Apple Expected to Launch iPhone 12 After Weeks of Delays

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Apple is expected to release its latest iPhone on October 13 after weeks of delays.

It sent out an invitation Oct. 6 for an Oct. 13 event, with the words, “Hi, Speed.”

According to news reports, the tech giant is likely to announce an iPhone 12 with 5G capabilities, the first iPhone to connect to the new, ultra-fast wireless network. Analysts expect the 5G iPhone to generate a “supercycle” of device upgrades, potentially prompting more people than usual to buy the new device.

Reports say Apply typically announces new iPhones in September, but delayed the announcements this year after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted supply chains. Instead, Apple used the September launch to show off new watches, iPads and a new fitness subscription service.

However, Apple is not the first tech company to release a phone with 5G capabilities. Rather, it joins a growing list of options from Google, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and others.

Analysts say only 13% of smartphones sold in the first half of 2020 had 5G capabilities, and only 6% of customers would rank 5G as a primary factor in their next smartphone purchase.

This news also comes on the heels of reports that Taiwanese PCB manufacturer Mutal-Tek Industries, Co., will reportedly lay off about 600 employees in Taiwan and close all of its production lines in the country. Taiwan news agencies say the company was hit by declining orders from Huawei following the U.S.-imposed sanctions on the telecom company. Orders from Huawei and its affiliate companies accounted for about 50% of the PCB manufacturer’s sales in 2019 and roughly 40% of its revenues in 2Q this year.



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