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Control of Excitons in a 2D Semiconductor
08/16/2019 | NUS
Researchers Demonstrate 3D Quantum Hall Effect for the First Time
08/16/2019 | Singapore University of Technology and Design
Global Semiconductor Packaging Market Forecast Report, 2019 to 2024
08/16/2019 | Business Wire
A Laser for Penetrating Waves
08/16/2019 | HZDR
Seeking Illumination
08/16/2019 | Northwestern University

Latest Electronics Industry News

Accurate Probing of Magnetism with Light
06/04/2019 | Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V.
Commercial and Public Sector Investments Will Drive Worldwide AR/VR Spending to $160 Billion in 2023
06/04/2019 | IDC
Annual Edge AI Processor Shipments Forecast to Reach 1.5 Billion Units by 2023
06/04/2019 | IDC
Major Production Bases China and Mexico Both Facing the Threat of Tariffs, Casting a Shadow on This Year’s TV Market Development
06/03/2019 | TrendForce
What to Do About Drones
06/03/2019 | Raytheon Company
DARPA Announces ERI Summit 2019 Workshops
06/03/2019 | DARPA
BAE Systems Partners with UiPath to Expedite Machine Learning Adoption
06/03/2019 | BAE Systems
Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Market to Reach $93.1B by 2024
06/03/2019 | PRNewswire
A More Accurate, Low-Cost 39 Ghz Beamforming Transceiver for 5G Communications
06/03/2019 | Tokyo Tech
Nonlinear Effects Come Into Play With Extremely Thin NEMS Device
06/03/2019 | Northwestern University
Establishing the Ultimate Limits of Quantum Communication Networks
06/03/2019 | University of York
Flexible Generators Turn Movement Into Energy
06/03/2019 | Rice University
Cracking Open the Black Box of Automated Machine Learning
06/03/2019 | MIT
Smartphone Shipment Forecast Cut to 1.35 Billion for 2019 as Uncertainty Prevails
06/03/2019 | Canalys
IDC's Worldwide Ethernet Switch and Router Trackers Show Solid Growth in Both Markets for 1Q19
06/03/2019 | IDC
SIA Statement on Mounting U.S.−China Trade and Technology Tensions
06/03/2019 | SIA
Smartphone Giants Actively Breaking into the TWS Bluetooth Headsets Market
06/03/2019 | TrendForce
Study Input Informs NASA Course for a Vibrant Future Commercial Space Economy
05/31/2019 | NASA
NIST Physicists ‘Teleport’ Logic Operation Between Separated Ions
05/31/2019 | NIST
Organic Laser Diodes Move from Dream to Reality
05/31/2019 | Kyushu University
Giving Robots a Sense of Touch
05/31/2019 | Khalifa University
Gain Cutting-Edge Insights into Growth Opportunities, Trends and Technologies Shaping the European Healthcare Industry in 2020
05/31/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Laser Technique Could Unlock Use of Tough Material for Next-Generation Electronics
05/31/2019 | Purdue University
Asia/Pacific Healthcare Sector IT Spending to Reach $12.2 Billion in 2019
05/31/2019 | IDC
Sensors/Actuators Reach Record Sales on Slower Growth
05/31/2019 | IC Insights
Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Market Continues Moderate Growth in 1Q19
05/31/2019 | IDC
Compuforum 2019: The Big Future of Data Economics
05/31/2019 | TrendForce
Cyber Defense for Nanoelectronics
05/30/2019 | University of Stuttgart
SpaceX Rocket Delivers Aggie Capstone Project To International Space Station
05/30/2019 | Texas A&M University
AI-Driven Imaging System Protects Authenticity
05/30/2019 | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Scientists Investigate New Materials for Li-Ion Batteries of Miniature Sensors
05/30/2019 | SPbPU
Army Project Develops Agile Scouting Robots
05/30/2019 | U.S. Army
Quantum Information Gets a Boost from Thin-Film Breakthrough
05/30/2019 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Stretchable Electronics Are Where Engineering Meets Hollywood Special Effects
05/30/2019 | Texas A&M University
Ongoing Demand Fuels Strong Growth for Wearable Devices in 1Q19
05/30/2019 | IDC
Worldwide Smartphone Market Will Face A Challenging 2019
05/30/2019 | IDC
Sensor-Packed Glove Learns Signatures of the Human Grasp
05/30/2019 | MIT
Revenues for NAND Flash Brands 1Q Fall by 23.8% QoQ While Prices Fall Non-stop in 2Q
05/30/2019 | TrendForce
N.A. IoT Sensor Market Driven by Growing Application of IoT and Connected Devices
05/29/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Laser Sensor Market 2019-2024
05/29/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Next-Generation Display Materials Market to Reach $421.50 Billion by 2029
05/29/2019 | PRNewswire
98.6% of American Manufacturing Companies Are Small Businesses, Struggling to Hire
05/29/2019 | PRNewswire
Researchers Break Quantum Limit in the Precision of Force and Position Measurements
05/29/2019 | University of Copenhagen
Engineers Boost Potential for Creating Successor to Shrinking Transistor
05/29/2019 | University of Texas at Dallas
'Noise-Cancelling Headphones’ for Quantum Computers
05/29/2019 | UNSW Sydney
Argonne Takes the Guesswork out of Electrospinning
05/29/2019 | Argonne National Laboratory
New Approach Captures Detailed Mid-Infrared Images for Medical Diagnostics
05/29/2019 | OSA
Machine Automation Controller Market Worth $41.5 Billion by 2024
05/29/2019 | PRNewswire
Vehicle Access Control Market Worth $22.6 Billion by 2027
05/29/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Display Driver IC Market to Witness a CAGR of 2.88%
05/29/2019 | Business Wire
European Memory Semiconductor Market to Reach $19.42 Billion by 2024
05/29/2019 | Business Wire
EMEA PC Market Will Approach Stability in 2019
05/29/2019 | IDC
Annual Spending on Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East & Africa to Top $530M by 2022
05/29/2019 | IDC
Fungal Batteries Will Store Alternative Energy
05/28/2019 | DTU
Creating Colors Without Dyes
05/28/2019 | A*STAR
Collaborative Robots Market Worth $10.1 Billion by 2025
05/28/2019 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Global Graphene, 2D Materials and Carbon Nanotubes Markets Forecast 2019-2030
05/28/2019 | Business Wire
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased in May
05/28/2019 | PRNewswire
DARPA Young Faculty Award Goes to UCSB for Work with Strong Signals
05/28/2019 | UC Santa Barbara
Towards Thinner and Faster Transistors
05/28/2019 | A*STAR

Imperfection is OK for Better MOFs
05/28/2019 | KAUST
Polymers May Be the Key to Single-Molecule Electronic Devices
05/28/2019 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
FLEX Taiwan 2019 Opens Tomorrow
05/28/2019 | SEMI
Making Pop Culture a Reality, From Visualization to Immersion
05/28/2019 | BAE Systems
DRAM Quotes Continue to Fall in 2Q
05/28/2019 | TrendForce
Superconductor Films Convert Heat Into Electricity
05/27/2019 | RIKEN
Six Paths to the Nonsurgical Future of Brain-Machine Interfaces
05/27/2019 | DARPA

NASA Awards Artemis Contract for Lunar Gateway Power, Propulsion

In one of the first steps of the agency’s Artemis lunar exploration plans, NASA announced the selection of Maxar Technologies, formerly SSL, in Westminster, Colorado, to develop and demonstrate power, propulsion and communications capabilities for NASA’s lunar Gateway.
Lab Grows Stable, Ultrathin Magnets
05/27/2019 | Rice University
Adding a Carbon Atom Transforms 2D Semiconducting Material
05/27/2019 | Pennsylvania State University
Tapping the Power of AI and High-Performance Computing to Extend Evolution to Superconductors
05/27/2019 | Argonne National Laboratory
Fiber-Based Imaging Spectrometer Captures Record Amounts of Data
05/27/2019 | Rice University
Highly Flexible High-Energy Textile Lithium Battery to Cope with Surging Demand for Wearable Electronics
05/27/2019 | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
NASA's Mars 2020 Gets a Dose of Space Here on Earth
05/27/2019 | NASA
GCC Mobile Phone Market Enjoys Encouraging Start to 2019
05/27/2019 | IDC
Global Semiconductor Rectifiers Market 2019-2023
05/27/2019 | Business Wire
Industrial Firms Deploy Security Strategy Around IIOT
05/27/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Korean Brands Continue to Dominate the Global TV Shipment in 1Q19
05/27/2019 | TrendForce
Researchers Create Soft, Flexible Materials with Enhanced Properties
05/24/2019 | Carnegie Mellon University
Quantum Computing Boost From Vapour Stabilising Technique
05/24/2019 | Bath University
DGIST Develops Next Generation Core Semiconductor Technology
05/24/2019 | DGIST
Scientists Discover Signalling Circuit Boards Inside Body's Cells
05/24/2019 | University of Edinburgh
SIA Statement on Scope of Temporary General License for Huawei
05/24/2019 | SIA
Survey Shows Finance Teams Fail to Realize the Full Value of Shared Services
05/24/2019 | Gartner, Inc.
Mobile Services Market in APAC to Increase Focus on B2B and B2B2C Segments
05/24/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Electronic Logging Device Market Size to Hit $16B by 2025
05/24/2019 | Global Market Insights
Researchers Automate Microrobotic Designs
05/24/2019 | University of Toronto
India HCP Market Posts 4.1% YoY Decline in 1Q19
05/24/2019 | IDC
IDTechEx Research Asks Are Power Electronic Modules a New Growth Opportunity for Conductive Pastes
05/24/2019 | IDTechEx
Researchers Gain Key Insight Into Solar Material’s Soaring Efficiency
05/24/2019 | University of Colorado Boulder

Quantum Dots Enhance Stability of Solar-Harvesting Perovskite Crystals
05/23/2019 | University of Toronto

Octopus-Inspired Wearable Sensor

Wearable electronics that adhere to skin are an emerging trend in health sensor technology for their ability to monitor a variety of human activities, from heart rate to step count.
3D-Printed Device Detects Biomarkers of Preterm Birth
05/23/2019 | ACS
Marketers Must Focus on Boosting Gen Z’s Personal Brand to Make Them Loyal Customers
05/23/2019 | Gartner, Inc.
Rankings for the Top Ten in Packaging and Testing 1Q19
05/23/2019 | TrendForce
Fabrics Poised to Become the New Software
05/23/2019 | MIT
NASA's Juno Finds Changes in Jupiter's Magnetic Field
05/23/2019 | NASA
IoT Solutions Taking Root in Agriculture to Connect Crops and Livestock
05/23/2019 | ABI Research
India PC Market Declines YoY for the 3rd Consecutive Quarter in 1Q19
05/23/2019 | IDC
Bringing Human-Like Reasoning to Driverless Car Navigation
05/23/2019 | MIT
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