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Remote Patient Monitoring Revenues to Reach € 25.0B in 2020
12/08/2015 | Berg Insight
Global Semiconductor Sales Increase in October
12/07/2015 | SIA
Conference Board ETI Decreased in November
12/07/2015 | The Conference Board
Time for Asia to Think Big
12/07/2015 | HSBC
Trade Winds
12/07/2015 | HSBC

Seeking a New Generation of Light-based Sensing Systems

Find a way to replace a large, heavy and expensive technology with an equivalent one that’s a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper and you have a shot at turning a boutique technology into a world changer. Think of the room-sized computers of the 1940s that now are outpowered by the run-of-the-mill central processing units in laptop computers.
Future Batteries Could Charge in 30 Seconds
12/07/2015 | NASA
Novel Devices, Technologies Provide Insights into Seizure Control, Surgical Targets
12/07/2015 | American Epilepsy Society
Water-based 'Band-Aid' Senses Temperature, Lights Up, and Delivers Medicine to the Skin
12/07/2015 | MIT
Nanoscale Drawbridges Open Path to Color Displays
12/07/2015 | Rice University
Spin Current on Topological Insulator Detected Electrically at Room Temperature
Columbia Engineers Build Biologically Powered Chip
12/07/2015 | Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Smart Cities Will Use 1.6 Billion Connected Things in 2016
12/07/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
How to Reduce Emissions and Maintain Prosperity
12/04/2015 | Imperial College London
Shows Promise for Next-gen Semiconductor Production
12/04/2015 | NIST
Wireless and Multiroom Speaker Market to Top 90M Unit Shipments by 2020
12/04/2015 | ABI Research
Star Wars-style Robotic Hand Controlled by Muscle Vibrations
12/04/2015 | Imperial College London
Scientists See the Light on Microsupercapacitors
12/04/2015 | Rice University
CBIZ Small Business Employment Index Continues to Sour
12/04/2015 | Business Wire
Top 10 Fabless Companies Expected to Slip into Negative Growth this Year
12/04/2015 | IC Insights
40 Million Tablets Expected to Ship Worldwide in Q4 2015
12/04/2015 | ABI Research
Researchers Pushing Limits of Solar Cells
12/03/2015 | Florida State University
New Stretchable, Wearable Sensor Made with Chewing Gum
12/03/2015 | ACS
Wearables Market Soars in Q3 as Chinese Vendors Challenge the Market Leaders
12/03/2015 | IDC
Smartphone Market Will See the First Single-Digit Growth Year on Record
12/03/2015 | IDC
ISM Index: Inventory Adjustment for Manufacturing
12/03/2015 | MAPI Foundation
Global Robotics Industry to Witness Challenges
12/03/2015 | PRNewswire
Exploring the Limits for High-performance LEDs and Solar Cells
A Cheap, Disposable Device for Diagnosing Disease
12/03/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
A Quantum Spin on Molecular Computers
12/03/2015 | American Chemical Society

Swimming Devices Could Deliver Drugs Inside the Body
12/03/2015 | University of Sheffield
New Plastic Solar Cell Minimizes Loss of Photon Energy
12/03/2015 | Kyoto University
Quantum Computer Made of Standard Semiconductor Materials
12/03/2015 | Technical University of Munich
Wealth Creation, Not Job Creation is Impact of Tech Industries
12/03/2015 | Oxford Martin School
Worldwide WLAN Market Shows Slowing Growth in Q3
12/03/2015 | IDC
Production Printer Shipments Approach Double-Digit Growth in Q3
12/02/2015 | Business Wire
Researchers Find New Phase of Carbon, Make Diamond at Room Temperature
12/02/2015 | North Carolina State University
Global Server Revenue Up 7.5% in Q3, While Shipments Rise 9.2%
12/02/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
UV LED Market to Reach $356 Million by 2020
12/02/2015 | TrendForce
Mobile PC Shipment Forecast for 2016 Shows Glimmer of Hope for Notebooks
12/02/2015 | TrendForce
IoT Market to Boost Scale of Multicore MCU Shipments
12/02/2015 | ABI Research
DRAM Market Post Noticeable Price Drop in Q3
12/02/2015 | TrendForce
Worldwide Large Format Printer Shipments Slip Again in Q3
12/02/2015 | IDC
Image Guided Surgery Devices Market to Reach $4.8B in 2022
12/02/2015 | Transparency Market Research
Tiny Octopods Catalyze Bright Ideas
12/02/2015 | Rice University
ORNL Process Could be White Lightning to Electronics Industry
12/02/2015 | DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Making 3-D Imaging 1,000 Times Better
12/02/2015 | MIT
Photonic "Sintering" may Create New Solar, Electronics Manufacturing Technologies
12/02/2015 | Oregon State University
UW Roboticists Learn to Teach Robots from Babies
12/02/2015 | University of Washington
FLIR Systems Acquires DVTEL, Inc. for US$92M
12/01/2015 | Marketwired
NRL Researchers Recruit Luminescent Nanoparticles to Image Brain Function
12/01/2015 | NRL
Wearable Equipment Supports Human Motion Where and When Needed
12/01/2015 | Hiroshima University
President Obama Joins World Leaders in Announcing 'Mission Innovation'
12/01/2015 | The White House
New Report Reveals Increase in Solar Installation Among American Businesses
12/01/2015 | PRNewswire
Paychex | IHS Small Business Jobs Index Increased in November
12/01/2015 | Business Wire
Global Tablet Market Forecast to Drop Over 8% in 2015
12/01/2015 | Business Wire
Saturation of LED Market Will Drive Industry to Seek Profits in New Applications in 2016
12/01/2015 | TrendForce
Smartphone Panel Suppliers to Increase LTPS Capacity
12/01/2015 | TrendForce
Intel Takes Integration Down a New Path
12/01/2015 | ABI Research
Robot Adds New Twist to NIST Antenna Measurements and Calibrations
12/01/2015 | NIST

Researchers Use Gaming Technology to Create Better X-rays
12/01/2015 | Radiological Society of North America
Molecule that Self-assembles into Flower-shaped Crystalline Patterns
12/01/2015 | Indiana University
Strongest Q3 Smartphone Sales on Record
11/30/2015 | GfK
Strong Consumer Demand Driven by Job Gains
11/30/2015 | MAPI Foundation
Smart Grid Data Analytics Market to Triple by 2022
11/30/2015 | Transparency Market Research
Global Embedded Systems Market to Reach $233.13B by 2021
11/30/2015 | Transparency Market Research
Growing Manufacturing Sector to Boost Global Machine Vision Technology Market
11/30/2015 | Transparency Market Research
Whisper Gallery Modes in Silicon Nanocones Intensify Luminescence
11/30/2015 | Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
A Battery Revolution in Motion
11/30/2015 | CRNS
New Research Exploits Extraordinary Properties of Graphene
11/30/2015 | University of Exeter
Pioneering Research Boosts Graphene Revolution
11/30/2015 | University of Exeter
A New Form of Real Gold, Almost as Light as Air
11/30/2015 | ETH Zurich
Surprising Discovery of a New Particle that Could be Used in Electronics
11/30/2015 | ETH Zurich
Teaching Machines How to Learn
11/29/2015 | ETH Zurich
Coming to a Monitor Near You: A Defect-free, Molecule-thick Film
11/27/2015 | University of California - Berkeley
Bringing More Memory to Quantum Communication
11/27/2015 | Yale University
Global Battery Market for Solar PV Inverters 2015-2019
11/27/2015 | PRNewswire
Graphene Microphone Outperforms Traditional Nickel and Offers Ultrasonic Reach
11/27/2015 | Institute of Physics
Doping Powers New Thermoelectric Material
11/27/2015 | Northwestern University
Increasing Focus on Safety Drives Collision Avoidance System Market
11/27/2015 | PRNewswire
Salty Solution to Better, Safer Batteries
11/27/2015 | University of Maryland
NTU Smart Chip Tells the Health of a Battery
11/26/2015 | NTU
European Sovereign Risk Ratings Rebound
11/26/2015 | IHS
Heliatek Earns Renewable Energy Design Award 2015
11/26/2015 | Heliatek
Global Distributed Antenna Systems Equipment & Services Market Report
11/26/2015 | Business Wire
Market Study Reveals Growing Interest on Android Devices
11/26/2015 | Business Wire
Satellite Sensors Would Deliver Global Fire Coverage
11/26/2015 | NASA
'Material Universe' Yields Surprising New Particle
11/26/2015 | Princeton University
Report: Global MES Market 2015-2019
11/26/2015 | PRNewswire
Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Technology Represent a Fast Growing Market
11/26/2015 | PRNewswire

European Nanoelectronics Infrastructure Now Open for Access
11/26/2015 | Imec
Versatile Single-Chip Sensor for Ion Detection in Fluids
11/26/2015 | Imec
Stanford Technology Makes Metal Wires on Solar Cells Nearly Invisible to Light
11/26/2015 | Stanford University
SSD Adoption by Notebooks May Hit 30% in 2016
11/26/2015 | TrendForce
Proving the Practicality of Quantum Networks
11/26/2015 | Stanford University
Smartphone Market in India, Q3 2015 Report
11/25/2015 | Business Wire
Conference Board LEI for the Euro Area Increased in October
11/25/2015 | The Conference Board
TrendForce Anticipates 4K TVs to Reach 23% Market Penetration in 2016
11/25/2015 | TrendForce
New 'Self-healing' Gel Makes Electronics More Flexible
11/25/2015 | University of Texas at Austin
Electronic Adhesives Market to See CAGR of 10.1% by 2020
11/25/2015 | PRNewswire
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