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Autonomous Driving: Permanent Environmental Recognition
05/19/2017 | KIT
Using Graphene to Create Quantum Bits
05/18/2017 | EPFL
NREL’s Quantum Dot Research Yields Greater Control
05/18/2017 | NREL
Floating Fields for Fine Fabrication
05/18/2017 | A*STAR
Integration of Digital Health in the Car Unleashes Growth Potential for Strategic Partnerships
05/18/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Global DRAM Revenue Achieves New Record High in Q1 2017
05/18/2017 | TrendForce
Automation Solution Providers Shift Gears to Align with IIoT-driven Industry Transformation
05/18/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Energy Transition: Smart, Interconnected, Sustainable
05/18/2017 | KIT
Solar Power to the People
05/18/2017 | Pennsylvania State University
Conductive Paper Could Enable Future Flexible Electronics
05/18/2017 | ACS
Demand for PCBs in Consumer Electronics to Drive Global SMT Equipment Market
05/18/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Global Artificial Intelligence Market to Grow at a CAGR of 51% Through 2021
05/17/2017 | Business Wire
New Applications Are Driving Materials & Design Innovations for Power Module Packaging
05/17/2017 | Yole Développement
Engineering Academies in the U.S., UK, and China Announce 2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit
05/17/2017 | National Academy of Engineering
2017Q1 Showed a Resilient Tablet Market in Western Europe
05/17/2017 | IDC
Guidelines for Implementation of Industry 4.0
05/17/2017 | KIT
Energy Decay in Graphene Resonators
05/17/2017 | ICFO
Scientists Demo Real-Time Technique for Studying Ionic Liquids at Electrode Interfaces
05/17/2017 | BNL
Slowdown in China Caused Global LCD TV Shipments to Drop in Q1
05/17/2017 | TrendForce
AMOLED TV Panel Shipments to Top 10 Million Units by 2023
05/17/2017 | IHS Markit
Managing Stress Helps Transistor Performance
05/17/2017 |
Engaging Diamond for Next-Era Transistors
05/17/2017 |
New Lockheed Martin Exoskeleton Helps Soldiers Carry Heavy Gear
05/16/2017 | Lockheed Martin
Nanotechnology Flight Test: Material Impact on the Future
05/16/2017 | NASA
Internet of Things Made Simple: One Sensor Package Does Work of Many
05/16/2017 | Carnegie Mellon University
Quantum Reservoir for Microwaves
05/16/2017 | EPFL
Nessis Introduces New RSM Software
05/16/2017 | Nessis, Inc.
Electronic Offender Monitoring Market in EU and NA Reached €648 Million in 2016
05/16/2017 | Berg Insight
LED Lighting Industry: Middle East to Become One of the Fastest Growing Markets
05/16/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Indian Smartphone Market Enjoys 14.8% Growth in CY Q1 2017
05/16/2017 | IDC

A Superior Near-Infrared Organic Light Emitting Diode
05/16/2017 | London Centre for Nanotechnology
NUS-Led Research Teams Uncover Extraordinary Properties of the Semiconductor Material
05/16/2017 | NUS
France Outperforms Britain as Robots Transform Car Industry
05/15/2017 | International Federation of Robotics
Service Academies Swarm Challenge Pushes the Boundaries of Autonomous Swarm Capabilities
05/15/2017 | DARPA
3D Imaging & Sensing Technologies: An Expected Explosion Within the Consumer Market Segment
05/15/2017 | Yole Développement
Self-Healing Tech Charges up Performance for Silicon-Containing Battery Anodes
05/15/2017 | Lois E Yoksoulian, University of Illinois
LCN Collaborates in IARPA-funded QEO Program
05/15/2017 | London Centre for Nanotechnology
Asia/Pacific Organizations Are Missing Opportunities to Advance Digital Business
05/15/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Broadcom Dethroned Qualcomm as Top IC Design House Worldwide by Revenue for Q1
05/15/2017 | TrendForce
Gas Gives Laser-Induced Graphene Super Properties
05/15/2017 | Rice University
Evidence of Topological Excitations in a Quantum Magnet
05/15/2017 | London Centre for Nanotechnology
Virtual Top Hats Allow Swarming Robots to Fly in Tight Formation
05/15/2017 | Georgia Tech
Global Fiber Optic Testing Equipment Market: Asia Pacific Projected to Remain Most Attractive Regional Market
05/15/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Collaborative Materials Research Creates Potential for Improved Computer Chips and Transistors
05/15/2017 | Texas A&M University
Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Up 2.6% in 2016
05/15/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Miniaturization Strengthens the Adoption of Implantable Electronics in Medical Devices
05/15/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Next-Gen Solar Cells Could Be Improved by Atomic-Scale Redesign
05/12/2017 | Imperial College London
Can Robots Feel Pain?
05/12/2017 | University of Cambridge
Entropy Landscape Sheds Light on Quantum Mystery
05/12/2017 | Rice University
Miniaturized ‘Heat Engines’ Could Power Nanoscale Machines of the Future
05/12/2017 | University of Manchester
Worldwide Enterprise Tablet Market to Grow at a CAGR of 8.6% by 2021
05/12/2017 | Business Wire
Global Semiconductor Sales in March Up 18.1% Year-to-Year
05/12/2017 | SIA
Increasing Investment in Defense to Fuel Adoption of Mobile Robotics
05/12/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Network Function Virtualization Market Will Reach $38 Billion by 2022
05/12/2017 | ABI Research
3D-Printed ‘Bionic Skin’ Could Give Robots the Sense of Touch
05/12/2017 | University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering
Infineon Rides Automotive Wave into Top-10 Semi Supplier Ranking
05/11/2017 | IC Insights
Sound Over Silicon: Computing’s Wave of the Future
05/11/2017 | University of Arizona
Fed Grant Backs Nanofiber Development
05/11/2017 | Rice University
Researchers Develop Transistors That Can Switch Between Two Stable Energy States
05/11/2017 | University of Illinois
The Importance of Lithium and Cobalt in Today's Energy Market
05/11/2017 | PRNewswire

Think Faster: Advantages of Quantum Processing Shown in Head-To-Head Race
05/11/2017 | Raytheon Company
Latin American Telecom Services Industry Adopts New Business Models to Spark Digital Transformation
05/11/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Focus on India: Smartphone Market Analysis
05/11/2017 | Kantar World Panel
Survey: US Consumers Positive About Energy Industry but Sentiment Erodes Between Generations
05/11/2017 | PRNewswire
Global OLED Materials Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6% 2017-2021
05/11/2017 | Business Wire
Teaching Robots to Teach Other Robots
05/10/2017 | MIT
Printed 'Coffee Rings' Avoided with Nanofibers
05/10/2017 | ACN Newswire
Strong Demand across Smart Consumer Electronics to Remain Key to Growth in SoC Market
05/10/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Semi-Autonomous Vehicles Market Worth 7.84 Million Units by 2021
05/10/2017 | PRNewswire
Historical Data Helps Internet of Things Resist Hacks
05/10/2017 | A*STAR
A New Spin on Data Storage
05/10/2017 | A*STAR
Achieving Near-Perfect Optical Isolation Using Opto-Mechanical Transparency
05/10/2017 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Quotes for TV Panels to Remain Fairly Stable During Second Quarter but Price Negotiations in Medium-Size Range Will Become Noisier
05/10/2017 | TrendForce
Scientists Print Nanoscale Imaging Probe onto Tip of Optical Fiber
05/10/2017 | Berkeley Lab
Holography with the Wi-Fi-router
05/10/2017 | TUM
Critical Power Producers Develop Modular Products to Leverage Latest Technological Trends
05/10/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Top Hand That Sees Offers New Hope to Amputees
05/10/2017 | Newcastle University
Upgrade-Driven Demand from Smartphone Brands to Make LPDDR4X the Mainstream Mobile Memory Solution in 2017
05/10/2017 | TrendForce
Virtual Reality Typing Lights Up Ideas and Keyboards
05/10/2017 | Michigan Technological University
Advanced Atomic Layer Deposition Enables Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
05/09/2017 | NREL
Quartz Powder for the Battery of the Future
05/09/2017 | PSI
Optomec Showcases GE Production Application at European Conference
05/09/2017 | Optomec
Artificial Intelligence Could Turn Some Skilled Practices Into Utilities
05/09/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
On the Way to a Next-Generation Modular Supercomputer
05/09/2017 | Forschungszentrum Jülich
Solid Job Growth Expected in the Coming Months
05/09/2017 | The Conference Board
Autonomous Driving Market Focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Cloud Computing
05/09/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
High-Temperature Devices Made From Films That Bend as They 'Breathe'
05/09/2017 | MIT
Photonic Hypercrystals for Control of Light-Matter Interaction
05/08/2017 | CCNY
Global Annual Market for the Deployment of Distributed Solar PV Plus Energy Storage to Top $49B by 2026
05/08/2017 | Business Wire
NASA Seeks 'FabLab' Concepts for In-Space Manufacturing
05/08/2017 | NASA

Developments in the Defense and Protection Markets
05/08/2017 | PRNewswire
Growth of Lithium Batteries in Consumer Electronics and EVs
05/08/2017 | PRNewswire
Laser Technology Market Worth $15.38 Billion by 2022
05/08/2017 | PRNewswire
FedEx Trade Index: 8 in 10 Small Businesses Say Trade Will Improve the U.S. Economy
05/08/2017 | Business Wire
Shining Light Deep into the Brain
05/08/2017 | Caltech
Discovery of Thin Transparent Film Could Improve Electronics and Solar Cell
05/08/2017 | University of Minnesota
Reducing Down to 1/3 of Thermal Resistance by WOW Technology for 3D DRAM Application
05/08/2017 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
Semiconductors as Decal Stickers
05/08/2017 | Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Raytheon Begins AN/SPY-6(V) Radar Production
05/08/2017 | Raytheon Company
Job Growth Remains Strong - at Least for Now
05/08/2017 | The Conference Board
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