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5G Wireless and Beyond: From Evolution to Revolution
06/26/2017 | Jacobs School of Engineering
Global Wearable Medical Devices Market Report
06/26/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Drones that Drive
06/26/2017 | MIT
Spending on the Internet of Things in CEE to Reach Nearly $27 Billion in 2021
06/26/2017 | IDC
New IDC MarketScape Evaluates Worldwide Digital Transformation Consulting and Systems Integration Service Providers
06/26/2017 | IDC
Autonomous and Connected Technologies to Decrease Transportation Costs to Under 1$ per Mile
06/26/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Research Accelerates Quest for Quicker, Longer-lasting Electronics
06/26/2017 | University of California, Riverside
Atomic Imperfections Move Quantum Communication Network Closer to Reality
06/26/2017 | University of Chicago
Overall ASP of DRAM Products to Go Up by 5% Sequentially in Q3
06/26/2017 | TrendForce
Peering at the Crystal Structure of Lithium
06/26/2017 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
New Femto-Camera with Quadrillion Fractions of a Second Resolution
06/23/2017 | ITMO University
U.S. Air Force Research Lab Taps IBM to Build Brain-Inspired AI Supercomputing System
06/23/2017 | IBM
New Technique May Produce More Durable and Longer Lasting Lithium-Ion Batteries
06/23/2017 | A*STAR
Quantum Thermometer or Optical Refrigerator?
06/23/2017 | NIST
New Design Improves Performance of Flexible Wearable Electronics
06/23/2017 | NC State University
The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. Increased in May
06/23/2017 | The Conference Board
Supply Chain Management Market to Top $13 Billion in 2017, Up 11% from 2016
06/23/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Pulsed RF Power Semiconductor Device Markets to Top $200 Million by 2022
06/23/2017 | ABI Research
Prices of NOR Flash Products to Go Up by 20% Sequentially for 3Q17
06/23/2017 | TrendForce
A.I. Will Prepare Robots for the Unknown
06/22/2017 | NASA
Head Up Display Market Worth $13.5 Billion By 2025
06/22/2017 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Chicago Quantum Exchange to Create Technologically Transformative Ecosystem
06/22/2017 | Argonne National Laboratory
ROHM and A*STAR’S IME to develop Artificial Intelligence Chip for Predictive Maintenance in Smart Factories
06/22/2017 | A*STAR
Researchers Discovered New Method for Improving Perovskite Solar Cell Performance
06/22/2017 | Aalto University
Middle East Offers Robust Growth Opportunities in IoT Adoption
06/22/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Cellphone IC Sales Will Top Total Personal Computing in 2017
06/22/2017 | IC Insights
Engineering Services Outsourcing Market Worth $1.49 Trillion by 2025
06/22/2017 | Grand View Research, Inc.
New Coupler Design for Quantum Annealers
06/22/2017 | London Centre for Nanotechnology
New Fast-Charging Flow Battery Aims to Advance the State-of-the-Art in Energy Storage
06/22/2017 | Masdar Institute
Chemists Create 3-D Printed Graphene Foam
06/22/2017 | Rice University

Exploring Smart Sensor Explosive Growth at SEMICON West 2017
06/22/2017 | SEMI
Top 5 Vendors in the Satellite-enabled IoT Market from 2017 to 2021
06/21/2017 | Business Wire
AFFOA Launches State-Of-The-Art Facility for Prototyping Advanced Fabrics
06/21/2017 | MIT
X-ray Eyes in the Sky
06/21/2017 | UC Santa Barbara
Fuel of the Future
06/21/2017 | Gemini
Bug-Proof Communication With Entangled Photons
06/21/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
SEMI Europe Applauds New Semiconductor Manufacturing Investment
06/21/2017 | SEMI
Taiwanese Electronics Brands Aggressively Promote HDR
06/21/2017 | TrendForce
Wearables Continue to See Strong Growth in Middle East & Africa
06/21/2017 | IDC
Electrolytes Made From Liquefied Gas Enable Batteries to Run at Ultra-Low Temperatures
06/21/2017 | UC San Diego
New Prospects for Universal Memory
06/21/2017 | MIPT
U.S.-Japanese Consortium Front Runner in the Bid for Toshiba’s Memory Business
06/21/2017 | TrendForce
Worldwide Wearables Market to Nearly Double by 2021
06/21/2017 | IDC
Global Satellite-enabled IoT Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6.9% by 2021
06/20/2017 | PRNewswire
'Magic' Alloy Could Spur Next Generation of Solar Cells
06/20/2017 | University of Michigan
Printed Sensors Monitor Tire Wear in Real Time
06/20/2017 | Duke University
New Research Finds a Missing Piece to High-Temperature Superconductor Mystery
06/20/2017 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Global Wireless Chipset Market 2017-2021
06/20/2017 | Business Wire
Semiconductor Production Equipment Market Report
06/20/2017 | PRNewswire
To Connect Biology with Electronics, Be Rigid, yet Flexible
06/20/2017 | University of Washington
Gartner Names Top 100 Vendors in IT
06/20/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Global Surgical Robots Market Report 2017
06/20/2017 | PRNewswire
Transforming How Troops Fight in Coastal Urban Environments
06/20/2017 | DARPA
Consumers Want In-Vehicle Technology, but Willingness to Pay for It Varies
06/19/2017 | IHS Markit
Global Wearable Sensor Market: Rising Penetration of Smart Devices to Drive Growth
06/19/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Materials Accelerating Innovation at SEMI Strategic Materials Conference
06/19/2017 | SEMI
SIA Applauds DOE Initiative to Advance U.S. Supercomputing Technology
06/19/2017 | SIA
Newly Discovered Response of Magnets to Magnetic Field
06/19/2017 | University of Tokyo
Gallium Nitride Will Drive Its Share of RF High-Power Semiconductor Revenues
06/19/2017 | ABI Research
Space Robot Technology Helps Self-Driving Cars and Drones on Earth
06/19/2017 | Stanford University

Toward Optical Quantum Computing
06/19/2017 | MIT
Climate Satellite: Tracking Methane With Robust Laser Technology
06/19/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Advanced Sensing Systems that Leverage Technology Convergence Boost Sensors and Instrumentation Sector
06/19/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Inverters Market Leverages Favourable Targets and Feed-in Tariffs to Catalyze Growth
06/16/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Global Semiconductor Micro Components Market 2017-2021
06/16/2017 | PRNewswire
The Lithium Boom is About to go Into Overdrive
06/16/2017 | PRNewswire
GPS Tracking Device Market Worth $2.89 Billion by 2023
06/16/2017 | PRNewswire
Face Recognition System “K-Eye”
06/16/2017 | KAIST
Seeking out New Functions for Superconducting Nanoelectronics
06/16/2017 | University of Tokyo
Overlap in Computer Modeling Holds Key to Next-Generation Processing
06/16/2017 | Virginia Tech
Synthetic Development of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials Could Revolutionize Future Technologies
06/16/2017 | Ames Laboratory
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts May 2017 Billings
06/16/2017 | SEMI
Making Wires of Polymer Chains
06/16/2017 | A*STAR
Solar Paint Offers Endless Energy From Water Vapour
06/16/2017 | RMIT University
Laying the Foundations for Hybrid Silicon Lasers
06/16/2017 | A*STAR
TrendForce Projects Contract Prices of Server DRAM Modules to Increase in Q3
06/15/2017 | TrendForce
Seven of the Top 10 Smartphone Suppliers Headquartered in China
06/15/2017 | IC Insights
SEMICON West to Highlight China Growth Surge
06/15/2017 | SEMI
New Chemical Method Could Revolutionize Graphene
06/15/2017 | UIC
From the Abacus to Supercomputers to Quantum Computers
06/15/2017 | Duke University
A Seaweed Derivative Could Be Just What Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Need
06/15/2017 | Berkeley Lab
Transistor Contacts in the Making: Live Atomic Scale Dynamics
06/15/2017 | University of California, San Diego
From Drinking Straws to Robots
06/15/2017 | Harvard University
Korean TV Brands Maintain Top Share Worldwide
06/15/2017 | IHS Markit
Flexible Electronics Market Estimated to Reach $17B by 2024
06/15/2017 | Research Nester
B2B Survey Finds 62% of Technology Implementers Not Ready to Deploy 5G
06/14/2017 | ABI Research
Over 10 Companies Expected to Launch Flying Vehicles by 2022
06/14/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Global Military Spend on Exoskeletons to Grow by 119.5% Annually
06/14/2017 | Juniper Research
EU Boosts Cooperation with Key International Partners to Support Its Foreign Policy Objectives
06/14/2017 | European Commission
18:9 Displays to Help Drive Shipments in Stalling Smartphone Market
06/14/2017 | TrendForce

Breakthrough Paves Way for Smaller Electronic Devices
06/14/2017 | Queen’s University Belfast
Batteries from Scrap Metal
06/14/2017 | Wiley
Photopower for Microlabs
06/14/2017 | Wiley
Microfluidics for the Masses
06/14/2017 | MIT
Development of Microelectronics in Three Dimensions
06/14/2017 | VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Graphene Transistor Could Mean Computers That Are 1,000 Times Faster
06/14/2017 | University of Central Florida
SAIC Posts Revenues of $1.1 Billion in Q1 of Fiscal Year 2018
06/13/2017 | Business Wire
Lab on a Chip Could Monitor Health, Germs and Pollutants
06/13/2017 | Rutgers University
Holography with the Wi-Fi-router
06/13/2017 | TUM
Liquid Tin-Sulfur Compound Shows Thermoelectric Potential
06/13/2017 | MIT
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