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AMOLED Production Equipment Purchases to Reach Record High in 2017
02/10/2017 | IHS Markit
Global IoT Sensors Market: High Value Applications in Booming Automotive and Consumer Electronics Industries
02/10/2017 | Transparency Market Research
Solar as a Service Providers Should Focus on Unlocking Value Otherwise Unavailable to Customers
02/10/2017 | Navigant Research
Internet of Things Market in Central and Eastern Europe to Boom Through 2020
02/10/2017 | IDC
Cubic GaN LED Materials Breakthrough Creates New Opportunities for Higher Efficiency Full-Spectrum Lighting and Displays
02/10/2017 | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Going Carbon Free Boosts Battery Life
02/10/2017 | A*STAR
Reducing Read Errors More Than a Bit
02/10/2017 | A*STAR
Wave of the Future: Terahertz Chips a New Way of Seeing Through Matter
02/10/2017 | Princeton University
Agility Robotics Evolves from OSU Research, Aims to Revolutionize Robot Mobility
02/09/2017 | Oregon State University
Secure Wireless Chargers
02/09/2017 | MIT
DARPA Selects SSL as Commercial Partner for Revolutionary Goal of Servicing Satellites in GEO
02/09/2017 | DARPA
Device Connectivity Set to Drive Major Care Change for Millions of COPD Patients
02/09/2017 | ABI Research
Virtual Reality Device Shipments Will Hit 110 Million by 2021
02/09/2017 | ABI Research
New Method Improves Accuracy of Imaging Systems
02/09/2017 | University of Chicago
The Building Blocks for Bad Air
02/09/2017 | University of Utah
Device Could Revolutionize Scanning, Spectroscopy and Wireless Communication
02/09/2017 | University of California, Irvine
Worldwide IT Spending Forecast to Sustain Growth of More Than 3% Through 2020
02/09/2017 | IDC
Gartner: Almost 3 Million Personal and Commercial Drones Will Be Shipped in 2017
02/09/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Industrie 4.0: Virtual twin controls production
02/09/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Looking Inside Materials the Smart Way
02/09/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Components with Responsibility
02/09/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Berg Insight: 7.1 Million Patients Worldwide are Remotely Monitored
02/09/2017 | Berg Insight
Advances in Artificial Intelligence Will Help Machines Understand Human Thoughts using Brain Computer Interface
02/08/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Major EPSRC Grant to Develop Gallium Nitride on Diamond Microwave Technology
02/08/2017 | University of Bristol
Pioneering Chip Extends Sensors' Battery Life
02/08/2017 | University of Bristol
Penn Researchers Are Among the First to Grow a Versatile Two-dimensional Material
02/08/2017 | University of Pennsylvania
NASA Advances First-Ever Silicon-Based X-ray Optic
02/08/2017 | NASA
Energy-efficient, IIoT-supported, Electro-hydraulic Products Unlock New Opportunities for Manufacturers
02/08/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Apple Named Top Smartphone Brand in Great Britain and U.S. in 2016
02/08/2017 | Kantar World Panel
New IDTechEx Report Reveals Much Larger Drone Opportunity
02/08/2017 | IDTechEx

Industrial PC Market to Reach $4.73 Billion by 2022
02/07/2017 | PRNewswire
Prosthetic Arm Technology That Detects Spinal Nerve Signals Developed by Team
02/07/2017 | Imperial College London
Arrow Electronics Reports Revenue of $165 Million in Q4 2016
02/07/2017 | Business Wire
Cellular IoT Market to Reach $5.31 Billion by 2022
02/07/2017 | Business Wire
Global IoT Market to be Worth $1.13T in 2017
02/07/2017 | visiongain
Husker Scientists Boost Performance of Emerging Nanomaterial
02/07/2017 | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Small Satellite Market Revenue to Exceed $1.42B in 2017
02/07/2017 | visiongain
Water Sensor Moves From Basic Research to Promising Business
02/07/2017 | Cornell University
Fujitsu and University of Toronto Develop World's Lowest Power Referenceless CDR for Optical Modules
02/07/2017 | Fujitsu
Global Semiconductor Sales Hit Record $338.9 Billion in 2016
02/07/2017 | ESIA
Towards New IT Devices with Stable and Transformable Solitons
02/07/2017 | IBS
Stanford Engineers Create Low-Cost Battery for Storing Renewable Energy
02/07/2017 | Stanford University
Engineers Harness Stomach Acid to Power Tiny Sensors
02/07/2017 | MIT
Solid Job Growth Expected in Early 2017
02/07/2017 | The Conference Board
Consumer Applications to Represent 63% of Total IoT Applications in 2017
02/07/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Measuring Electric Field within a Working Semiconductor Device
02/06/2017 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
Building a Better Microbial Fuel Cell—Using Paper
02/06/2017 | University of Rochester
Full(erene) Potential
02/06/2017 | University of California - Santa Barbara

Terahertz Wireless Could Make Spaceborne Satellite Links as Fast as Fiber-Optic Links

Hiroshima University, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, and Panasonic Corporation announced the development of a terahertz (THz) transmitter capable of transmitting digital data at a rate exceeding 100 gigabits (= 0.1 terabit) per second over a single channel using the 300-GHz band.

CBIZ Small Business Employment Index Plunges into Negative Territory in January
02/06/2017 | Business Wire
Internet of Things API Marketplace
02/06/2017 | Business Wire
EMEA IoT Market to Reach $211.92 Billion by 2021
02/06/2017 | Business Wire
3D Bioprinting Market Growing at CAGR of 26.5% during 2016 to 2021
02/06/2017 | PRNewswire
Top 3 Chinese Smartphone Vendors Grab Nearly Half of China's Market in 2016
02/05/2017 | IDC
First Ever Blueprint Unveiled to Construct a Large Scale Quantum Computer
02/03/2017 | University of Sussex
Business Optimism Carries Over to the Labor Market
02/03/2017 | The Conference Board
Researchers Flip Script for Li-Ion Electrolytes to Simulate Better Batteries
02/03/2017 | ORNL
Top Service Robots Market Worth $20.7B by 2022
02/03/2017 | PRNewswire
Global Lithium-ion Battery Market Report
02/03/2017 | Transparency Market Research
1000 Times More Efficient Nano-LED Opens Door to Faster Microchips
02/03/2017 | Eindhoven University of Technology
Black Holes on an Electronic Chip
02/03/2017 | Eindhoven University of Technology
IDC: Top 10 IT Industry Predictions for Australia
02/03/2017 | IDC
Machine Vision Positions Mixed Reality as Future Disruptor of Existing AR Enterprise Devices
02/02/2017 | ABI Research
Trump's Impact on Future Business in the United States
02/02/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Tackling Challenge of Making Hydrogen and Preserving Lithium-Ion Batteries
02/02/2017 | University at Buffalo
Thin, Flexible, Light-Absorbent Material for Energy and Stealth Applications
02/02/2017 | UC San Diego
Scientists Design Electricity Generator That Mimics Trees
02/02/2017 | Iowa State University
Infrared Links Could Simplify Data Center Communications
02/02/2017 | Pennsylvania State University
Tablet Market Shipments Hit 174.8 Million Units for FY 2016; Down 15.6%
02/02/2017 | IDC
January 2017 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business: PMI at 56%
02/02/2017 | ISM
Engineers Build Robot Drone That Mimics Bat Flight
02/02/2017 | Caltech
Penn Engineers Demonstrate a ‘Hybrid Nanomanufacturing’ System
02/02/2017 | University of Pennsylvania
Patient Monitoring Wearable Shipments to Grow by 32% by 2021
02/02/2017 | ABI Research
Wearable AI System Can Detect a Conversation's Tone
02/02/2017 | MIT
Toward All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries
02/02/2017 | MIT
Apple Tops Samsung in Q4 to Close Out a Roller Coaster Year for the Smartphone Market
02/02/2017 | IDC
Trump, Trade and Jobs
02/02/2017 | HSBC
UNIST to Engineer Dream Diodes with a Graphene Interlayer
02/01/2017 | UNIST
New Berkeley Lab Discovery Could Lead to Better Materials, Better Batteries
02/01/2017 | University of California - Berkeley

Global Printed Electronics Market to Reach $65B by 2024
02/01/2017 | Transparency Market Research
New Eco-Battery Using Seawater
02/01/2017 | UNIST
Low-Cost, Flexible Terahertz Radiation Source for Fast and Non-Invasive Screening
02/01/2017 | NUS
Sensors at Play and Work
02/01/2017 | Linköping University
Samsung and Apple Continued to Lead as Top Global Semiconductor Customers in 2016
02/01/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
Startups Capture 50% of The Market When Digital Transformation Projects Are Outsourced
02/01/2017 | IDC
Complex 3D Data on All Devices
02/01/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Watching Computers Think
02/01/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Transparent, Gel-Based Robots Can Catch and Release Live Fish
02/01/2017 | MIT
China’s Role in Supply Chains Continues to Grow
01/31/2017 | IHS Markit
NIST, Partners ‘Cutting the Cord’ (and Wires) from Factory Communication Networks
01/31/2017 | NIST
The Rise of Sentient Tools: Deep Implications Lie Ahead for the Global Workforce
01/31/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Declined in January
01/31/2017 | The Conference Board
Survey Finds CEOs Leaning on Talent and Organizational Culture to Survive and Thrive amid Global Volatility
01/31/2017 | The Conference Board
Paychex | IHS Small Business Jobs Index Rises in January
01/31/2017 | IHS Markit
IoT in Manufacturing Market to Reach $20.59 Billion by 2021
01/31/2017 | Business Wire
DNA-Test With Smartphone Facilitates Accurate Treatment
01/31/2017 | Stockholm University
With or Without a Driver, Vehicles Are Able to Cooperate
01/31/2017 | EPFL
Wearable, Low-Cost Sensor to Measure Skin Hydration
01/31/2017 | NC State University
The World’s First Heat-Driven Transistor
01/31/2017 | Linköping University
Engineers Create Artificial Skin That 'Feels' Temperature Changes
01/31/2017 | Caltech
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