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NRL Showcasing Autonomous Systems at Fleet Week New York, May 20-26
05/21/2015 | U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
DARPA Robotics Program Helps Boost National Security
05/21/2015 | DARPA
NASA Announces 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge
05/21/2015 | PRNewswire
TV Panel Market Up on Demand for 4K, Larger Models
05/21/2015 | TrendForce
Small Businesses Optimistic but Slow Growth Plans
05/21/2015 | Business Wire
Specs Become Market Focus for Next-generation iPhones
05/21/2015 | TrendForce
"Energy-Generating Rubber" Combines Flexibility and High-Output
05/21/2015 | Ricoh
Asia Pacific to Dominate 2014-2022 X-Ray Market Growth
05/21/2015 | PRNewswire
RFEA Unveils Standardization Roadmap
05/21/2015 | RF Energy Alliance
Saft to Supply Li-ion Batteries for JLTVs
05/21/2015 | Business Wire
Intel, Mouser Electronics Sponsor “Create the Future” Global Design Contest
05/21/2015 | Business Wire
3-D Cameras and High-speed Broadband to Enhance Public Safety
05/21/2015 | Temple University
Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased Again
05/21/2015 | PRNewswire
China RFID Market to Reach $4.3B by 2025
05/21/2015 | Dr. Xiaoxi He, IDTechEx
Engineers Create Battery from One Material
05/21/2015 | University of Maryland
Registration for EIPC Internet of Things Workshop is Now Open
05/21/2015 | EIPC

A Look at Saki’s Approach to 2D, 3D and X-ray Technology

At NEPCON 2015, I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties sat down with Nori Koike, COO of Saki Japan, to discuss the latest demands for 3D and their approach to inspection. With more than 20 years of experience, they have built a line-up of tools that covers the inspection spectrum. Koike also stresses the importance of using inspection data as a tool to improve and automate the process.

New Tech Could Reshape Wireless Comms
05/20/2015 | University of Bristol
Next: The Smart City
05/20/2015 | Linköping University
New Options for Spintronic Devices
05/20/2015 | Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
ORNL Demos first large-scale graphene composite fabrication
05/20/2015 | ORNL
Advanced Interconnects Enabling Future Technology Nodes
05/20/2015 | Imec
Despite Maturity, CEE Tablet Market Still Has Growth Potential
05/20/2015 | IDC
Flexible Displays Based on DNA-peptide Structure
05/20/2015 | Tel Aviv University
Industrial Chip Market Post Record Growth in 4 Years
05/20/2015 | IHS
Graphene Antenna Enables Low-cost Flexible Sensors
05/20/2015 | University of Manchester
Researchers Tune Light Waves
05/20/2015 | MIT
Power Management Semiconductor Market Swings to Growth in 2014
05/20/2015 | IHS
Apple Loses Tablet Share in Q1 as Market Stagnates
05/20/2015 | ABI Research
RF Power Semiconductors for Wireless Infrastructure Market Soars in 2014
05/20/2015 | ABI Research
IDC: Global IoT Market to Grow 19% in 2015
05/20/2015 | IDC
Silicon Wafer Shipments Reach Record Levels in Q1
05/19/2015 | SEMI
Power Management Semiconductor Market Surged 7% in 2014
05/19/2015 | IHS
Cellular Sensing Platform Supports Next-gen Bioscience & Biotech Applications
05/19/2015 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Controlling Swarms of Robots with a Finger
05/19/2015 | Georgia Institute of Technology
New Device Captures Cancer Cell Clusters
05/19/2015 | Georgia Institute of Technology
New Chip Architecture Paves the Way for Quantum Computer
05/19/2015 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Silicon Photonic Computing at the Speed of Light
05/19/2015 | University of Utah
Conference Board LEI for Mexico Up 0.1% in March
05/19/2015 | The Conference Board
Australia’s Conference Board LEI Down in March
05/19/2015 | The Conference Board
Conference Board LEI for the U.K. Increased
05/19/2015 | The Conference Board
MEMS Industry Poised to Top $20B by 2020
05/19/2015 | Yole Développement
Black Silicon Solar Cells Achieve New Efficiency Record
05/19/2015 | Aalto University
CE Device Demand Fueling Growth of 3D IC Industry
05/18/2015 | Transparency Market Research
Global 3D Printers Market to Top 31% Through 2020
05/18/2015 | PRNewswire
Smartphones Spur Shift in Small and Medium Display Panel Demand
05/18/2015 | IHS
Industrial Robotics Market to Reach $44.48B by 2020
05/18/2015 | Transparency Market Research

7.7M Truck Platoon Systems to Ship by 2025
05/18/2015 | Business Wire
Wearables May Benefit from Boron-Infused Graphene
05/18/2015 | Rice University
Researchers Develop New Way to Manufacture Nanofibers
05/18/2015 | University of Georgia
All-new Volvo XC90 Employs MOST150
05/18/2015 | MOST Cooperation
Scientists Print Low Cost Radio Frequency Antenna with Graphene Ink
05/18/2015 | Alpha Galileo
3D-printed Aerogels Boost Energy Storage
05/18/2015 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Gartner Releases 2015 Supply Chain Top 25 Rankings
05/18/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
DTV Continues to Dominate Broadcast RF Equipment Market
05/15/2015 | ABI Research
BOOM Fuels Next-gen High-speed Broadband
05/15/2015 | Science and Technology Research News
New Shortcut to Solar Cells
05/15/2015 | Rice University
Macro Trends Driving Digital Transformation Opportunities
05/15/2015 | IDC
Graphene Enables Tunable Microwave Antenna
05/15/2015 | Graphenea
Flexible Display Market Report
05/15/2015 | Business Wire
Improved Detection of Radio Waves from Space
05/15/2015 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Bandages to Enter the Electronic Age
05/15/2015 | University of Manchester
March Manufacturing Technology Orders Up from February
05/15/2015 | AMT
Global Mobile Hotspot Router Market 2015-2019
05/14/2015 | PRNewswire
New Thin, Flat Lenses Focus Light as Sharply as Curved Lenses
05/14/2015 | Caltech
ALPHA EcoSol Solder Alloy Wins Product Innovation Award at SNEC PV Power Expo
05/14/2015 | Alpha
Researchers Developing Solution for GPS-denied Environments
05/14/2015 | University of Illinois
Powerful Radio Telescope the New Eye in the Sky
05/14/2015 | Caltech
Testing Nano Materials to Build Consumer Confidence
05/14/2015 | Science and Technology Research News
Researchers Build New Fermion Microscope
05/14/2015 | MIT
IBM to Speed Up Cloud and Big Data Applications
05/14/2015 | IBM
Laser-based Technique Enables Nanoscale Self-assembly
05/14/2015 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
3D-printed Wearable Features Synthetic Biology
05/14/2015 | Business Wire
Panel Makers Looking into Cost Reduction Amid Falling Prices
05/14/2015 | IHS
IoT in Transportation Market to Reach $143.93B by 2020
05/14/2015 | PRNewswire
Global Satellite Backhaul Market Analysis
05/14/2015 | PRNewswire
In-car Navigation System Shipments to Reach 18M by 2020
05/14/2015 | ABI Research

Commercial Tablet and 2-in-1 Expansion Accelerates in Western Europe
05/14/2015 | IDC
EV Charging Services Revenue Expected to Reach $11.3B from by 2023
05/13/2015 | Navigant Research
LED Lighting Systems Shipments to Top 4.1B a Year by 2024
05/13/2015 | Navigant Research
Making Wireless Heart Monitoring Possible
05/13/2015 | University of Illinois
Thinfilm, WCO Brings NFC to Fight Against Counterfeiting
05/13/2015 | Thin Film Electronics ASA
3D Microbattery Can Support Large-scale On-chip Integration
05/13/2015 | University of Illinois
Optical Transceiver Sales to Telcos Fell 7% in 2014
05/13/2015 | IHS
Mobility Solutions Vital for Malaysian Businesses
05/13/2015 | IDC
IoT Adoption in India will Advance at a Slow Pace Through 2020
05/13/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Rensselaer Secures Grant to Pursue Emerging Nanomaterials Research
05/13/2015 | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Designing Next-Gen Supercomputer with "Neuromorphic" Processor
05/13/2015 | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
VR Systems to Revolutionize Battlefield Operations
05/12/2015 | BAE Systems
Artificial Intelligence Gets Closer to Mimicking Human Brain
05/12/2015 | UC Santa Barbara
Stanford Team Makes Biotechnology Interactive
05/12/2015 | Stanford University
U.S. Manufacturing Adds Just 1,000 Jobs in April
05/12/2015 | Alliance for American Manufacturing
Engineering Quantum Science into Quantum Reality
05/12/2015 | University of Bristol
Microfluidic Device can Measure Distribution of Tiny Particles
05/12/2015 | Anne Trafton, MIT News Office
CEA Study Shows Major Shifts in CE Devices
05/12/2015 | Business Wire
TI Strengthens Analog Marketshare
05/12/2015 | IC Insights
In-Building Wireless Market to Reach $9B by 2020
05/12/2015 | ABI Research
3D Printers Receive High Satisfaction Rate
05/12/2015 | IDC
China's Smartphone Market Contracts in Q1
05/12/2015 | IDC
Graphene Holds Key to Wearable Electronic Innovations
05/12/2015 | University of Exeter
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