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Ink-Jet Printable and Biocompatible Layered Electronics
New Today | Graphene Flagship
Global Average Sales Price of Chinese Branded Smartphones to Reach RMB 2,000 by the End of 2017
New Today | TrendForce
Worldwide Spending on Security Technology Forecast to Reach $81.7 Billion in 2017
New Today | IDC
Wearables See Strong Growth in Middle East & Africa but Vendors Must Enhance Functionality of Devices
New Today | IDC
Stretching Toward Energy Efficiency
New Today | KAUST
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased Sharply in March
New Today | The Conference Board
MIT Experts Urge Trump Administration to Take Immediate Action on Cybersecurity
New Today | MIT
Faster Page Loads
New Today | MIT
Information Storage With a Nanoscale Twist
New Today | KAUST
Air Could Be the World’s Next Battery
New Today | Gemini
Clarifying How Lithium Ions Ferry Around in Rechargeable Batteries
New Today | IBS
3D Machine Vision Market to Reach $2.13 Billion
03/28/2017 | Business Wire
How Graphene Could Cool Smartphone, Computer and Other Electronics Chips
03/28/2017 | Rutgers University
Businesses Can Expect 14% Revenue Boost From Modernizing IT Systems
03/28/2017 | PRNewswire
A New Gem Inside the CMS Detector
03/28/2017 | Fermilab
Robotics Companies Off to Fast Start Since Trump's Inauguration
03/28/2017 | PRNewswire
BYU Researchers Make Flexible Glass for Tiny Medical Devices
03/28/2017 | Brigham Young University
$4.53 Billion Telecom Power System Market 2017
03/28/2017 | Business Wire
A Big Leap Toward Tinier Lines
03/28/2017 | MIT
41% of APeJ Healthcare Organizations Plan to Launch IoT Solutions in the Next Two Years
03/28/2017 | IDC
Indian Wearable Market Clocks 2.5 Million Units in 2016
03/28/2017 | IDC
Military Power Solutions Market worth $9.01 Billion by 2022
03/27/2017 | MarketsandMarkets
Hardware Security Modules Market worth $1.1B by 2022
03/27/2017 | MarketsandMarkets
Wafer and IC Shipping & Handling Market Worth $14.16B by 2025
03/27/2017 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Quantum Computers May Have Higher ‘Speed Limits’ Than Thought
03/27/2017 | NIST
Invention May Give Spacecraft Improved Damage Report
03/27/2017 | NASA
‘Lab-on-a-glove’ Could Bring Nerve-agent Detection to a Wearer’s Fingertips
03/27/2017 | UC San Diego
Revenues from Flexible AMOLED Display on Pace to Exceed Rigid AMOLED Panel in Q3 2017
03/27/2017 | IHS Markit
Multi-Parameter Microscopy Aids Design of Improved Optoelectronic Devices
03/24/2017 | National Physical Laboratory
Furniture That Learns to Move by Itself
03/24/2017 | KAIST

Research Reveals Inner Workings of Liquid Crystals
03/24/2017 | University of Chicago
Robotic Process Automation Market Growing at CAGR of 30.14% during 2017 to 2022
03/24/2017 | PRNewswire
Increasing Demand for Consumer Electronics to Boost Global Flexible PCB Demand
03/24/2017 | Transparency Market Research
MicroLED Displays: Hype and Reality
03/24/2017 | Yole Développement
Ultrafast Measurements Explain Quantum Dot Voltage Drop
03/24/2017 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Apple’s iPhone 6s Topped List of Best-Selling Smartphones for 2016
03/24/2017 | IHS Markit
NASA Taking First Steps Toward High-speed Space ‘Internet’
03/24/2017 | NASA
Students Collaborate on Innovative Solutions Using IoT
03/24/2017 | Texas A&M University
Global Converged Systems Revenue Down 1.4% YoY in Q4 2016
03/24/2017 | IDC
Transport Technology Developed for Thermally Treated Nanowires
03/24/2017 | KAIST
New Electronics Fill Gaps in Solar Cell Lamp Market
03/24/2017 | DTU
Technology Purchases from Line of Business Budgets Forecast to Grow Faster Than Purchases Funded by the IT Organization
03/24/2017 | IDC
'Virtual Batteries' Could Lead to Cheaper, Cleaner Power
03/24/2017 | MIT
Quantum Computer: New Basis for Stable Quantum Bits With Exotic Majorana-Particles Discovered
03/23/2017 | Forschungszentrum Jülich
Top 50 Multi-Billion Dollar Emerging Technologies that Will Transform the World
03/23/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
CIOs in China Preparing for a Digital Ecosystem Surge
03/23/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
IDC Tracked Sales of Over 5 Million Printing Devices in Central and Eastern Europe in 2016
03/23/2017 | IDC
Toward Printable, Sensor-Laden 'Skin' for Robots
03/23/2017 | MIT
E-Skin Ushers in the Next Era of Smart Technologies
03/22/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
A Novel ‘Soft’ Magnetic Material Could Enable Faster Computer Memory
03/22/2017 | A*STAR
A Tough Coat for Silicon
03/22/2017 | A*STAR
Global Unified Communication as a Service Market to Grow at a CAGR of 25.32% by 2021
03/22/2017 | Business Wire
Tarnish-Proof Films for Flexible Displays, Touch Screens, Metamaterials
03/22/2017 | University of Michigan
Researchers to Create Biomimetic Forebrain for 3D-Printed Robot Hands
03/22/2017 | University of Bristol
Major Funding Boost for Research Into Wearable Sensors
03/22/2017 | University of Southampton
PV Nano Cell Enters Cooperation with Meyer Burger for Advancements in Printed Electronics
03/22/2017 | PRNewswire
Towards Super-Efficient, Ultra-Thin Silicon Solar Cells
03/22/2017 | NERSC
Nanotube Film May Resolve Longevity Problem of Challenger Solar Cells
03/22/2017 | Aalto University
China’s IC Industry to Embark on a Major Recruitment Drive This Year
03/22/2017 | TrendForce
A New, Gel-Like Coating Beefs up the Performance of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
03/22/2017 | Yale University

Testing New Networking Protocols
03/22/2017 | MIT
Australian Organizations Seek an Open IoT Ecosystem
03/22/2017 | IDC
SEA CIOs Need to Increase Digitalization Spend to Align with Global Digital Leaders
03/22/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
3D Printing Applications for Healthcare Will Transform Medical Devices and Pharma Industries
03/22/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Sensor Demand to Grow Due to Need for Biometrics
03/21/2017 | Semico Research
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Tackles Technical Challenges at Annual Technical Congress
03/21/2017 | SEMI
Global Market for MEMS and NEMS Sensors Forecast to 2022
03/21/2017 | Business Wire
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2017 Billings
03/21/2017 | SEMI
CeBIT: Autonomous Driving and Other Glimpses into the Future
03/21/2017 | KIT
Electro-optical Switch Transmits Data at Record-Low Temperatures
03/21/2017 | The Optical Society
Molecular Motor-Powered Biocomputers
03/21/2017 | Technische Universität Dresden
New Projects Create a Foundation for Next-Gen Flexible Electronics
03/21/2017 | Georgia Tech
Self-Emitting Quantum Dot TVs Will Appear on Market After 2020
03/21/2017 | TrendForce
GaN RF Power Devices Gained Meaningful Market Share
03/21/2017 | ABI Research
Making Better Decisions When Outcomes Are Uncertain
03/21/2017 | MIT
Engineers Design 'Tree-On-A-Chip'
03/21/2017 | MIT
Origami-inspired Robot Can Hitch a Ride with a Rover
03/20/2017 | NASA
Toward Machines that Improve with Experience
03/20/2017 | DARPA
Taking Animal Magnetism to the Extreme
03/20/2017 | DARPA
Global Medical Robots Market worth $13 Billion by 2023
03/20/2017 | Research Nester
Technology Advancements, Modernization of Equipment and Unrest Drive Growth of DoD Foreign Military Sales
03/20/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Stretching Toward Energy Efficiency
03/20/2017 | KAUST
Unexpected, Star-Spangled Find May Lead to Advanced Electronics
03/20/2017 | University of Texas at Dallas
Skin Sensors Provide Wealth of Patient Data
03/20/2017 | University of Rochester
Silk Sensor Could Speed Development of New Infrastructure, Aerospace and Consumer Materials
03/20/2017 | NIST
Better Nanoimages 'Spin' The Path to Improved Magnetic Memory
03/20/2017 | NIST
Wi-Fi on Rays of Light: 100 Times Faster, and Never Overloaded
03/20/2017 | Eindhoven University of Technology
Self-Emitting Quantum Dot TVs Will Appear on Market After 2020
03/20/2017 | TrendForce
Four DevOps Infrastructure Automation Vendors Named as IDC Innovators
03/20/2017 | IDC
The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for the U.S. Increased in February
03/19/2017 | PRNewswire

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Global Industrial Automation Market Report
03/17/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Robotics Epicenter Shifts from Japan to the United States in the Global Healthcare Industry
03/17/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Global IT Robotic Automation Market: Improved Efficiency Encouraging Adoption
03/17/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Technological Advancements in the Defense Markets
03/17/2017 | PRNewswire
Bushwhacking into Unexplored Transistor Territories
03/17/2017 | DARPA
3-D X-ray Imaging Makes the Finest Details of a Computer Chip Visible
03/17/2017 | Paul Scherrer Institut
BTU to Demo New Dual Chamber Reflow Oven and Industry 4.0 Advances at NEPCON China 2017
03/17/2017 | BTU International, Inc.
Better Nanoimages 'Spin' The Path to Improved Magnetic Memory
03/17/2017 | NIST
IBS Create a Multi-Channel Nano-Optical Device Dramatically Increasing the Parallel Processing Speed of Microprocessors
03/17/2017 | Institute for Basic Science
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