ROYBI Showcases Revolutionary Language Learning Robot For Children at CES 2020

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As an emerging leader in personalized education, ROYBI will be demonstrating Roybi Robot, the first smart toy to teach languages and STEM skills. Roybi Robot is a revolutionary language learning, AI-powered robot designed for children ages 3-7 that uses play-based learning to teach a variety of subjects, including math, science, English, geography, and so much more. In the past year, Roybi Robot has earned many prestigious awards for its groundbreaking work in education, with recent successes including being featured on the cover of Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2019, being named as one of the world’s most promising startups by CNBC, winning Pluralsight’s Tech For Good Award, being shortlisted for the Reimagine Education AI Award, and selected as a 2020 Gratitude Fellow to accelerate its social impact commitments.

With over 500 lessons, songs, stories, and games, Roybi Robot provides an interactive way for children to learn that’s tailored towards their interests and abilities. Using the innovative power of AI and machine learning, the device also gradually adjusts the content to fit the child's learning pace, providing a completely personalized education. Roybi Robot is conversational powered by cutting-edge voice recognition technology, encouraging children to become more confident communicators while practicing their speaking and listening skills. Parents can also engage during the learning process by following along with their child’s progress on the compatible ROYBI app, which delivers daily personalized reports. Ultimately, Roybi Robot is opening up a new frontier in AI and education, establishing a strong learning foundation for children by adapting to their needs and leading them to a successful future.

Come visit us at CES, booth 50906 in Eureka Park, and learn more about how we're revolutionizing education for children everywhere and our upcoming AI advancements in voice recognition and personalized learning in early childhood education.



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