Research

2014 Global FPCB Market to Reach $12.6B; Up 4.8%
01/09/2015 | Reporterlinker
Arotech Lands $6.7M in New Orders
01/08/2015 |
Park Electrochemical Reports Sales Drop in Q3
01/08/2015 | Business Wire
2020 Smartwatch Market to Reach $32.9B
01/08/2015 |
Manufacturing Sector All Set for Recovery
01/08/2015 | MAPI Foundation
Intel to Power HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology
01/08/2015 | Marketwired

CES Show Day One: IoT and 3D Printing Circuit Boards

Dan Feinberg gives his insights and observations on the show floor during the first day of CES 2015. From the Internet of Health and Fitness, to 3D printing of things such as musical instruments and truly printed circuits, Dan gives his take on some of the latest consumer electronics developments on display.
U.S. Economy to Lead Global Growth in 2015
01/05/2015 | Market Research Reports
SoftKinetic Unveils 3D Vision Technology at CES 2015
01/05/2015 |
Most Consumers Challenged by New, High-tech Devices
01/05/2015 | Business Wire

CES 2015: Preview and Predictions

Looking back over the last five years of CES and analyzing predictions and items featured by the large exhibitors, you'd likely assume the 2015 show would feature more advanced 3D TVs, as they were predicted to take over the market...wrong!

Benchmark Board Authorizes $100M Share Repurchase
12/08/2014 |

A Conversation with Laurent Nicolet, Schmid Group

During the HKPCA & IPC Show 2014, Laurent Nicolet, VP - PCB Business Unit of Schmid Group took a few minutes to discuss the automation technology that was on display and share the changes he's seen in the China market.
IMI Raises Significant Funds from Share Offer
12/04/2014 | IMI
Flextronics Joins HMicro's Lab IX Program
12/02/2014 |
FTG CEO Acquires Preferred Shares
12/01/2014 | Marketwired
Viasystems' Faces Challenging Third Quarter
11/10/2014 | Business Wire
ITESLA Project Tackles Energy Security Issues
11/10/2014 | CORDIS
New Approach Vital in Succeeding in Digital Business
11/10/2014 | Gartner, Inc.
Physicists Can Now Tune Graphene Conductivity
11/10/2014 | Alpha Galileo

Thermal Characterization of LEDs: Enabling the Upcoming Lighting Revolution

This article describes a method that combines hardware measurement (a thermal transient tester), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to provide high measurement throughput, which enables systems integrators to verify a vendor’s thermal resistance data during design and to test incoming commercial off-the-shelf parts before they are introduced into production.

Sanmina: Automation in Production Lines

With so much discussion about the increasing amount of automation in the world of electronics assembly Editor Richard Ayes asked Gelston Howell, senior VP at Sanmina, to provide perspective on the state of manufacturing automation. Howell discusses the current state of automated electronics assembly systems, the inherent risks and challenges, and the future of robotics in manufacturing.
Solar Cell Stores Its Own Power
10/06/2014 | Ohio State University
Boeing: Video-tagging Added to Data Management Tool
04/16/2014 | Boeing

NAMM 2014: A Report from Dan Feinberg

Columnist Dan Feinberg writes, "I keep two goals in mind when visiting NAMM, and one of them is, of course, looking to see how technology influences the music industry. After all, those of us who have spent our lives in the tech industry are always interested in looking back at where we've been and looking forward to where we're going."

CES Showstoppers: Days 2 and 3

The Showstoppers event's mission is to try to find the most investment-worthy new startups. Dan Feinberg says it was an interesting event, and he lists his top three picks for the most exciting offerings presented.
In Search of Stronger Polymers
11/07/2012 | MIT
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