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Global Semiconductor Sales Down 5.7% YoY in January
03/05/2019 | SIA
Scientists Develop Printable Water Sensor
03/05/2019 | DESY
AI Capabilities to Drive Demand Planning Market to $8 Billion by 2025
03/05/2019 | ABI Research
U.S. Businesses Lean Too Heavily on Technology in Digital Transformation Decisions
03/05/2019 | PRNewswire
U.S. Manufacturing PMI Dips in February
03/05/2019 | IHS Markit
Q1 DRAM Contract Prices Witness Sharpest Decline Since 2011
03/05/2019 | TrendForce
U.S. Medical Device Market Reaches $156 Billion Mark
03/04/2019 | PRNewswire
Nanorobotics Market Worth $8.3 Billion by 2023
03/04/2019 | PRNewswire
Qatar Smartphone Market Size to Reach $2.15 Billion by 2025
03/04/2019 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Large FPD Supply and Demand Expected to Tighten by 3Q19
03/04/2019 | IHS Markit
Light Pulses Provide a New Route to Enhance Superconductivity
03/04/2019 | RIKEN
97 IC Wafer Fabs Closed or Repurposed During Past Decade
03/04/2019 | IC Insights
Securing the “Internet of Things” in the Quantum Age
03/04/2019 | MIT
Future of Quantum Technology
03/04/2019 | Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
Addressing the Promises and Challenges of AI
03/04/2019 | MIT
Mini Cheetah Is the First Four-Legged Robot to Do a Backflip
03/04/2019 | MIT
Astronauts Assemble Tools to Test Space Tech
03/01/2019 | NASA
No Wires, More Cuddles
03/01/2019 | Northwestern University
Immunizing Quantum Computers Against Errors
03/01/2019 | ETH Zurich
Hybrid Material May Outperform Graphene in Several Applications
03/01/2019 | Agência FAPESP
3D Printing Innovation Paves Way for Ultra-light and Strong Drones
03/01/2019 | Khalifa University
High Demand for Wearable Devices Boosts Smart Speaker Market
03/01/2019 | PRNewswire
Graphite Offers up New Quantum Surprise
03/01/2019 | University of Manchester
Government Initiatives for Smart Cities Presents Lucrative Opportunities
03/01/2019 | PRNewswire
IoT Drives Wireless Lighting Control Systems Market
03/01/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
U.S. Economy Starts to Slow Entering 2019
03/01/2019 | The Conference Board
Using Code to Reduce Quantum Error in Logic Gates
02/28/2019 | University of Sydney
Private LTE, Telco, and Industrial Markets Growth and Opportunities
02/28/2019 | ABI Research
BAE Systems Receives IDIQ Contract from U.S. Navy
02/28/2019 | BAE Systems
MacDermid Alpha to Exhibit at PV Celltech Conference
02/28/2019 | MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Green Regulations Driving Growth of Li-Ion Batteries
02/28/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Small Satellite Market to Reach $30 Billion by 2026
02/28/2019 | Business Wire
Companies Exploring Solar Energy, Establishing Foothold in Hot Industry
02/28/2019 | PRNewswire
Commercial Demand Will Provide Pivotal Opportunity for Detachables in 2020 and Beyond
02/28/2019 | IDC
Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Market Growth Accelerated in Q4 and the Full Year 2018
02/28/2019 | IDC
Fast, Flexible Ionic Transistors for Bioelectronic Devices
02/28/2019 | Columbia Engineering
Flaws in 4G, 5G Networks Could Let Hackers Intercept Calls, Track Location
02/28/2019 | Purdue University
Scientists Measure Exact Edge Between Superconducting and Magnetic States
02/28/2019 | Ames Laboratory
KAIST Develops Analog Memristive Synapses for Neuromorphic Chips
02/28/2019 | KAIST
First Portable Prototype of Photonic Pressure Sensor
02/27/2019 | NIST
A Tip for Future Nanoscale Sensing
02/27/2019 | A*STAR
New Smart Health Sensor from ams Boosts Cardiovascular Monitoring Capability
02/27/2019 | ams
Collins Elbit Vision Systems Marks F-35 Helmet Mounted Display System Delivery Milestone
02/27/2019 | Collins Elbit Vision Systems
PTFE Market Size Worth $4.33 Billion by 2025
02/27/2019 | PRNewswire
RAIN RFID Technology Growing Fast Across Many Markets
02/27/2019 | PRNewswire
Cleanroom Technology Market to See a $1.7 Billion Opportunity by 2023
02/27/2019 | Business Wire
Overall Middle East, Turkey, and Africa Hardcopy Peripherals Market Posts Growth
02/27/2019 | IDC
New Research Center Aims to Define Future of Electronics
02/27/2019 | Binghamton University
Additive Manufacturing Leaps from Prototype to Production
02/27/2019 | ABI Research
Ready for Launch, NASA: UVA Space Satellite Is A-Ok
02/27/2019 | University of Virginia
Printed Radar Technology
02/27/2019 | KIT
SEAT and IBM Revolutionize Urban Mobility with AI
02/27/2019 | IBM
'Immunizing' Quantum Bits so That They Can Grow Up
02/27/2019 | Purdue University
Unitemp to Showcase ESPEC Environmental Chambers
02/27/2019 | Unitemp
Supply Chain, Geopolitical Issues to Stem Commercial Appetite Growth of EMEA PC Market in 2019
02/27/2019 | IDC
HELLA Opens Second Electronics Plant in India
02/27/2019 | HELLA
InSight Is the Newest Mars Weather Service
02/27/2019 | NASA
Global Top Ten IC Design Companies Ranked by Revenue
02/27/2019 | TrendForce
Boeing Introduces New Unmanned System for Global Defense Customers
02/26/2019 | Boeing
Boeing-Embraer Partnership Receives Shareholder Approval
02/26/2019 | PR Newswire

2020 Army Budget Begins 'Dramatic Shift'
02/26/2019 | AUSA
U.S. Air Force Delays E-3 AWACS Upgrade Program
02/26/2019 | U.S. Air Force
BAE Systems' Medusa Project Challenger 2 Upgrade
02/26/2019 | BAE Systems
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Rebounded in February
02/26/2019 | The Conference Board
Breakthrough 'Lab-On-A-Chip' Detects Cancer Faster, Cheaper and Less Invasively
02/26/2019 | The University of Kansas
High-Powered Fuel Cell Boosts Electric-Powered Submersibles, Drones
02/26/2019 | Washington University in St. Louis
Entangling Photons of Different Colors
02/26/2019 | NIST
Smart Speaker Market Booms in 2018, Driven by Google, Alibaba and Xiaomi
02/26/2019 | Canalys
Novel Material Properties of Hybrid Perovskite Nanostructures
02/26/2019 | KAIST
Augmented and Virtual Reality Markets Expected to Reach All Time Highs
02/26/2019 | PRNewswire
Causes for Defects in 3D Printing
02/26/2019 | Argonne National Laboratory
Saudi Smartphone Market Continues to Drop
02/26/2019 | IDC
Mobile Service Providers Must Innovate Now to Lead Tomorrow’s Market
02/26/2019 | ABI Research
Small and Mid-Size TV Panel Prices to Bounce Back Up in March
02/26/2019 | TrendForce
Initiative to Build Talent Pipeline Critical to Global Electronics Industry Growth
02/25/2019 | SEMI
3D Printing Metals Market Worth $3.05 Billion by 2025
02/25/2019 | PRNewswire
Focusing on Robotics, Autonomous Systems
02/25/2019 | Arizona State University
Top 3 Growth Opportunities for Digital Pathology-Enabling Technology Companies
02/25/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Developing More Flexible Nanomaterials
02/25/2019 | Johns Hopkins University.
Researchers Target Edge-AI Apps with Breakthrough NVM Memory Cell
02/25/2019 | CEA-Leti
Understanding High Efficiency of Deep Ultraviolet LEDs
02/25/2019 | Tohoku University
Canalys Expects Fewer Than Two Million Foldable Smartphones Will Ship in 2019
02/25/2019 | Canalys
Printing OLED Displays: Has its Time Finally Come?
02/25/2019 | IDTechEx
DRAM Revenue Took a Turn for the Worse in 4Q18;
02/25/2019 | TrendForce
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2019 Billings
02/22/2019 | SEMI
Computing’s Past to Unlock 3D-Printed Mechanical Logic Gates for the Future
02/22/2019 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Causes for Defects in 3D Printing and Paves Way for Better Results
02/22/2019 | PRNewswire
A Prosthetic That Restores the Sense of Where Your Hand Is
02/22/2019 | EPFL
GraphON: Conductive Coatings and Materials
02/22/2019 | CSIRO
Exploring the Global Landscape of Quantum Technology Research
02/22/2019 | IOP Publishing

New Measurement Technique for Topological Quantum Systems
02/22/2019 | Universität Hamburg
Quantum Dots Can Spit out Clone-Like Photons
02/22/2019 | MIT
Global $4.7 Billion Wireless Network Test Equipment Market
02/22/2019 | Business Wire
Advances in Logic IC Process Technology Move Forward
02/22/2019 | IC Insights
An Ultra-Low-Power Frequency Synthesizer Targeted for IoT Devices
02/22/2019 | Tokyo Tech
The Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Declined Slightly in January
02/22/2019 | The Conference Board
NIST Physicists 'Flash-freeze' Crystal of 150 Ions
02/22/2019 | NIST
Disruption and Opportunity Ahead for Semiconductor, Generative Design, and Private LTE Markets
02/22/2019 | ABI Research
Samsung Leads in Indonesian Smartphones as Market Surges Ahead to Close 2018 Up 17.1%
02/22/2019 | Canalys
Infinite Electronics Welcomes New VP of Product Management
02/21/2019 | Infinite Electronics
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