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Intel Acquires Mobileye in Anticipation of First Major Wave of Sales for Self-Driving Cars in 2021
03/14/2017 | TrendForce
India to Overtake Japan as the World’s Third Largest Solar Market in 2017
03/14/2017 | TrendForce
Machine Learning Advances Human-Computer Interaction
03/14/2017 | University of Rochester
Tight NAND Flash Supply to Cause Prices of Mainstream SSDs to Jump by More Than 10% Sequentially in Q1
03/14/2017 | TrendForce
Single Atom Memory: The World's Smallest Storage Medium
03/14/2017 | Institute for Basic Science
4Q16 EMEA Server Spending Declines by 12.9% YoY
03/14/2017 | IDC
Embedded Systems Market Worth $73 Billion in 2017
03/13/2017 | visiongain
ETI Increased Sharply in February; Solid Job Growth Expected in the Coming Months
03/13/2017 | The Conference Board
Accelerating Jobs Growth Gives Fed License to Tighten Interest Rates Faster in 2017
03/13/2017 | The Conference Board
Hamburg Scientists Develop Novel Nanomaterial with Controllable Optical Properties
03/13/2017 | Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Chiral Metamaterial Produces Record Optical Shift Under Incremental Power Modulation
03/13/2017 | Georgia Tech
Single Molecule Switch
03/13/2017 | Universität Konstanz
Robots, Exoskeletons, and Invisible Planes
03/13/2017 | Harvard University
$226.2 Billion Robotics Market Forecasts, 2021
03/13/2017 | PRNewswire
Plastic Electrode Stretches Like Rubber but Carries Electricity Like Wires
03/13/2017 | Stanford University
As Moore’s Law Nears Its Physical Limits, a New Generation of Brain-Like Computers Comes of Age
03/13/2017 | Stanford University
Middle East & Africa PC Market Declines Year on Year Amid Weak Commercial Demand
03/13/2017 | IDC
New Material Makes it Possible to Record Data with Light
03/10/2017 | ITMO University
Toward “Valleytronic” Devices for Data Storage or Computer Logic Systems
03/10/2017 | MIT
Nokia and Blackberry will Face Fierce Competition in Indonesian Mobile Phone Market
03/10/2017 | IDC
Beware the Killer Robots
03/10/2017 | Professor Toby Walsh, UNSW Sydney
Perovskite Edges Can Be Tuned for Optoelectronic Performance
03/10/2017 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Industrial Automation Device Revenue to Reach $298 Billion by 2025
03/10/2017 | ABI Research
Australia PC Market Stabilizes; Performs Better than Expected in 4Q2016
03/10/2017 | IDC
PC Shipments in Malaysia Post Another YoY Decline in Q42016
03/10/2017 | IDC
THz Camera Sees through Matter
03/10/2017 | CEA Leti
Semiconductor Shipments Dominated by Opto-Sensor-Discrete Devices
03/10/2017 | IC Insights
Coffee-Ring Effect Leads to Crystallization Control in Semiconductors
03/09/2017 | KAUST
Record Spending for Fab Equipment Expected in 2017 and 2018
03/09/2017 | SEMI
Global Military Satellite Payloads and Subsystems Market to Grow at a CAGR of 5.35%, 2017-2021
03/09/2017 | Business Wire

Backside Shield That Protects Microchip From Physical Attacks
03/09/2017 | CEA Leti
Artificial Intelligence and Robots to Make Offshore Windfarms Safer and Cheaper
03/09/2017 | University of Manchester
Building the Invisible Masterpieces of a Molecular Machine
03/09/2017 | CIQUS
NSF Awards $6.1 Million to Accelerate Advanced Wireless Research, Push Beyond 5G
03/09/2017 | NSF
Storing Data in Single-Atom Magnets
03/09/2017 | EPFL
China to Dominate 4K and 8K TV Shipments Through 2020
03/09/2017 | IHS Markit
Iodine May Protect Batteries
03/09/2017 | MIT
Worldwide Large Format Printer Shipments Up Narrowly in Q4 2016
03/09/2017 | IDC
Detecting Mercury with Gold
03/08/2017 | ACN Newswire
Brain-Controlled Robots
03/08/2017 | MIT
New Process for Manufacturing PV Cells Means Cheaper Solar Power
03/08/2017 | CORDIS
Updatable Chips for a Safer Internet of Things
03/08/2017 | Technical University of Munich
Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our World
03/08/2017 | Cornell University
A Perfect Team for Nanoelectronics
03/08/2017 | Technical University of Munich
Global Automotive Sensors Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025
03/08/2017 | PRNewswire
Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Market Sees Weaker Quarterly Growth in 4Q16
03/07/2017 | Business Wire
Uncompromising on Organic Solar Cells
03/07/2017 | ACN Newswire
Technology Markets Face Rocky Ride Over Next 18 Months
03/07/2017 | IDC
RIT Helps Advance Space Camera Being Tested on ISS
03/07/2017 | Rochester Institute of Technology
January Semiconductor Sales Up 14% Compared to Last Year
03/07/2017 | Semiconductor Industry Association
A New Approach to Improving Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
03/07/2017 | University of Delaware
Characterization of a Pentacene-Based Room-Temperature MASER
03/07/2017 | London Centre for Nanotechnology
Electrons Go Superballistic
03/07/2017 | MIT
New Design Results in Compact, Highly Efficient Frequency Comb
03/07/2017 | Northwestern University
Metallic Atomically-Thin Layered Silicon
03/07/2017 | London Centre for Nanotechnology
Small Business Employment Growth Is on the Rise
03/07/2017 | IHS Markit
Towards Mastering Terahertz Waves With Graphene
03/07/2017 | Université de Genève
Top Predictions for China’s Internet Industry in 2017
03/07/2017 | IDC
21 Billion IoT Devices Will Ship with Embedded RTOS by 2022
03/07/2017 | ABI Research
NAND Flash Revenue Grew 17.8% Sequentially in Q4 of 2016
03/07/2017 | TrendForce

Researchers Demonstrate New Type of Laser
03/06/2017 | TU Delft
Battery Production Goes Industrie 4.0
03/06/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
I-Connect007 Launches New Micro eBook in Design Series for Flex and Rigid-Flex
03/06/2017 | I-Connect007
Emerging Display Technology Market Report
03/06/2017 | Business Wire
Connected Home Solutions Adoption Remains Limited to Early Adopters
03/06/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Europe Strongly Advancing Renewable Energies in Africa
03/06/2017 | European Commission
China's PMI Was 51.6% in February
03/06/2017 | National Bureau of Statistics of China,
February 2017 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business
03/06/2017 | ISM
IBM Building First Universal Quantum Computers for Business and Science
03/06/2017 | IBM
Soaring Prices of Key Components Are Starting to Squeeze the Margins of Smartphone Makers
03/06/2017 | TrendForce
Materials Breakthrough in Electronic Biomedical Devices
03/06/2017 | University of Delaware
Powered by Magnets, Energy Harvester Converts Wasted Heat Into Electricity
03/06/2017 | Virginia Tech
Textile-Based Wearable Electronics and Fashion Displays
03/03/2017 | KAIST
Triboelectric Nanogenerators Boost Mass Spectrometry Performance
03/03/2017 | Georgia Tech
New Research Could Trigger Revolution in Computer Electronics Manufacturing
03/03/2017 | University of Exeter
Precise Technique Tracks Dopamine in the Brain
03/03/2017 | MIT
Eleven Companies Forecast to Account for 78% of Semi Capex in 2017
03/03/2017 | IC Insights
New Optical Nanosensor Improves Brain Mapping Accuracy
03/03/2017 | SPIE
Worldwide Enterprise Storage Market Sees Decline in Fourth Quarter
03/03/2017 | IDC
Wearables Market Grows 16.9% in Q4
03/03/2017 | IDC
A Rose to Store Energy
03/02/2017 | Linköping University
Semiconductor Photonic Nanocavities on Paper Substrates
03/02/2017 | KAIST
Learning How to Fine-Tune Nanofabrication
03/02/2017 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tweaking Electrolyte Makes Better Lithium-Metal Batteries
03/02/2017 | PNNL
Fabricating 3D Tissue, Smart Fabrics
03/02/2017 | Harvard University
The Corporate Debt Trap
03/02/2017 | MIT
Wireless Sensor Systems Prevent Soap Etc. Topped Up
03/02/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Americas CEOs Rely on Strategic Partnerships to Lead Digital Transformation and Drive Growth
03/02/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Healthcare Industry in 2017: Hype and Speculation Loom Over Technology Trends and Potential Policy Shifts
03/02/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
India Tablet Market Slows Down as Annual Shipments Dip 3.1% in 2016
03/02/2017 | IDC

Worldwide Server Market Revenue Down 4.6% in Q4
03/02/2017 | IDC
Smartphone Volumes Expected to Rebound in 2017
03/02/2017 | IDC
Cracking the Mystery of Perfect Efficiency: Investigating Superconductors
03/02/2017 | U.S. Department of Energy
Scientists Reveal New Super-Fast Form of Computer That ‘Grows as It Computes’
03/01/2017 | University of Manchester
3D ICs Will Meet the Miniaturisation Demands of Next-Generation Electronics
03/01/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Analytics-equipped, Next-generation Chargers Will Enhance Battery Life and Efficiency
03/01/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Detachables, Apple Out-ship Microsoft by Narrow Margin in 2016
03/01/2017 | IDC
Ultrasound Scanner Goes Portable
03/01/2017 | DTU
Rural Divide the Last Big Challenge to Smartphone Ownership
03/01/2017 | IDC
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased in February
03/01/2017 | The Conference Board
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